Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A little bit of change

Hello! :3

Went to 1U on Monday after Moral paper. Ironically, having SPM is more relaxing than having normal school days. Alololo.

The paper was supposed to last for 2 hours but I went out after an hour. It was.. alright. One very important thing Rn.Rekha taught, was to remember the heck out of "Rasional". It's so bloody versatile. Other helpful ones? Kasih sayang, toleransi, bertanggungjawab.

And I want to give away my Form 5 books! I don't want to see them anymore. I want space for magazines. They are more important! I don't need to know about candi or fleming's left hand rule when I'm studying fashion! Anyone who's interested contact me, sub-science stream! HOHOHO, finally no more textbook. Wait... how about college? :/

The point of going to 1U was to watch this movie- "You are the Apple of my Eye". I heard other friends talking about it and it got me excited to watch it. It was nice, the perfect time to watch since we're ending high school and all. I felt, nostalgic.

Who went to watch it? Shao Yang Mei Yen Sim Kuan Xuan Siet Yen Guat Tyng Jin Fye Theng Loo Weng Hock Kok Leong Qi Yao Vincent. Shao Yang was the planner and Sim Kuan was the one who booked the tickets online! Hohoho.

Weng Hock was running late so we left the tickets at the counter for him. I suggested to write his beloved nickname, "Thailand Dog". Sim Kuan really asked the person to write it at the back of the ticket to identify him. Later he told me wth the person asked if he was from Thailand. :) MUAAHAH.

I think our group was the loudest in the cinema. It's fun when you're in that gang, annoying to the other people who are not. Mei Yen and Xuan were the ones who laughed the loudest. Mei Yen, especially the boner part. Theng Loo was sitting beside her and begged her to lower down her voice. Mei Yen's laugh made Sim Kuan laugh.

Sometimes we laugh not because something is funny but because our friend's laugh is rather contagious.

Shao Yang was the one who makes the commentary. Nitpick about everything, Xuan and I laughed. Hmm. It's a movie we can relate to. Funny. I like the first-half better though. The second-half is all the conflicts.. :/ Introduction was funny!

Me, Mei Yen and Sim Kuan. So rare that Mei Yen gets to go out! Parents strict due to SPM. ;( I got very tired after the movie. Other people as well, clueless of where to eat. I didn't like that part. Just flopped around the mall doing nothing.

But I felt better after eating macha ice cream. Sim Kuan was the one who bought it first, the shop was near our entrance from the parking. And then everyone bought it. Going home, I bought one more. :3

Oh yeah. That was at The Curve. Sim Kuan wanted to find the panda car perfume I got from Daiso. Couldn't find in there at 1u's Daiso, and Sim Kuan didn't mind driving there. For me, nonono. I would mind driving and paying the parking ticket just to buy a small thingie!

But Sim Kuan was the one driving, so it was alright. She got another smell. Theng Loo has that panda too, he had it first. But his car smells more like pandan. He sticks the leaf to his air-cond vent.

This was today. I was supposed to stay at home. Supposed to.

The electrician came to add an extra plug for the Unifi router. He did a nice job, elevated the router from the ground and stuck it like an artwork. Gahahaha! The drilling annoyed me though. Made me want to get out of the house. But I watched him leave before I did! He's been doing the electrical works in my house for years.

When I feel bored I check twitter. Sim Kuan and Xuan are the ones who are constantly updating. They were hungry. I wanted to go out. Why not go out and get some food. ^^

I was the designated driver of the day. Didn't mind because everything was pretty much on the way! Went to Sunway Giza. And the important point, I had fuel! Petrolled my car. RM50 gone and it's only half-tank. !@!&*@T

And oh yeah Sim Kuan was asking Xuan what her dream car was. Peugeuot RCZ. She likes the sport, got swag kind. Sim Kuan's one is GTI. I'm like, excited. ASK ME ASK ME!

BWAHHAHA! And then Sim Kuan said shit you lah, you already have your dream car. Hahaha true true, and I'm grateful for that! :D But in a very masochistic kind of way, I think it would be better if I didn't get it so easily. Try some lapsap car before having your dream car and you'll feel the huge gap of difference.

If I was forced to, I would have a black and yellow black and yellow punya Kelisa Cooper S. AHAHAHAH! Mini Cooper is still my favourite car. I don't like real sports car, too precious. I like small cars! The few hatchbacks that stand out and hold its own. Curvy and voluptous bodies. An iconic look and solid history.

And definitely, definitely no boring-as-fuck colours. I can't stand it...!! For other people, yes, but for me, no. If I had a white car I would have to battle with an overwhelming urge to throw a bucket of rainbow paint on it. My eyes don't notice cars with shades of black and white or anything in between.

The only other car I'd like almost as much as MINI would be the Beetle, I think? :3 It's so cute! It must be illegal to be this cute! Baby blue is the nicest colour for it!

I've been wanting to find zebra-print cushions and union-jack cushions for a very long time. Why are you trying to play hide and seek with me?!?!! Let me take you homeeee. :(

LOOK AT THEM BABIES! To die for! They will look so at home in my car. Sigh.

But with cushions for cars it's more like you buy them for your passengers to use. Who the fuck uses pillow while driving. Can sleep meh?! And one very important thing is not to buy cushions that are too big because they make your car overcrowded!

This. Keys to freedom.

Ever since I learned how to drive, it is bloody murder. On my wallet and academic life. Nooo actually it's my own personality problem. I have this problem of looking into things short-term, satisfy myself first then only take care of the daily trivialities.

Money. Money leaks out with each outing. Sikit-sikit lama jadi bukit, memang. 30 for one meal, 3 meals already 100. Hundred here, hundred there, soon half a grand. Deng.

But I was obedient today! I only spent RM26. 9 bucks for food, the rest for a belt. To go with the floral maxis. Lol >.<

We went to eat chicken rice, Sim Kuan's recommendation. The chicken was ichibiang. But I dumb-dumbly ordered their wantan instead of their signature chicken rice! Must try next time. Deng! But the prawn wantans not bad, just that noodle was a little plain! :3

We went around quite a few boutiques. Saw a pair of chio sunglasses and a bling bling bracelet from the same shop but I didn't buy it eventhough I really liked it because I can tell they hiked up the price, a lot.

Shopped for Xuan's prom dress. So nice that she can go prom, finally! ^^ Couldn't find it today, so we shall come back again soon! Hoho.

And then we went Chatime.

We're making their purple background famous, seriously. It's great for camwhoring. Was using polaroid until it actually ran out of film, then we switched to digital camera. Damn it never-ending camwhore stamina.

The pictures I uploaded to Facebook are the normal ones. The ones in this post is heavily worked on with Mei Tu Xiu Xiu! They have all these Lomo filter effects. Pretty fun to fiddle around with! But don't use too much, it can get too headache! Simple and original is always the best!

But editing is also fun. See how next time ^^

And you must've notice how much darker and different my blog looks. No more woodie. Now it's fire. Burning up, burning up. I'm not done yet! I want to make it perfect. :(

Have to change once in a while. Spice things up, hoho.

Last pic! :3

Watched Family Guy. "Daddy, if you really love me you would get me a Prada handbag." "Sure honey, how much is it? 10 bucks? Here take it" "Umm... more like 11... hundred." "Oh. Hah-hah-hah-hah. You sure wished daddy loved you that much!" *takes back 10 bucks and runs away*


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