Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Aman suria


27th of December! Vincent made an fb status inviting everyone(the woofs) to Aman Suria. Free flow food and drinks at a karaoke cum pub. The guys- hear the words free flow, ON already. 

Went brunch with Daniel at Rakuzen, Japanese food here I come! I like Daniel, damn ON one. Informed him about Vincent's free flow, he straightaway ON. Some people feel like saying "yes" to an invitation benefits them while others might have it vice versa.

Good thing the darn gate got fixed. My heart was thumping when I woke up, wondering whether the gate was fixed like a kid anticipating Christmas presents. IT WAS. Properly aligned, fully working, all done while I was asleep. Muahha. I woke up around 4 in the afternoon. 

Daniel was asleep when I called, can imagine what a super pig he is. His car broke, freedom gone. So odd, he used to be the dude with the car all the time- one of the "first generation drivers" along with SY, Qi Yao, Xian Jiong.

With the original Australia hai, Mun Chun. Faster come back la Xuan. I used to like rubbing into your face with our outings but now really, I'd rather you were here with us. 

Had missed call from him in the morning. I like it when I wake up and there's something on with my phone. Calls from Mei Yen. Because she always wakes up early. Sim Kuan uses twitter, kiamsap. BWAHAH! 

Sometimes I see missed calls when I'm awake, but I always roll in the bed for and hour or so, so I always wait until I finally get up, freshen up, brush my teeth, then return calls. So my voice won't sound like I've just gotten out of bed. I always dutifully return calls. I don't like people who don't. ;)

He needed transport to Aman Suria, fetched him because I was going to DPC anyway. I don't mind fetching on the way ones. Sim Kuan wanted me to fetch her but I couldn't, make it up to you next time! ^^ 
Ney, I don't mind being Sim Kuan's ah mat because she drives me around to. So sad, those peepo who have no license nor car- have to beg for rides all the time. BWAHAHA! Those days... long behind me. ^^ Except few days ago when my gate died and my car got locked in*

Got car and always ON, people will surely find you. Unless you're a party pooper... And I don't like it when some of the girls, got their P license and have car but stay at home all day like disabled person. Aiyoh, use it la. So lucky you can drive, better you give it to someone else who can utilize it fully. Stay home incubate eggs?!?! But also. Life very meaningless now, need to study. STUDY FOR MY FUTURE. AIM IS TO MAKE MONEY. MONEY IS TO CONTINUE LIVING!

Went to pick Mun Chun up after brunch. I asked him for his address. "Just say Datuk Wang". The magic word for the guards, WTF. When I went to pick Daniel I just said his name, because Daniel liked to fuck around with his guards and he told them to let anyone who said his name come in. HAGAGAGA it worked. But still have to register, register what la. See my I.C. for what la. Drive such a small car steal what? If I wanna rob, I'll bring a big-ass van. Estima can also. Hmm, I wonder what it feels like to drive an Estima. Harrier feels like van too. Harrier is van. Wtf talking crap now.

Mun Chun sek jo, came out when I arrived. Daniel like sissy, took a long time to tie his shoelace. ^^ Sim Kuan asked if I wanted to go eat dinner with Vincent, didn't know what to do anyway and no way I wanna go home and pick people up again so we went to BU early!

Three of us were the first to arrive(me, Dan, Mc). Vince's parents are nice, they're used to having guests. His house is like our house already. ^^ So familiar with the huge ass mirror in front of the dining table, liquor every nook and cranny, and the automatic sensored porchlights. 

HAHA. His mum asked if I was drunk the last time because I went home in Meta's(the notorious maid) slippers. Actually because they were comfy and I was lazy to wear heels to mamak. But comfy until I forgot to return it. Trololo.

Later Sim Kuan came. Li Chen and Qi Yao too. Ney, Li Chen so ON already. Me likey. ^^ MUAHAH new ON partner, come! Siet Yen on the other hand.... OFF! She FFK! That feeling... when you expect to see someone but they can't make it in the end. :( She has to accompany her family more nowadays. Hmm. Lazy to go out too maybeee. Save for New Year's.

Qi Yao's skin so nice one. Pussy. Trololo, I'm just jealous :( I think he will be a very pretty girl. Khar Yiep too. I dunno why I'm so yehdiu on my blog. Sorry if I've offended anyone. HAHA no wait I'm not sorry. ^^ Offend me back la, polite is boring so fuck it. Pretentious, and tiring. 

