Sunday, 4 December 2011

Good girls go to the library

Hello! Went to The Curve and Sunway Giza on Saturday. "Dress up ah!" "Why? Not celebrate my bday also". Well you were wrong... Happy birthday Xuan^^

A while ago, Shao Yang asked if we want to try a bar in Starhill. I asked him to guess who's birthday is coming soon. "There, our most yehdiu ji mui". "Oh... Xuan ah?". AHAHAHAHAHAHH YDH, YDH.

The way we talk, it's like we're asking for a fight. People who don't know us might get offended. Those who know us well, they respond by talking yehdiu as well. Hehe. It's just how we speak, tease for fun! Sometimes we tease until we get too offended, but after a while we'll simply get over it.

At Library. 

The gang. I think it was supposed to be girls only. The two guys think they're girls already. Jin Fye and Shao Yang, both of them can get along with girls well. Take in ji muis. Qi Yao too, his car is always full of girls.

Who went? Qi Yao, Ding, Rysher, Xian Jiong, King Jiat, Vincent, Mun Chun, Jin Fye, Shao Yang. The girls- Xuan, Jun Wen, Siet Yen, Sim Kuan , Li Chen and Guat Tyng.

Hoho. My beloved Xuan. She's like my soulmate, complement me well but also makes my weak points weaker. ^^ HAGAGAGA. Because our weak points are the same. Say if a person is lazy but another person is a neat freak, the neat freak will rub on some OCD on the lazy one and make them neater.

Me? Her? Both us timekeeping fail. Want to swim? Raining? Nevermind, swim only. Want to drive? No license? Nevermind, drive only. Want to dare me? Come I do it for you. HAGAGAA. Both of us have the "tidak apa" attitude. Especially when it comes to rules. But, that's what makes hanging out with her so fun.

For me, I think everyone has the right to be themselves. There's people who live their lives in neat order, and then there's us. Nobody has to be the same, otherwise how are we going to distinguish ourselves in this world?!

Okay you know I'm not good with cheesy shit, just know that I'm grateful to have you as my bou bou. :)


 Girls. Must know how to dress up. Hehehe.

But don't rush, no need to blossom to early! Maintaining a formidable wardrobe takes a formidable amount of cash. How I learned? By pushing out of your comfort zone a little each time. Never stay the same, because it means going no where.

Coincidentally, Xuan, Siet Yen and I dressed in shades of red. Xuan knew I was dressing red. Girls like to discuss about... outfits. Red is auspicious. MUAHAH. I love bright colours, oblivious to dark colours. They hide people. I'm scared that people don't notice me. Cannot, they must notice me!

Oh wait wait! The rest of the girls coincidentally came in shades of blacks. Guat Tyng dressed up well. Hohoh. Improved, improved. Reunion with Mun Chun, they were pretty sweet! :3 Mun Chun looks thinner and milder now. A more easygoing smile.

Ma de. Li Chen knows how to use make up. Make up lessons. She was a total newbie a while ago! Sim Kuan tells me she catches up on things really fast. Sim Kuan wore low-cut, a little surprise for the night. Her palette! Black, white, blue! That night- black and blue, black and blue! Monotone looks good on her. 

This was taken at Fullhouse. Austin Mini I think? I love Mini Coooper. So iconic muahahahah!

I said it on the picture, "my old car, I sold it to Fullhouse". "Who is driving, Karen?" King Jiat asked. "My ah mat(driver)". HAGGAGA yehdiu!

Oh yeah. When we went into The Curve parking, another one of my friend was in front of me. The car mirror... hit pillar... fell off. I was reversing my car, saw a piece of plastic thing fly out. It was.. the mirror. Lol omg. Don't ask who it is! :3

After Library, everyone got outside. Planning who will follow who and shit. Was the only girl who drove. And so, the girls camwhore!

Second round : Beer Factory

Before going up, everyone was fine and dandy. 


But after a few shots of this?

Everything becomes a blur.

A lot of things happened during second round. The guys didn't get drunk, only the girls. Guys can take alcohol well. Most of the girls didn't have training okay! :(

But getting drunk quick is good, save money. And less calories. But not getting drunk, is even better. Hehe. Didn't eat anything before drinking, forgot to eat dinner. So the alcohol hit me quick. Sigh. Better not say what happened. What happens in drunk land, stays in drunk land!

I'll jot it down somewhere else. Hehe ;)

Peace, xoxo. 


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