Saturday, 12 November 2011


There, there. My last day of school is finally done.

It didn't feel much special, didn't feel like school's really ending. Because... there's still SPM to go, the final leg of the race. ^^

Camwhored. A lot. Jin Fye and Ping Kuang brought their DSLRs. Sim Kuan and Xuan too. How rare, they're usually too lazy to lug their cameras around. A lot of people came. Most! The good thing using DSLRs:


I'm a ballerina. <3 ...HEY I WAS! AHAHAHA. When I was 6 or 7 I think? Used to study ballet. For a while. I stopped because I didn't get the point of learning ballet. I think. But it was fun to wear tutus. AH I SO PRETTY. Lolol! I know Xuan and Louise are the original ballerinas.

Xuan thought me to become perasan. Okay lah I was already perasan... She thought me how to become even more perasan. The thing is, girls who know how to dress up are all vain. That's the price of having a girl who knows how to make themselves look good. They experiment and see what will make them look better. And then they feel accomplished. And then they praise themselves.

More characteristics? Can't pass by a mirror without looking in it. Camwhore shamelessly. Would choose a good dress rather than a good meal. Practise poses in front of mirrors. Okay okay shhh that's all I'll leak.

So we all moved from our original classes to the hall downstairs. But wait! Science 2 didn't get no hall! The hall could only fit 3 classes. Science 2 went to the other side, in a normal classroom. At first I thought it was so unfair, but now I'm like whatever, even better. Less stress MAUAHAHHA! Like having monthly test.

But we kept sneaking to the hall because there's where everyone was. Sit in groups and chit chat. Daniel was restless already, kept kacau-ing people. Siet Yen was sleeping and he sneaked up behind her and snored like a fucking Snorlax. She got pulled out from dreamland right away. AHAHA!

You don't wanna make Siet Yen pissed. She was half-pissed, but Dan kept apologizing so it was alright! ^^ I wonder if I'll still see things like this. HOW WILL COLLEGE BE LIKE HMM..?! :/ Still haven't found my college. WTF.

Recess time:

King Jiat getting his ass whooped, literally so. Poor King Jiat. Look at that ass Jason Chin, take video sumore. They were having fighting matches around the concourse la. Mix of Taekwondo and Muay Thai. Lolol. Xian Jiong pretended to be the referee. All the girls sat on the benches and watched by the sidelines.

Daniel daring Ding to come and hit him. Let Vinoth lock already still not scared. lol CAN'T TOUCH THIS.

Gangbang sandwich.

But they were just playing! King Jiat was not bad. He lost and got beaten up but didn't sulk or anything. Ding likes to fight, you can tell. He got that preying look. Damn. But sometimes he gets serious because he's competitive.

I only know Keanu fights really well. I wanna see him in action. ^^

That was Thursday.

This is also Thursday. Thursday night. Ahahah! Got back home at night, third round Xuan called. My pattern, just call straightaway ON. Went to DPC Coffee Bean. Study. Aahahah! Shao yang weng hock king jiat daniel ding xian jiong were there.

You know I like to sit on the UFO thing right? And then a lanjiao guard came. He shouted, "Turun". And then I asked why. Sit until so shiok suddenly ask me to come down, at least tell me why la fucker. And then you know what he answer? "Turun lah!". In that don't-question-my-authority tone.

Damn not shiok you know. But we were only two girls there, so we went down. And then later we saw a guard. Another one. I asked him why we couldn't sit on the UFO and then he explained that only under-12 can sit. That guard was nice, at least he explained. How can you punish people when they didn't even know what they did was wrong? Chiu.

I mean those common sense stuff no need to tell also understand it's wrong, then no excuse. Like taking someone's stuff without permission. The UFO thing is like I see everyone playing it. Even Xian Jiong and he's huge.

So I told the guard B that the guard A was shouting at us. And the idiot guard was still there, and then guard B went to guard A and reprimanded him. AHHHHH. How nice. They spoke in dunno what language. Foreigners. Revoke your passport ah ma de.

