Wednesday, 30 November 2011

KL & Swimming

Hello! ^^

Finally drove to KL on Monday. Shao Yang was the guide. I was a little scared because of what happened to Sim Kuan when she drove to KL. But it was alright!. :D Nobody horned me! You know actually it's more dangerous when you drive to places you're familiar with. You get overconfident and cavalier.

Used the Kepong way. The one which will pass by Jinjang. Just go all the way straight. But deng I cannot remember the road precisely. GPS fail. Usually my dad uses the LDP Penchala Link way. I wonder why not the Kepong way. It feels... so much easier.

The point was just to grab brunch at Chilis. SY kept saying how delicious it was. But it was just so-so! I didn't like their service. It's like they favour caucasians and wanna do their business more. Maybe because they have a better habit of tipping? :/ But Malaysians always look highly on caucasians. Typical outlook, I have no idea why we think that way. ^^

We sat by the Margarita Bar. SY said that's how caucasian chat. True true, see it in the movies often. Two "ma lat lou" sitting by the bar whining about money and women woes. We talked about crap, ji mui bonding. And then halfway through, Xuan called.

She asked if I wanted to exercise. After chowing down a whole plate burger I felt like it, too.

In the end, went swimming with Xuan, Sim Kuan, SY and Weng Hock ^^ Had fun swimming that day, first time I swam with both Xuan and Sim Kuan. 

Didn't know when this was taken. Me grabbing SY while Weng Hock cockstared. We did competitions, do a lap in the pool and see who's fastest. Shao Yang swims like a lazy cat but he has stamina, surprisingly. Weng Hock does gym but he was dead tired, lapsap. Stopped halfway. Hahahaa! Sim Kuan, ex-swimmer in competition. She still has the base. Used to do 20 laps one round. Xuan never learned swimming before, I think

Sim Kuan challenged people to somersault into the water. It made me remember of a swimming trip a long, long time. Sometimes I think when it was harder for outings to come by; I appreciate them more and tried to make the most out of it. Now it's like, ooh nevermind, the outings never stop. Quantity more than quality, alolo! Go out almost everyday, even forget which outing is which. Lucky I keep track of them in a calendar! :3

So that time was going swimming at Ji Hee's apartment. She's called Yuri now, but I'll always remember her as Ji Hee, that name feels foreign to me because I've known her by that name all this while. The Korean girl. Haahhaa! That was Standard 4, was pretty close to her then. I remember we argued at school in the morning. It was some stupid shit, but you know when you're young you have those conversations where you raise your voice and there's tension and it's awkward and you guys don't speak to each other after that. Heck, those happens now anyway, even when you get older.

In the evening, she suddenly called and asked if I wanted to go swimming. I said yes, I remember being surprised. And then we forget about what happened and swam. Sometimes when you swim, everybody minds their own business. I do that too, sometimes. Because I just wanna do laps and exercise. But it's fun when everyone messed around. In the end, we did backflips underwater, somersaults, thirly-whirly. With Ru Yuan and the neighbours. They were like part-friends, part-neighbours, part-family. 

So what happened that day reminded me of a day stuck in the past, a long way back. Where am I now? 7 years later. :) I could do somersault, thanks to my past. Weng Hock and Shao Yang? They did it, it's not hard, you just need to have the guts and believe you can do it. Guys do it easier, I think. Because they're more daring. And have big ego, don't wanna lose! Xuan was the funniest one.... no matter how many times she tried, she backed out in the end. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA!

You know you're cute. Sei bimbo. ^^

I told my dad I was going swimming before I left and he didn't believe me. "Where got people dress so nicely to swim?! Don't lie lah!". @#$%% That made me speechless. >o< Sim Kuan said where got, you overdress all the time, normal already. Bwaahahah!

The thing is, it's better to overdress than to underdress. Sometimes you want to go to places and there are dress codes. Or at least nominal ones, and if you underdress you'll feel inadequate. And I don't ever like that feeling. I need to hold zhu. I need to be ready for anything. A change of venue, a sudden hot guy.

Dresses in my wardrobe, 90% of them bought this year.

With outing's, there's always a certain flow of momentum. At the beginning, the excitement to see your friends. And then before climax, the complications. Where you can't decide what you want to do, everyone's lazy and shit. The climax, where you go hoo-hah all over the place and there's so many things you want to do you feel like exploding. And then the end, where the night is done and we bid farewell. That's the sad part. :( Going home alone is especially awful. I miss carpooling and not having a car sometimes. Everytime also Qi Yao. ahahahah!

A shadow of yesterday. :) We camwhored so much that day. Oh yeah, after swimming with Xuan and Sim Kuan that day we ate dinner at the carpark. Literally so. Sim Kuan was actually rushing home to do errands but hunger took over. 

And we were eating on a budget. Sushi sounded nice but Rakuzen was expensive... so we got sushi from Maxvalu. BWAHAHA cheapo! But I think in the end it costed more or less the same, just that we get more value for money ^^ And have to sacrifice dining tables.

Initially wanted to eat by the lake where they have all this benches. But ma de, all the couples hogging the seats. I can feel the bubble of privacy from far, sigh. Better don't intrude them, let them enjoy while it lasts. Beginning, very enthusiatic to do romantic things. After a year? Go park? Go park for what, stay home lah easier.

So we went back to our carparks. Sim Kuan popped her hood and three of us squashed inside her bonnet. Eat eat eat, chomp chomp chomp. Xuan was the dirtiest one, she tossed everything all over the place. Wrappers, leftovers. Deng. Sim Kuan was nice to let us eat on her car. Me? NO FOOD NEAR MY CAR PLEASE, THROW, PI-PLAK!

