Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Ecoba at PJ Trade Center!

Surprisingly. This time the girls more ON than the guys. 

 Sim Kuan finally uploaded the photos. Muahaha. Usually she's the one who's nagging me to put up the photos, my turn now. I didn't bring my camera that day because it was useless even if I brought it. Dunno where the charger went. Will find it later!

Hadn't seen Yih Wern and Guat Tyng since prom night, the BU chicks. Both of them dyed their hair. "You haven't dyed your hair?" "Nah, don't think I will." "Give you few months la." That's what Guat Tyng said. We'll see! ^^

And see see, the cool and warm skin tone theory. Confirm I have warm skin tone.


Reading this was enlightening. Now I can dress accordingly. Maximise everything kao kao. Look better in gold jewellery, yes. Warm skin tone- yellow undertone, that's why I look better in red than in blue (cool skin tone has blue undertone, that's why Sim Kuan the fair bitch looks good in navy blue. I love red, but it's a bit in-your-face sometimes. Red is like the colour. Sometimes I look highly on a colour based on how bright it is. Blind me la.


Usually I have this "what you want" look when I pout and I tilt my face down. Xuan's one, she tilt her face up, and skinny up her cheeks. Sim Kuan's one, goofy!
It suits my parting. Realized when I do the pout plus the middle-parting, I look a bit like Jun Wen. Got the... vibe. Did middle-parting for the night, hadn't changed my side-parting in a bajillion years. I asked Li Chen and Sim Kuan which one they preferred- 50/50. And you know 50/50 is like answered equals to no answer.

Sim Kuan says I look more mature with side-parting. Middle-parting looks younger. But I like that it's more flattering to take pictures with. Side-parting, sometimes cover one eye and make eyes smaller. As if not small enough, FML.

MUAHAHA HER CAMERA SO NICE ONE everyone's skin looks good.
Now I have original everything but I wonder how different I might change give or take a few years? Like in the Cheeserland blog, now she has brown hair, coloured eyes, eyelash extensions. Few years back and everything was black. And she says once you dye your hair you'll never go back to black. Wonder if it is true ah? Will dye someday, not now. Still young. Black everything. Hair. Pupils. Eyebrow.

Black tube dress and Charles & Keith golden strappy heels. I love that heels now, seldom wore it last time but dunno since when it started getting comfortable. Before that it almost gave me blisters. Whaturf why so schizophrenic one?! MUAHAHA I got schizophrenic right on first try. ^^
We always say this- Xuan got the boobs. Sim Kuan got the legs. I'm the ass. You know, women's assets la. But got butt means got thighs. Ma de, everything I eat it goes there. My tummy is MISPLACED! Ass a bit harder to show la how to show you tell me?!?!?!? Boobs got cleavage and low-cut tops legs got shorts and high heels. BUTT LEH?!?!?!? 

That's why, sometimes when I take pictures I turn sideways. ^^ MUAHAHAHAH. PERKY ANOT. Okay pretend I never typed that. Siet Yen's pose is very nice to use. Super! 


Oh yeah Siet Yen was like "you wear make up! Only big events you wear one!". True true, last time I used to try perfecting the art of using eyeliner but I gave up. Lazy liao. Now, just put eyeshadow. Especially if got second round! Sparkle the whole shit up!
HAHA I KID! Usually I use the brown palette, Majolica Majorca. That day I finally used the purple one from Shiseido Integrate. I like the shimmery part. Neh, not really good in makeup. Will sit in front of my comp, watch how-tos and learn soon. 

I know Li Chen is getting good at makeup, she's taking classes. Damn jealous she got new beauty skills. >:( I like that time she put on her eyeshadow for Xuan's bday. Two-tone greyish colour. Sim Kuan one, she used to like doing eyeliners. Now she gave up. Very lazy to remove makeup, especially mascara. I know the feeling! Ah! Wendy also good at makeup, she put what also it pops. She has the (fair) skin for it. Purple, blue, whatever colour.


More pics, with the person I see almost everyday. Even now that school has ended. ^^

Oh yeah. Ecoba! We arrived the earliest, Sim Kuan and I and Qi Yao and Siet Yen. Siet Yen said it was better to wait for the orders and not order first but I thought wtf I very hungry and it takes time to cook so I thought of ordering it first but refrain from eating until they come.

In the end Siet Yen ordered salad and I ordered pasta and no I ate when it came, because the others already came. ^^ Vincent he sot one, never ordered anything, drink big glasses of beers to get full. Ahem later beer belly shit shit! Lucky he does gym!

Yih Wern had to jaga her sis for a while. She was shy at first but I know act only. Last time I went Yih Wern's house, she showed me everything. Screamed, jumped, etc etc doing all the yehdiu things kids do. After a while she got bored of eating the mushroom soup, climbed under the table. I was like WTF WHY CAN FEEL SOMETHING DOWN THERE. Of course not cat la human la Ecoba not mamak.

And then proceed to Second Round. The guys were there la, some came after working. Good, good! Ding, Rysher, Weng Hock, Nazri, Brandon. Hock Dog greeted me with a hug, it is for a sign of respect for Dog Queen. See my lips there shiny again, touched up with Sim Kuan's MM lipgloss. And it is lost! Her notorious LV purse! Added with hidden blackhole.

With Rysher and Jin Fye, Jin Fye da one with the big-ass bag, so during clubbing we stashed our handbags in his bag (me, Sim Kuan, Guat Tyng) and it became the mother-of-all-bags. If you bring your handbags to second round, be prepared to risk it. That I know, that's why have to leave your Prada and LVs at home.
I thought my bag would be safe in Fye's bag, but you know la I wanted to check handphone so I got my bag, got my bag placed in on the table, table wet, Sim Kuan spilled some coke. SO. In the end also kena. Wet my bag. Cipet. At least not as bad as my previous bag! It was soaked, inundated, wet, drippy, clammy!

Long queue to go into Sanctuary. Like very happening, but I dunno why I couldn't get the mood right in there. We went in with Sorei, Ci Min, them. Sorei looked fashionable. Recognized the flowy white top from Zara. Also saw Kong Fong them, BSD peepo.

Jun Wen posted this pic today, from prom night. Pics ah, if you post it more then three days after the outing it feels old and nostalgic like shit. OH IT HAPPENED..?!
This was taken at Movida, top floor. Jun Wen gestured to take picture I remembered. Quickly act sober! Not bad hor. I think I should always have a hairgrip with me whenever I go second round. Easier to... move. That night cukup ON la.


You might noticed, I've also changed my blog template! The previous one was the travel theme with green antique home background shit. That one didn't last long, forgot to even screenshot it. I ran into someone's blog, saw the exact template, dulan. Straightaway, change! Background photo from tumblr. Just rmbr seeing it and OHH WHAT A NICE ROOM! 

Neh, I want my blog to be more about fashion. Fashion la. Everyday fashion. Go out, dress up, take peecheer. I want camera. BWAHAH, still drooling! 

I think wrote a lot of crap today? Last week, busy until no time to write. I want life to be that way. T^T. One day don't go out, I will emohai! Please! How can you treat a Forever ON person liddis! 

Gate man, faster fix my gate kao kao so Cooper can go out! Pwease (*3*)

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