But anyone of you don't want to get mentioned in my blog, tell me so! I'll pretend to overlook your existence! Because I know my blog is not that private and shit gets stalked. But wtf I know you guys are very happy that you appeared here. I edit the pictures until so got feel. Yee why I talk English liddat one. But very nice leh, Malaysian feel you know. Maybe because I never go school long long oredi also. 

HAHA SKUL WTF LIFETIMES AWAY. It is like a taboo subject now. Like *death*. "Don't mention it! I'm gonna get sad". Someone said this. Yih Wern? ^^

We went to eat at a mamak called Kayu. Look at Weng Hock, he seriously cannot take pictures while he's eating. Super Hock Dog. Look at that face. 

Ney, I very noob, seldom go mamak. I only know how to order four things- "Soya Bean! Watermelon Juice! Roti Canai! Maggi Goreng!" I didn't know Roti Canai was the kosong one. Because at school they always have some other stuff. Asked for curry. NO, that was not it. What I wanted as dahl. FREAKING DAHL. DAHL ISSIT?!

Some of Vince's & Mun Chun's friends were also there. AHEMMMM drugdenahememmma. Inside joke trololo. After that Ding came, he said he quit Guess, going for Esprit. Damn a lot of people gunning for jobs inside 1 Utama. People I know, around a dozen who's working there. Maybe more... Daniel mentioned about this thing data entry shit dunno wad earn 1.6k. HMM. Should get down on it, , get some money!!

And then only we head to the main venue. I dunno what the name is. Forgot already. Vince kept saying it was a pub cum karaoke, and no need to dress up so much. 


Hor, just wore tank top and maxi skirt. Top from Cats Whiskers, found it in my wardrobe. Maxi skirt from Kitschen. Always bohemian look with that skirt. 

The place was not bad, had pool table too. Actually, the karaoke... it's just you go on the platform and sing. It takes guts, but no matter! Carlsberg is always there to give you guts! Hor, I drank ice water only. My favourite. Save on calories too. THE GUYS. THE GUYS, THEY GONNA HAVE BEER BELLY I TELL YOU. EVERYDAY DRINK. evernight la.

"I'm designated driver of the day"! *Always the best excuse*.

Food, potato pie. Homely. Hovered around pool tables, wanted to play play but the guys look so serious when playing one. Only did one shot, borrowed King Jiat. BWAHA! That dude, so long time didn't see him. He came back from China. SO MANY PPL WENT CHINA. Mun Chun, Yih Wern.


Rysher and Xian Jiong. Xian Jiong work until wanna die already I think. He didn't seem to have the partying mood. Ding on the other hand, went up and sang some songs. The mum joked with him and Weng Hock. Played cards. It was nice, venue to ourselves. The owner is Vince's mummy's friend's. Haha! 

Okay, who went- Ding, Qi Yao, Rysher, Xian Jiong, Daniel, Mun Chun, Vincent, Li Chen, Sim Kuan, Theng Loo, Ping Kuang, Shao Yang, Weng Hock, King Jiat!


Hor, Sim Kuan brought her camera! TeeHee. Charger still cannot be found, it is fate. God wants Sim Kuan to use her camera more often. Still dreaming about Olympus Pen Mini. Hmm. Wanna try my bro's Panasonic Lumix dunno wad. But it's the same, micro four thirds system, lens take more space than body.

Canon is well known but I don't like it because it always brings a yellow hue to the skin. Or maybe it's just because my friends set their lighting to "incandescent" WTF?!??

Going home, sent Daniel and Weng Hock. Mun Chun had to find someone else because he didn't want to go back early. Don't wanna go home~ Hnngh. I don't like sending drunk people home, because they are unpredictable. If I am drunk, I wouldn't like sending myself home either. Tipsy is still okay. 

Weng Hock complained some shit. Air cond not cold enough I think. I started to dulan already, but everytime I do it it's for a split-second. Weng Hock has seen how I argued with SY when he was drunk in my car so he was ohh nevermind Karen. Arrived, sober up, time to face his parents. Drop off Daniel, then I'm home! Comparitively early, not bad. If I'm the driver I don't stay till the end, because I make extra allowance of time to send people off. 

Night well spent, glad to see friends. 


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