Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bangsar & Hartamas

Hoho. Still enjoying my holidays. Having a car really makes everything easier. I love my car car.

Thank God I'm through with getting P license. Advantage of being born early! :) ... I used to hate that I was born early. Often, people never got me birthday presents. I shamelessly asked my friends why, and sometimes they give this answer- "I wasn't close with you at the beginning of the year". !~@#$%^

And then there's another thing of having a crush with someone and the 75% chance that you will be older than him. How can!

Okay enough crap at least I'm flying with my car now. ^^

Went to Bangsar Village Shopping Mall on Tuesday with Sim Kuan and Shao Yang. Been a while since I've ate at Marmalade!

I used to go there often with my mama. They even changed their decorations, flowers instead of chickies on the wall now! I love their food. It's like you're in a cosy English country home and you have a marvelous cook as your Aunt. 

I ordered their salad, Avocado Accents. I like capsicums! And they are lucky, because they belong to the few types of veges I like. Asparagus, too. And tomatoes. I feel healthy just by pronouncing them. Shao Yang liked the place, non-stop checking out the foreigners there (only the caucasians, has a thing for blondies)! He ordered the first thing on the menu. Didn't even know what it was. HOW CAN. Quiche.

But Bangsar Shopping Mall doesn't have much to shop. Warehouse, Zara, etc. But their selection is not so big. After that, we went swimming.

See, just like Xuan was with us. BWAHAHAH!

Before swimming, have to take out all my accessories. Corrosive! Makes nail polish comes off faster too. Mockingjay bracelet. I like gold accessories. Pink chain bracelet from Taiwan's night bazaar. Watch from Juicy Couture, it was on discount! But had to sacrifice for the price, had to wait 2 weeks to repair it. Worth it, though!

Weng Hock and Jason Chin came, but quite late. They didn't even swim, pussy. BWAHHA! It rained halfway, the lifeguards pulled out their whistles. So we wait on the loungers with the rain falling down from above. And then it did slow down to a drizzle, jumped into the pool again. #stubborn

Impromptu dinner at Valencia's Club. Miss their pizza and mushroom soup. I was beat when I came home, had nap for 3 hours until midnight. And then I woke up... and slept at 7 in the morning. Got so busy downloading apps for iPhone on my comp. It's much faster!

Wednesday. Found this huge Christmas tree inside a mall in Hartamas. Actually I don't know where it is. We were supposed to eat at Wendy's at Solaris. I thought Solaris was at Hartamas but it was actually Mont Kiara. Deng.

Ming Chun brought us the wrong way, so we ate at some Hartmas Giza-lookalike thingy. Ohhh, must have Japanese food. Finally found one after walking and walking. SENCHI? OH SENCHI? I DUNNO WAD IT'S CALLED.

Had some Unagi Cheese thingy? Ohhh Unagi. I want takoyaki. Ma de Weng Hock. We were seated beside a huge tropical fish aquarium. Aww so pretty! But the restaurant so poor thing, little customers! Food was not bad though. Actually I like all japanese food. I'm biased. Sigh. High on sodium, I love salt! ^^

After dinner, we went to The Curve to meet Vincent, Ping Kuang, Mun Chun, Sim Kuan and Qi Yao.

On the way, jam a while! Found fujifilm thingy in my car and took a picture while waiting for the cars to move. BWAHAH! Ming Chun was kinda scared that I was distracted. And he kept saying he wanted to pee, bladder problem. ^^

I think people find it "thrilling" to sit in my car. It's not safe, but at least it's not... boring? Trololo. :0 Sim Kuan says sometimes it feels worse than riding on a roller coaster. HAHAHAHA SHIT. It's just.. my attitude. I drive a little like Weng Hock. No wait, Weng Hock drives like me. ^^

Do things last-minute, tidak-apa attitude. And then SY, he taught me that you are the boss of the road. And red light means go, at least for Mini Cooper. AHAHA DAMN WAIT NO SAFETY FIRST! SAFETYYYY. I don't want accidents. I tell him that, he says, "Nevermind, got insurance!"


There's Sim Kuan. Today Siet Yen's coming back from her week-long trip to her hometown. I wanted to see her pretty badly. But she couldn't make it in the end, someday else maybe! 

Met up with them at Sanctuary. Not on yet, no boom boom boom. Feels like a while since I've been to a club. Since prom night? I don't like bars. But the good thing is that they don't make me feel like wanting to get drunk, it's only the music that gets me going.

We were wondering where to go and I thought of Vince's house. "Your house got anyone?" "No.. parents not home". PARTY TIME. Sim Kuan and Qi Yao went to buy Subway and also stuff for drinks like ice and coke. Hmm? Meth and cocaine? BWAHAHHA

Initially Vincent wanteed to sit in my car but I said no because he was starting to get tipsy and I know he's double hyper when he's tipsy. Plus I was afraid of getting my car smell like alcohol and smoke. But I didn't know the way, had to beg Vince to ride in my car in the end. #damndog

He kept singing in my car. Also went the wrong way, why the guys keep bringing me to the wrong way today?! Very distracting to sit in my car meh?! Owner of the house turned out to be the last one to arrive. Everyone was waiting at the padang outside his house.

And then we changed place last minute, to one of Mun Chun and Vince's friend's house. Okay, forget what happened there. BWAHAHAH! Don't wanna describe it. :x

And oohhh. So fast a year has passed us by. SO FAST. I feel like I've done a lot of things this year. FEEL LAH. AHHAHA!

New banknotes! They look so fresh. Turtle on 20 ringgit note!

Have fun too guys ^^ you know I will.


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