Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Reaching there

Tomorrow is the last day of school. I can't believe high school life is coming to an end. I've waited a decade for this. Not long ago, I was a stupid little kid sitting on my desk, crying my eyes out watching my parents leave on the first day of school.

Now I am still a stupid kid... bigger and wiser but still immature. ^^ I am talking crap because I am skyping with Xuan and she is distracting me. I think because we realize school is ending, our dog cells get activated.

YOU KNOW? Act like hyperactive idiots. ^^

I'd miss school. Probably feel lost without it for a while. Know that I'll still see my friends, what with us being able to drive and living in the same area and all. Just that it's not the usual atmosphere. No formal place for mischief. But at the same time, I know the phase of going to high school is truly over for me. I already told myself this will be my last year, already more than ready for it to end.

This was on Sunday, I think? I don't usually go out on Sundays because it's family day. Went out after my dinner with family. Because Monday was holiday and I didn't have to get up early. ^^ Was clueless of what to do. Went to Xuan's house. Wanted to go sing karaoke but decided it was too far.

Hung out in her room. I tried her clothes. That bitch got a lot of unused clothes. I like the feeling of taking out new clothes the first time after buying it. The freshness, the novelty~! Parading in brand new outfits! Muahahah. Tried her swimsuits. I want to buy swimsuits.

And then after that someone called. King Jiat I think. To "yam cha". Went to Al-Safa. Xian jiong king jiat ding daniel theng loo. Watched football. Xuan was hungry. When she eats, she eats a lot. I only drank soya bean. Slim people's way.

It was nice to watch Theng Loo and King Jiat insult each other. I can feel the friction creating sparks. ^^ Theng Loo asked Xuan what she was doing tomorrow. King Jiat went, ask for what, she also won't invite you one. Before that Theng Loo kept provoking King Jiat.

Today? I skipped school. I was thinking, only 2 more days. I'll go surely. But the night dragged on and I slept at 3 plus in the morning. No way I could get up the next day. LOLOL. Daniel's record? Sleep at 9 at night and wake up at 6 in the evening the next afternoon. (Y)

Mine was like 5 plus? Slept midnight the day before. That time I was jetlag, came back from somewhere. Italy I think? I don't like sleeping too long, it feels tiring. Ironically.

So after school we went Chatime at Kota Damansara.

3 woh woh enjoying their drinks. I drove, Shao Yang drove and Qi Yao drove.

Qi Yao and Siet Yen, lovebirds. <3 <3

Sampat clueless people.

Had some chili pan mee. I don't really like chinese food when eating out. :( I like japanese. JAPANESEEEEE. Or Western. Or Italian. Shared my mee with Sim Kuan.

SPM, doesn't feel like SPM. Last day, cannot believe it's last day. Siet Yen? "This Saturday, this Saturday!". Shao Yang? "38 more days! 14th, 14th!". This two hooligans, keep reminding us dates of their parties. Before SPM, one party. After SPM, another party. ON?! ^^

Tuesday was fun. I acted damn retarded. I learnt the dog greeting. Have to do it in real life. Wei Kien's is shake his head and keep saying "ALOLOLO". Must do super spammer and trolling face. Ding's is bend down and spread arms, wiggle. Vincent's one is touch the floor in one swift, sweeping motion.

I can challenge Ding already you know. You just try to headbutt your face into your opponent's face, but barely touching. Yih Wern and Xuan are the ones who will retaliate. Ding, Weng Hock and Vincent. We battled. Chased Weng Hock to the stairs. Ding said next level is throwing chairs, but that one's too advanced.

He was having chair battle with Vincent. Both of them same level dog. If you're not at the same level, there's heightened danger involved. Ding threw until the chair hit the fan... =.= SUPER?! And then Chun Yen got pissed and scolded Ding.

Camwhored with Jin Fye's camera. He hasn't uploaded yet. Tomorrow, another session. And the last, in our fucking uniform. T.T The fucking day has comeee I am graduating~~~~

Love friends MUAHAHAH~! <3

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