Friday, 9 December 2011

Concrete jungles

This was right after my last paper, EST. SPM is finally over. High school is finally over. Nostalgia has yet to kick in, it feels like I'm just on a holiday and I'll return school soon... BWAHAHA, you wished ^^
Went to KLCC today. It was supposed to be Qi Yao, Siet Yen, Xuan, Sim Kuan and I but Weng Hock, Daniel, Cheng How, Min Limn, and their friend "Hao Yang"(?) came too.
I went to pick Sim Kuan up after school, she had car issues! Should also, she used to bring me a lot last time. BSD strategic <3 Siet Yen kept asking Sim Kuan to ask me to finish my paper faster, she has to go home around evening. I was like WHAT LA SPM MORE IMPORTANT THAN SHOPPING. And then Siet Yen says Qi Yao's coming at 12.30. 

15 minutes to fetch Sim Kuan and Xuan ma de. And I felt the pressure. Obeying appointed times is hard when you're picking people up. The little things add up, go down from your car, wait for them to lock the doors and shit. When people come and pick you up you have plenty of time to get ready in your house. Xuan, Sim Kuan and I always go by an hour later than set (we went at 1.30 in the end). Girls have a talent for dilly-dallying.

When you sit in people's car you can't rush people to go back early, because the sad truth is driver has the power. I don't like going out with curfews governing our outings. So.. annoying. Diam la. Was supposed to pick up Xuan but was too rush so Qi Yao did it instead. Phew. Same like my dad, my dad gets pissed when people rush him. Must learn to control my temper !@#.

Oohh and what else, Xuan got rushed like shit today too. Asked Sim Kuan to give her wake up call. She woke up but fell asleep again. How I knew? She was asleep when I called her after that. BWAHAHAH. And then Siet Yen called her too. Because she is pro at dilly-dallying too. She got ready the earliest this time. So many different versions of morning calls- English, Cantonese and then Chinese. Like princess eh.

Then while Qi Yao was about to pick Sim Kuan and I, Weng Hock called. He said he wanted to get prom shirt (WHY GUYS CAN SO LAST-MINUTE I GOT MY DRESS IN FRIGGIN JULY), after a while I passed the phone to Qi Yao. And then Weng Hock drove to Qi Yao's house to meet up with us. Siet Yen was a lil' unhappy about that because it was last-minute.

And then the three of us (Xuan, SK, Me) moved to Weng Hocks car like dogs. Woof! So happy. Let Qi Yao and Siet Yen be in the car. They can't display affection properly with us around. We can't help teasing. "Bee, go home early a bit ah." "Bee, this one looks nice." "Bee, .." "Bee, ...."

BWAHAHAH! Weng Hock drives very carelessly like he doesn't care if his car gets scratched. One part he was talking to me and he didn't know the car in front stopped. Almost kissed the car. Weng Hock was still so nonchalant! "Ohhh, nothing one. The owner didn't get down from his car also." LOL?! Told him not to look at my face when talking or anywhere else after that. @#$@. Going back too. His shotgun seater needs to be alert. I think he expects them to shout when he's too near to other cars. But other than that, okay, loh!



Everyone was hungry so we ate at the Food Court. Cheap. At least as cheap as you can get in KLCC. Xuan said Daniel was at KLCC. He came and meet us, was with Cheng How, Min Limn and Hao Yang. I ate japanese handrolls, om nyom. My money is often gone to dining. 

And then we went to Isetan. So funny, it's the guys who needs to shop this time and the girls style them. Siet Yen was very absorbed in making Qi Yao "Chuck Bass-like". She knows what will look good on him. I think she knows how to dress Qi Yao more than Qi Yao does. BWAHAHHA!

Daniel is the quintessential metrosexual guy. He shops like a girl. Actually, more shopaholic than a girl. It's like he keeps seeing things he'll like and he has to buy them. Damn him! He went home with the most shoppings bags. See watch- "Fucking nice weyh!". Buy already- "Fucking tired weyh!"

OH YA SO FUNNY I asked Sim Kuan to try making Daniel carry her bags. Like Weng Hock did in that picture. He was like, 'It's okay, I'm fucking tired man". HOLD LA SEI GENTLEMAN!

