Sunday, 6 November 2011


Hello! Been out with Xuan a lot. ^^

Yesterday, skipped family dinner again. :( Guilty. But... friends are like family. Went swimming at DPC again with Daniel, Ming Chun and King Jiat. Hehe, first time swimming at night in the condo. Romantic feel~

Oh yeah. Daniel and I drove our cars. Daniel went in first into the carpark, and then me. After I got out I saw them squatting down looking on the floor or something. Daniel scratched his car. LOLOL. Accidents- no matter how good you are, it only takes a moment of clumsiness to get into them.

He was like "why put a stupid divider there?!?!!". But then he shrugged it off later using his favourite, "what we have is money". Xuan told me another, "If the problem you have can be solved by money, it isn't a problem." ...Oh, damn!

King Jiat didn't swim. Again...! I kinda feel bad that he just brings us in but he never swims. I WONDER WHY. Xuan, Ming Chun and I were at the pool first. Daniel was hesitating whether to go in or not and kept forcing us to bet with him. Bet who will swim the fastest among the four of us.

If you want to bet, come into the pool then talk. I kept saying that and Daniel kept wanting to make sure we will make the bet. AH GAH. IT WAS A MISTAKE. !^@!&@%^&^!%@ Dan got first, Ming Chun got second followed by me, and Xuan stopped halfway... AHAHAHA.

The bottom-half treat the upper-half a meal. Xuan and I have to treat Daniel and Ming Chun. I don't want to treat Daniel omg. He has this look on his face like he's thinking all the food he can eat without paying. Ma de. Fine. Lose is lose.


But swimming is relaxing :) After that we did sauna. Played with the gym for a while. And then we got out of the swimming area and called Shao Yang to decide where we'll eat. PJ. He didn't say where, just kept saying "PJ".

We meet up at the DPC carpark. Daniel went back to his house to change. I thought it was only SY. Weng Hock, Ding and Xian Jiong were there too. Ding wanted to test drive. He finally got his wish.

I wouldn't let anyone test drive my car after school, because that's just pointless and a waste of my time & petrol. When the bell rings, all I can think about is going home. When it's on outings, it's different. Okay. Lucky Ding didn't play like shit with my car. I was afraid to let him because his hand has the Midas touch except everything he touches turns into pieces instead of gold. Like my mechanical pencil. One hold, the clip broke. Ma de.

He did one round. When we went back Daniel was already at the carpark so they were all waiting for Ding to come back. Weng Hock kept crying he was hungry. When people are governed by dissatisfied appetite or insufficient sleep, it's best to leave them alone. After he was full he was okay, back to normal!

So we were in a hurry and Ding wanted to use my car but hell no I didn't want. I'd have to keep up with Daniel's car or let someone else drive. The petrol was also low. Safer to keep my Chilli Queen at the carpark along with Weng Hock's and Xian Jiong's cars.^^ So in the end, Ding drove us there. Two cars- Daniel's and Ding's. The double Ds.

But Shao Yang was driving Daniel's car. Both of them drive like they own the road. One since he was Form 2 and the other since he was Form 1. They don't drive in one lane, they go zigzag to cut people. Ding did the same, another road bully in training. The thing about him is that he likes to use his horn, a lot.

We ate at this restaurant in PJ, chinese food. We were the last to leave and possibly the loudest. Nine people, Xuan and I were the only girls. But nah it doesn't feel awkward, used to being around guys. SCIENCE 2. I liked the pandan chicken.

Going back was dizzifying. Daniel drove this time, and since Ding knew the way home he doesn't have a reason not to cut Daniel. So it was like a race back to DPC. Seriously, Ding was flooring the pedal. Daniel as well. Daniel is used to driving fast. But with Ding it's a bit scarier because he hasn't been driving as long as Daniel and he's rash.

The Myvi put signal and wanted to cut him on the highway. Ding horned the Myvi when it was going to his lane. Good grief, never give way. Oh yeah I was in Ding's car. :D We were leading at the highway but he didn't hold the Smartag correctly so he had to reverse. Daniel overtook him there. But it wasn't the end!

We were going in to the roundabout to DPC and there were two lanes. King Jiat told Ding to go to the right one, because the left one has holes. "Let the holes slow them down!". BWAHAHAH so good to have a DPC resident here. We overtook them at the roundabout but Ding was still not satisfied enough.

You know DPC has a lot of speed bumps? WTF Ding didn't slow down for any of them and he treated his Vios like a fucking jeep. FLY, everytime we go through a bump. After we arrived at the carpark, we quickly got out of the car and switched off the engine.

Stand there and watch Daniel come. Act cool. AHAHAHAHA. When Daniel's car came, gosh, the smell of tyres wearing under friction. Ding's also. LOLOL. Damn that Ding la so damn competitive. I was praying we would arrive safe. And yes we did. T.T Without a scratch.

And then they all stood there, clueless what to do for second round. I chilled in Xian Jiong's car. I try not to leave the engine on, but oddly Xian Jiong needs to leave his engine on. To "warm up" his engine. LOL. MANUAL CAR DIFF MAYBE?! Xuan joined me after a while hehe. Stowed back the seat and turned up the radio and let the boys discuss.

They decided to go Shao Yang's house. Shit man, after sitting in Ding's car I drove like a bull too otw to SY's house. I really hate speed bumps. I need to slow down because my car's really lowww. I thought I overtook Xian Jiong but he arrived first :( I arrived second, then Daniel. Daniel third because he was tired from racing with Ding, I think. ^^ AHAHAHAH. Ming Chun told me later that Daniel said I drove steady. MUAHAHA because he hasn't sat in my car, yet.

Rolled around in Shao Yang's room. Lepak lepak. King jiat and Daniel jonied twitter. Yesterday it was Weng Hock, Siet Yen and Guat Tyng. Damn I'm good at influencing people. MUAHAHA! But, once you have more close friends following you, you have to be more careful about what you write.

Went home around midnight, dropped Xuan off and head home.

That was Saturday. Friday was going out with Vincent and Xuan. Sometimes I think I'm not going out, but it's only "I think". Because around afternoon the phone might ring and they go, "let's go out!".

Vincent said let's makan and I thought he wanted me to go BU to find him. Which I've never done eventhough he's asked me to quite some time. Not because I don't want, because I've never went to PJ alone. AHAHAHA. I feel uneasy driving far alone. No one to talk to in the car, no one to watch out for me....

And then! Vince said he's driving to BSD. MUAAHAHEEHEHE. He had car car! Drove Suzuki Vitara. Went to eat at Sushi Tei in Tropicana, and then sang karaoke at 1U Neway. I got the Vincent virus, get hyperactive and SH.

Oh yeah, Xuan is going to Australia for a month after SPM. I know I'm going to miss her :( My outing partner ahahah! Sim Kuan's at Thailand now, amidst all the flood chaos and all. But she'll be back soon! :D I wonder how'll after-SPM be like.

I'll be busy finding college. Planning for the future. But also busy partying to celebrate finally getting over SPM. You can never be bored if you know how to find your own entertaiment. But I'll also fill my time wisely!

Heee. I feel like I'm done for now. Tata people! ;*

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