I'm scared. :( Karma. Cockroaches are always there to scare you when you get too comfortable being around with leftovers. Go away lah, creep little beast. !!

And so, we went home with our tummies satisfied.

This was yesterday. 

We planned to eat Chicken Rice at Sunway Giza. Sim Kuan doesn't mind driving far to get cheap food. For me I think it's pointless, because my car would gurgle petrol and make it cost more anyway.

And  I think I know when it uses petrol most. When you have to stop and go often, like traffic jam. Pickup uses a lot of petrol.  Deng. The meter keeps going down like gravity's too strong. But wanna drive nice car, cannot be cheapskate. :(
We planned to go at 2 but we went at 3 in the end. It's like we live in a +9 time zone eventhough we're in Malaysia. Always an hour late, the three of us. == Because it was raining heavier than an elephant's ass. Those type of rain which makes you wanna stay at home. And sometimes I feel lazy to leave; go to Xuan's house early, have to wait for her to get ready also. ^^ BWAAAHAH! But she was ready from early afternoon that day.

When we arrived at Sim Kuan's house, she so cuteeee. She thought I was driving to Giza. "Hah? Not sit your car meh?". AHAAHAH. My plan was to make it easier for her to drive to Giza, bring Xuan and myself to Sim Kuan's place. I didn't want to drive because I wasn't familiar with the Sungai Buloh shortcut. Felt lazy. Save petrol also. I like being driven. :)) HEHEHE.
Sim Kuan drove in the end. The Viva keys were misplaced somewhere so we had to take the Peugeot. Sim Kuan was like, "later very cramped eh". "OH LET XUAN SIT LAH SHE NO LICENSE". AGAGAGAG. Nolah because she petite a bit ^^ I WANT SPACE. 

I tried before sitting behind for a long distance, because I forgot Siet Yen's present. Like dog like that. Sit behind from Sungai Buloh to BSD and back. The backseats are like an afterthought, like they were too lazy to make space for it. T.T But better than nothing! Better a bit when the top's down.

And Sim Kuan's elder sister wanted to use the Peugeot as well. She yelled something. I only remember she called SK  "Hey stupid bitch!". Or something like that. AHAHA OMG so comical. Like an episode of family guy. Shout at each other regardless of guests. ^^ Sim Kuan just replied something rather nonchalantly and went. Out of the driveway!

The road to Giza was jam, damn I hate traffic jam. Inertia, natural characteristics which resists change. When I'm moving, I don't wanna stop. That's why amber light always means "charge!" instead of "slow down". And then we saw what was cockblocking! A van at the side of the road trampled and cut into half, can see its insides. Eee. Such car cruelty.

Okay, we did get our chicken rice and Xuan got her prom dress, finally. We went swimming at DPC condo right after. Was supposed to go around 5 but went around 6, timekeeping malfunction again; the three of us. Poor Siet Yen, she had to wait for me because I was the one who'll borrow her bikini.

When we arrived everyone was there already. King Jiat came down to get us. I didn't recognize him. Looked nice with his Ray Bans, that lan yeng kia. He led me to the carpark inside. Sim Kuan was unlucky, she parked later than me and the guard saw her. She parked beside me. I pretended nothing was happening when the guard came. No that's not my car, what you talkin' bout.

DPC guards getting more and more yehdiu, cari pasal here and there. It's like they have too much free-time. Go find real offenders lah, deng. Apa pun tak boleh. It's like they're here for the comfort of their residents but they bug them instead. Sim Kuan is the one who attracts trouble from the guards most, I don't know why. Attract bangla. Yesterday another guard bugged her for wearing shorts in the pool. Denim shorts, then SK said, it's just board shorts. Alololo.

So SK parked outside in the end. Who was upstairs by the pool? Jin Fye the planner, Daniel, Siet Yen, Qi Yao, Theng Loo, Ding, Weng Hock, Ping Kuang, Vincent. They were playing with this giant yoga ball. I asked where they got it from- The gym. AHAHAH!

Went to change, Siet Yen took my bikini. Gave her the orange one, thought the colour would suit her. It did. ^^ She was surprisingly not shy about being in a bikini. Everyone has their own insecurities, you just need to learn to get over it. SK still could not find her other bikini. Orange one, too. So wasted. Wore once, dunno go where already. Ahahaha!

Ping Kuang brought his camera. We took pics, but bugger hasn't uploaded it yet. That's the bad thing when you wanna blog with pictures but you relied on someone else's camera. Did laps and shit. Tried the carry on shoulders thing with Vincent but damn fail. Kept falling. Gave up after both of us hurt ourselves because Jin Fye was in the way. Lol. Carried Sim Kuan. She and Xuan fought on top. Aiyer. Xuan damn ganas. Sk toppled over, in the end. But also continued to see how Xuan failed to go somersault. You'll get it someday. ^^ 

Daniel liked to push people into the pool when they stood anywhere near the pool ledge. Started calling him yehdiu hai. The platform thing where people stood was pretty dangerous because they were glass chips all over. Vincent, Qi Yao and Jin Fye got cut until they bled. Ohhh, damn. But nevermind, it's nothing for guys. Got thing also have to act like it's nothing. Macho.

And then shower time, everyone came out with foamy hair and massaging their scalps. Like doing shampoo commercial. Qi Yao and Siet Yen was the most comical one, like landlady and landlord. Went to eat at some cina ah pek restaurant later. Everyone was tired!

Went home, another day well spent hoho.

Today? Have to stay home and study for Commerce. :)

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