Monday, 14 November 2011

Siet Yen's party and First Day of SPM

Last Saturday was Siet Yen's birthday party. The last party before SPM. ^^

Picked Xuan up and then went to Sim Kuan's house because it's all on the way. Sim Kuan was the driver of the day, her green alien got fixed. Time to sit on top of the convertible again~! HOHO. But can only do it in housing area.

If you put the top down on main roads you hair will get messed up like crazy, serious. It was like a tornado brewing in the car. I don't know how Sim Kuan could drive.

When we arrived at Siet Yen's place it was so quiet I thought we went to the wrong place. Jun Wen and Hui Yee were the first guests. And then... ahemmmmmmm.

See Xuan and I swapped dresses. The pink one is hers and the flower one is mine and we wore each other's dress for Siet Yen's party. The night before, Xuan wore her own dress and that pink dress is notorious for bringing bad luck and adding a hazardous edge to your outing. When Xuan wore, well, let's jut say the gravity seems to be her enemy.

When I wore? I forgot to bring things. I think because I felt too pretty and kept checking out myself in the mirror and lost track of everything else. AAHAHAHAH! I.. FORGOT TO TAKE SIET YEN'S PRESENT. I kept it since I had the paper bag. There was a red maxi dress and a jacket three of us bought together. Since everyone was not there yet and Sim Kuan didn't mind going back to take the present, we went back.

ALL THE WAY. To get the present. AAGAAAAHHA. Also had to stop by Sim Kuan's house because I left my handphone in the car which was parked at Sim Kuan's house. Damn dog. Drove all the way just to get back forgotton things. I was quiet during the drive back, unlike the beginning where I was hyper and high. Because... I felt like a kid sitting at the back. T.T And I felt guilty for acting like a kid and forgetting the present.

Dared Sim Kuan to wear that dress, and see what effect it would have on her. I think the pink dress should go around and see if it really brings bad luck to whoever wears it. IT'S LIKE HAUNTED.

When we arrived for the second time, everyone was already there. Xuan was like, "Nevermind, fashionably late!". Hold zhu again. Ahahaha! I remember when I stepped into the house I heard Ding said "Karen's here". And then Vincent came and did the dog greeting. Go in front of you and bend down like you're picking up something and come back up in a whoosh.

When I'm in uniform I don't care, bend lah what also cannot see. BUT CREEPY WHEN YOU'RE IN DRESS. Cannot do dog greeting when wearing nice dress... cannot cannot! Different style! Hahaha!

Who went hmmm... Ding Xian Jiong Vincent King Jiat Theng Loo Chee Khoon Daniel Shao Yang Weng Hock Ping Kuang Sim Kuan Xuan Hui Yee Jun Wen Guat Tyng.

All da ladies~! When having birthday party, one shot all the guys one shot all the girls one shot everybody come! Ding was damn loud when singing the many versions of "Happy Birthday". "HEY HEY HEY" BACKGROUND VOICE ALL THE WAY.

The food was nice. :3 HOHOHO. Her aunty cooked so nice! T.T The food I have at home? Not normal human can eat! That's what happens when your maid cooks.

There was spaghetti. Cheesy sausages. I'm usually not a fan of meaty stuff but this was an exception. :D And some BBQ. I only remember Vincent and Chee Khoon working the grill. The guys fought for meat.


Hehe :D Xuan has a good eye for backgrounds to camwhore with. Kept posing. 不要给他停! Vincent's trademark phrase. Don't let it stop.

So nice now that Xuan brings her camera. Ahhh... no need to depend solely on me. I'll still bring my camera of course! But don't have to worry so much now of being the only viable option when taking pictures.

The good thing of having the camera is that you can select which photos to post and filter out the unflattering ones. You can also choose where and who you want to take pictures with more freely. The bad thing?! You have to do the whole shit. THE WHOLE FUCKING SHIT. Sync to computer. Select photos. Edit photos. Upload photos. Tag photos. LIKE DOG.

BUT...! Worth it :) Photos are memories, moments captured in time. AND EVERY MOMENT IS PRECIOUS. We're young, we're having fun. :) HEHE.

More from that day. LAST FRIDAY NIGHT~! See switched dresses. AGAAAGAGA.

Random photo of us acting macam yes in Siet Yen's brother's Ferrari. Woots~!

The guys were playing cards and whoever loses had to drink beer. They keep calling, "ALL IN, ALL IN!" They're not humans. The guys went to Genting later. Really play to the max until the very last minute!

Oh yeah... today. TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF SPM.

And you know? It's not that big of a deal after all. It certainly looks that way, though. We're supposed to be at school by 7.30 and I was pissed about that because test only starts at 8.30. Me? I don't like to waste time, I like to minimise waiting time to the least possible span of time.

But... you know, you have to comply with rules and everything and I set the alarm at 7 o clock. Didn't hear no alarm in the morning, I don't know what went wrong. =.= Or maybe I was too sleepy to the point of not hearing my loud-ass iPhone alarm. Especially if you're dreaming, you'll be dead to the world.

I happily went to bed midnight last night but woke up 2 hours later and then didn't sleep back until 5 in the morning. Spent 3 hours rolling in the bed like an asshole! I hope not for today!

So I was the latest to go into the SPM hall. The teachers were waiting outside. Pn.Rekha called me to make sure I was coming. AH GAH. Reminds me of UPSR. Same thing, last to go in, teachers waiting outside the hall.

It's like time-keeping failure, a never-changing pattern. Imagine that I'm late for all the big events in my life, OH MY GOODNESSSS. Must change, must change. Yih Wern heard someone saying, others arrive at school at 7.30 and I've only started waking up when it's 7.30. Xuan damn dog! She said come quick, you hold zhu liao. It means that I'm holding everyone's attention because I was the latest one. AHAHAHAH.

I arrived about 7.50 I think? And then I was the earliest to go out. The sweetest thing about SPM, is being able to leave the hall after 30 minutes of every exam. That's so nice. <3 I might die. It's so relaxing. Usually I was to wait my ass off. WHY NORMAL EXAMS CANNOT GO OUT EARLY ONE.

Ji mui and heng dai, sy and weng hock! Sy told me to arrive 7.55. He said VIP must like that. Everything bad, he taught one. He taught me to fly my car and that Mini Cooper is queen of the road. Buat apa pun boleh. Harrier also king of the road.

Ate coco crunch with Weng Hock. I DUNNO WHY HE DOESN'T LIKE THE SCHOOL'S COCO CRUNCH. He said it's especially disgusting. There were primary kids that time and he kept shouting at them. Sho bad. :(

Jin Fye was waiting for Siet Yen them. So crazy, they planned to go get Chatime at 1U. Lucky they didn't go in the end. Me? I just stayed because I had Art test AH GAH. But after that, brought Vincent and Xuan to my house. We did study! Bought snacks. Camwhored and napped a while. So relax. LUCKY MY HOUSE NEAR HOHO.

SPM so relaxing, boleh lah! ^^

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