I liked the part when guard B punched guard A. But not in the serious way, like the friendly why you didn't that you idiot, way. And then he said sebab kamu duduk sana or something. Before that I was just watching the guards talk. But the guard A still think he's the boss, did not nothing wrong. Seriously couldn't stand it. "CAKAP BAIK SIKIT TAK BOLEH KE?". I said back, in this kind of sarcastic and dare you to argue with me tone. Seriously could not put up with his attitude.

I asked Xuan if I sounded arrogant. "Yeah arrogant. Good enough, he deserves it". Okay, so that was it. Small matter, just didn't like the way he talked to us and pushed us around. Of course have to stand up for ourselves. YI BA GEI NI MA DE.

The thing about DPC is that there's a commercial area inside a residential area. You have to balance between residents and non-residents.

After that we sao dong at Coffee Bean. I parked my car in another area and followed Daniel's car. Actually we were wondering whether to go home or not because we were going Kota Damansara. But we went in the end. :( AHAHAHA.

Went to Daniel's house a while. And then to Spicy mamak. What I order is always Soya Bean. Familiar and easy! And then, off to Loud Speaker. We only sang halfway, had to go home early! We as in Xuan and I!

Yesterday? Friday. Out with my girls ^^

Nicholas Ng's birthday at Beer Factory in Sunway Giza. We went to The Curve first to choose presents. I suggested the place, Sim Kuan was the one who stroke eureka finding the item! I like discussing what people like.

Xuan likes skulls and studded items. Sim Kuan likes loose crop tops and sleek things. Mei Yen likes colourful and bubble-gummy stuffs. Siet Yen likes pink stuffs, Hello Kitty and girl things but it's still hard to find stuff for her because she's loaded and she's got everything. What you want to get for her, she has it better. AHAHAHAHA! Perfume? She has Gucci DKNY all the shit. Bag? Got Burberry LV already. Clothes? Too many. ^^

But we settled it in the end! And filled our tummy with Japanese food om nyom nyom. Sushi King. My habit... forcing friends to eat sushi. Ordered set with unagi rice, udon, tempura, green tea ice cream. Only RM20 (Y)

And then went Beer Factory. Stayed for a while. Waited until they cut the cake. Saw Bromyn and Liane! Cut his cake 11:11pm. On 11/11/11. Hehe. Mei Yen's birthday too! My lovely! <3 I asked if she wanted me to go her house and she wanted to study, she chose books. MA DE.

AHAHA! And then we were walking around Giza and realized people do notice. OKAY TIME TO BE PERASAN. WE WERE LIKE MAGNETS. Heads swivel in attention to check us out. Three hot ladies in dresses looking ready to rumble. Incoming, incoming. AHAHAH SHITTTTT. So vain. ^^

Look so pretty and polite but when open our mouth, BOOM. Bad words. All the SH pattern. Hehehehe ^^ And then were were like, let's walk more. See how many people would stare. Crossing the road? "No need to wait, they'll SLOW DOWN FOR US". Xuan's... observation.

AAHHAHAH! We walked from Giza to Chatime in the end. Mango Smoothie slight sugar plus aloe vera and grass jelly, my favourite!!!!! We went home with tummies and egos satisfied. AHAHAHA. But we kept laughing in the car. Xuan xuan. <3

Guess where we are? In Sim Kuan's car car! Hehehehe. Her green alien, Peugeot. She took the top down. Damn nice. Stopped in the middle of the road to fold the top down. And then go in to Sierramas. Housing area, safe! Sat on top of the seats. The wind... Damn shiok omg. I kept laughing like a hooligan. Because the wind tickles, caressing me. Lolol.

Sim Kuan, doing her thang~!

It was already somewhere past midnight I think? I only remember arriving home like 2 in the morning and I couldn't find my house key. I used daddy's fishing rope to get it. =.= Hung out at Xuan's for a while before that. Lol. Talked crap.

Swapped dresses and swimsuits. Monokini! Weehehee!

Tonight would be Siet Yen's party. Damn a lot of November babies I tell you. If there's no SPM, they'd go crazy. ^O^

Yesterday was Nicholas and Mei Yen's. Next, Siet Yen and Janice. Then Yen Shen. Then Ming Chun and Phin. Then the day after, Vincent and Li Chen. Having birthdays, should have more luck on exams! :D

GOTTA STUDY! Buh-bye!! ;D

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