Saturday, 26 November 2011

City and suns

 Oh hello! New photo album name ^^

This was my first album on Facebook. And so started the camwhoring craze, get more perasan day by day. AHAAHAH! Nice thing I chose to buy camera as christmas present. Precious memories hohoho. We shall not waste our youth. 

I want jewellery as my christmas present this year! :3 Real jewellery hehe. I have handbags, have clothes but no diamonds at all. That's the thing I don't have. Every girl needs one. :(

Christmas time is the perfect time to open your lion mouth and ask for presents. Parents are your santa, be nice to them!


On  Thursday, went swimming. King Jiat was supposed to take us but we asked him too last minute. He went to Bukit Bintang to check the venue with Daniel and Nazri. He said the hall was very big! Hoho. 

So I called Shao Yang instead. MUAHAHA! Sit in his car, the guard didn't notice us. No need pay. ^^


Both of us in never-before-worn swimsuits ^^ I like the feeling of wearing something new. The novelty and freshness of it, ahhh~ I have 5 swimsuits (2 more but those aren't counted, they belong to another phase of my life), a couple haven't worn yet. AHAHAHA! This one is a red monokini. I think I like monokini more than bikinis now.

Suprisingly, Shao Yang can swim without getting out of breathe easily. I feel like pinching his tummy now. Xuan? Half-way swimming, took out my camera and started camwhoring. GAHAHAHA! I want to exercise exercise!


 Camwhore here and there. Xuan is good at emulating Victoria's Secret pose. In the end, we took around 200 photos. Only posted a few though. Bikini photos are too... conspicuous.

After swimming, so funny, Yih Wern suddenly called. She said she booked tickets for Breaking Dawn for Xuan and I. Like whatttt. She never told me! And then she said after BM paper she asked if I was interested in watching in and I said yes. Wah, she so ON one. Hahaha!

Jin Fye was supposed to pick me up but he thought the deal was off because I didn't pick up his call. Nooooo. T.T We agreeeeed. I did call him back a few minutes later but he never pick up. I think he has the same habit as me. Never care about phone when driving.

So in the end, I drove. Wasn't that scared because Xuan was beside me. She's good with directions. ^^ Arrived 1U safely. Who went? Yih Wern Guat Tyng Jin Fye Jun Wen Xian Jiong. Sat between Xian Jiong and Xuan. Xian Jiong kept complaining about the movie.

Yih Wern and Xian Jiong damn sweet. I think they're special as a couple because it seems like they never lose their spark, never get out of the ai mei phase. Still so passionate and flirty, one! MUAHAHAH. Saw Yih Wern hugging Xian Jiong in the cinema. Xuan and I pretended to be them, held hands etc. #yehdiu

The movie was not bad. I think it's better to read the novel though.

 AHAHAH Friday was going to KL with the girls. I laughed like shit when I saw these photos on Xuan's blog. She edit until so perasan! I got so shocked when I saw the glimpse of newspaper and our faces. Oh damn, too cute! ^^

We delayed a lot. Girls. Suprisingly bad at time-keeping. Drove Xuan to Sim Kuan's house, then Sim Kuan drove us and Li Chen to Siet Yen's house. Siet Yen's house was the furthest so she was the last checkpoint. She prepared food for us! Good thing we didn't go on an empty stomach.

 We went to this area in KL which sells clothes. One word: cheap. Suitable for us easily-broke people. Above, Xuan, Li Chen, Sim Kuan. Siet Yen was somewhere else trying clothes.

 Sim Kuan was the designated driver of the day. Poor her. Road bullies everywhere. I think you need big cars, or fast cars to go KL. Otherwise people look down on you. :( You have to drive like a bull. Kepong is the easiest. Then Petaling Jaya. Then Kuala Lumpur. Difficulty of roads!

A few incidents, the worse one was the one with the traffic police. Didn't know what was his problem really. He gave the signal to go and Sim Kuan did, and then he changed his mind and asked Sim Kuan to stop. No point, she was already in the middle of a junction. 

The fucker tried to stop her in the middle of it. What you want, reverse all the way back? He slapped her car's mirror until it folded it. Sim Kuan didn't get what he was saying and of course didn't want to lower down her car window for a pyscho. So he banged her window once again. Like really bang, worse than discipline teachers.

And then Sim Kuan left. Nobody wants to bird him, seriously. If me, the moment his hand touches my car I would press on my horn. And not let go. And drive off. When I drive, I hate stopping. That's why amber light means "go faster" rather than "slow down" for me.

Another one was the one with the lorry. I think Sim Kuan didn't cut fast enough because the lorry was going fast in the right lane. So he had to brake suddenly and he horned really loud. Like for a whole stadium to hear, deng. Lorries are supposed to be in left lane. I asked SY. He was like, if fast then can go fast lane maybe. The thing is, huge vehicle, harder to stop. That's why they should be in left lane. Deng. He kept tailing Sim Kuan's car closely after that.

I cut lanes too fast, because I don't like being in the middle of the lane. Like you're hesitating to go left or right. But you have to make sure there's no car speeding behind. Sigh, driving.

But still. What an adventure.

After that, we walked to Fahrenheit. Huge sale going on, 80% off for Topshop, Warehouse and shit. But high street stuffs are always overpriced. Discount already, still more expensive than boutique. The thing with big discounts is the items are probably not in your size and you cannot try. AHHAHA!

Everyone was so eager to get their hands on them. Li Chen and Xuan were queuing up. We went to kepochi in front to see where the line was heading to. Sales in a watch shop?! Then walking further we saw an escalator. We pretended not to notice the guards and went down. Hoho. Rules are meant to be broken. Called Li Chen and Xuan to skip the queue as well.
In the end, Xuan and Siet Yen bought. And then we ate Sushi Zanmai. Everyone got so tired by then. But after eating, time to walk more. 

KL is so dramatic. Walked by the bridge, saw a huge commotion by the road. The taxi driver and an Indian guy. The driver's hand was bleeding. The Indian kept attacking the driver, kicking him and punching him. And you know what? The police just stood there. What's your job, to be an audience? YOUR JOB IS TO MAINTAIN PEACE AND ORDER NOT WATCH AND LET CHAOS HAPPEN. DENG.

Sim Kuan and I were the ones who was interested in the commotion. Damn busybody. Siet Yen was like, let's go! She kept repeating, "very hot!". I tied my hair when we were on the streets. But in malls, okay. I like walking. Wear flats when you know you have to walk a lot.

I bought a lot of belts. And a few dresses. Li Chen spent the least. Xuan and Sim Kuan the most. Siet Yen, okok I think. It is bad when you know you have a lot of unworn clothes but you still buy more. :3 NVM after SPM, plenty of chances!

Halfway through Daniel asked Siet Yen if we wanted to go dinner with them. So we did. Steamboat at DPC. Theng Loo Ping Kuang Ding Xian Jiong Qi Yao went. Ah. Out whole day. Tired tired.

That's about it ^^ You might also notice that my photos are very big now. Updated blogger interface. Nifty! Hadn't figure out how to move the photos efficiently thou. :(

HOHO. Bye!

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