And then and then, we went to Chanel. Ran towards it like a dog. They moved to a bigger space opposite LV. I forgot where it was for a while. HOW CAN. KLCC IS MY SECOND HOME. Along with Curve. ^^ Sigh, SSB no more second home. Cipet.

A Chanel 2.55. Our dreams. Sim Kuan asked Chanel or Diamond. Xuan and her picked Chanel. I picked diamond. Because... I dunno. I have handbags, no diamonds. I WANT. Shit. And Sim Kuan has this thing of touching mannequin. There was a very demure one sitting atop of a platform. It almost felled. So cute, the way she tried to balance it from falling. So lou!

And then and then, we went to Sephora. Xuan bought a lot of mosturizing products, a whole mountain. Sim Kuan bought too, but less. I didn't buy any, just camwhore. 

When you wear heels the first 2 hours always feel great, and you walk with such a swagger. 2 more hours later? You rather sacrifice swagger for comfort. The four and a half inch made me lazy to walk after a while. Sat there while Xuan and Sim Kuan bought Garrett Popcorn. Long line for it, the popcorns were huge, sweet. The next overrated thing to replace Chatime, maybe?! It tasted yummy.

They were all ready to go. Daniel bought a baseball jacket before leaving though. Shop till he drops, deng. I waited at the wrong Zara. The women's one. Then I realized it was the men's one, near our parking exit. Xuan and Sim Kuan went the wrong one too.

Qi Yao was in charge of sending Sungai Buloh. Everyday dig and dig to find Siet Yen. BWAHAHAH! Find diamond. I went with Weng Hock, Daniel drove because Thailand Dog wanted to rest. He woofs back you know. When a person is able to act like a dog with you, that person has a wonderful future lying ahead of him. Seriously wonderful.

The good thing about Daniel is he drives very fast, but he has to be rough in order to do that. Sometimes brake last minute, like he doesn't like to stop. BWAAHAH BULL CHARGING. I have this stupid habit of shouting when there's a bump. Even when other people is driving and their car aren't as low as mine. It's like I'm saying ouch for the car. BECAUSE MY CAR BUMPER ALWAYS KENA, MA DE!

Daniel dropped himself off around Kepong to meet Ding. HE DYED HIS HAIR. Two words- VERY FUNNY. ^^ .... Like myammar. BWAAHAHAHAHHAHA

And that's the end of today!

This one's on Wednesday. Jin Fye brought us to SS2. When they plan outing to wake up at anywhere before 12, I dread it. I despise waking up early, fucking hate it. Because I can't sleep early. HWOH#DWIDHOQh

I wanna be early bird, but am naturally a night owl. If you want me to be early bird I can, but force out a grumpy early bird. HAGAGAGA. Had to go early because Jin Fye has to go home early. Cipet. But sigh, driver has the power you know. 

It was little late when I arrived Xuan's house. She was showering and Jin Fye kept rushing. So I asked them to come to Xuan's house since it's nearer to LDP. Xuan's another night owl, this one higher level- doesn't respond to alarms. Must have someone to wake her up. By phone. Siet Yen helped me call her a little more than 10 times. ^^

I think I shouted very loud at her house. No one you know. Whole house to herself, muahahah! They were all very hungry when they arrived. Gave Xuan's ice creams to them. And then we went to eat wantan mee. I ordered like sohai, tried so hard to find something that doesn't has pork it in.

We went SS2. For what? Visit bridal shops. People rent those clothes for wedding, we rent for prom. Lolol. Jin Fye got his tuxedo. It looks really good. ^^ You know the highest level- coat of all coats?! Saville Row. Damn. Like Birkin of the handbag world. They produce expert tailors, Alexander McQueen apprenticed with one of their tailors. !@#$

After that, we went to Giza to take Xuan's dress. Hoho. Discussed a lot of topics over chicken rice. Had the whole shop to ourselves. I bought a ballerina dress, they make you look fucking slim weyh. I like casual dresses and maxis. Slip-on only!

AND THEN?! That was about it I think!

Went to visit Mei Yen on Monday, long time no see ma baby. Sang karaoke. I think I went Movida with Xuan on Tuesday? ISSIT. YA. AHAHA! Xuan drove Wendy and I. Creepy guys there, deng. 

Time to sleep, 5 o clock in the morning! Time to prepare for prom tomorrow. BYE BYE <3

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