Monday, 19 December 2011

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Hello ^^ 

Stumbled upon this website where you can make movies by adding your own dialogues. Dedicated them to my friends. Their patterns, too special and tempting not to mimic. BWAHAHAH! ^^

The one on the left, gave her an English accent so she would sound pompous. Macam yes, yeah yeah. The one on the right, gave her American accent. Sounds a little bimbo and yehdiu. Miss seeing them together. Combo.


Also changed my blogskin. Skyped with Sim Kuan and Xuan until 7 in the morning, shit. My limit is to hit the bed before the sun comes up. When I see the sun, damn, something in me lights up and I'll feel awake.

I told them I felt that my blog was a bit emo what with the heavy and dark flaming background. They were like, "yeah lo, doesn't suit you at all." Before that they told me it looked nice. Denggg. So I changed!

Went out with Sim Kuan for a while today. These pictures were taken last week, on Friday. Flower maxi. I CAME OUT FROM POPTEEN, YOU KNOWWW. 

Just accompanied Sim Kuan to get her subway. Got car, got money, can satisfy a lot of wants. (Y) Bumped into Weng Hock. And Mun Chun called halfway, guys always do that. Sit around, nothing to do-poke around contact list to see who they can call out.

He was at K Gallery's Moe De Cafe with Kok Leong, Yen Shen and Ping Kuang. His dad opened K Gallery, his second home. Everyday drink there, bwahahah! Ping Kuang has changed. I remember when we went out to drink he'd sit there and play with his phone. NOW?! Ask us if we want to go clubbing instead...

Blamed Mun Chun for bringing bad influence. Vincent also. Trololol. Mun Chun was like, "WHAT ALSO ME!". ^^

Wokay that's today. Woke up at 4 in the morning, rolled in the bed for an hour, still tired. Half-awake when Sim Kuan brought me out. Die!

Sunday, went to KLCC. My lion mouth, gotta open soon. Christmas present COME TO MAMA! Saw a hot guy working there. Sigh. Tall. Spiky hair. Bad boy aura. Damn. I like guys who break the rules. Rules? What rules?

Bought Mission Impossible II DVD. I always to this, watch the latest one and go back to back. X-Men. The Dark Knight. Fast & Furious. Ocean's Eleven. James Bond. Resident Evil. Underworld. ALL MY FAVOURITES \(^o^)/ I like the whole spy/undercover agent shenanigan going on. I'M A SPY YO, CAN'T TOUCH THIS! 

"Your mission, should you choose to accept..." "This message will self-destruct in five seconds". #DENG!

At night, I thought I would stay at home... then SY called. He's out of his mind, visiting Changkat and drinking for three days in a row. In the end, him, Vincent and Weng Hock went. I was the driver of the day, ma de. SY had to sneak out. Of course if he's sneaking out there's no way the Black Nigger (Harrier) could come. The engine, when it roars to life, the gates and everything, die. Wake up the whole kampung.

So I drove in the end. SY and Vincent helped to fill air in my tyres while Weng Hock slurped on orange juice. My tyres were pretty empty, they took a long time to get filled. :/ Big difference, easier and gentler when going bumps and potholes now! Hoho.

And then. I forgot what bar we went to. Played with the pool table downstairs, had to ask the guys for tokens. RM3 per game. Pretty cheap! But the table was small. I remember feeling tired, but it's always like this. Tired when I'm out then when I go home I regain my energy. I know why already. My house gives me power. 

Random polaroid from Aus. ^^

Saturday, went to swim at Sierramas' community centre. It was not bad! Swam with Sim Kuan and someone. I rushed home, thought there was family dinner, but ate on takeout instead. !~@#!

Friday, went to 1U with Sim Kuan, Qi Yao, Chun Moon. And one of Chun Moon's surprise friend. Oh yeah shit. That night, SY also called out of the sudden. "You tell me you Forever ON right?" "Yeah..." "Want to go KL?" 

And I went. Drove and met up at Daniel's house. SY drove us there, first time going to Changkat. Daniel loves promoting that place because his DJ-ing mentor works there, and he might work there next time too. We drank at The Whisky Bar- well, they drank, I didn't. Chitchat. 

Go KL sure come back at 3 in the morning. Deng. Papa doesn't like me coming back so late. I understand that. Once in a while, loh. Going back, I drove because I was the one who didn't drink. Daniel said my driving's steady! HOHO. But, one bad thing is that I always don't remember directions. Need human GPS if I'm going somewhere unfamiliar.

It was okay driving SY's Harrier because I drove Ping Kuang's two days before. Drunk Vince. Shit. I need to set myself a limit. But if I know I'm not gonna dance, I feel like the incentive to get drunk/tipsy is not there. I want lights, music, stage. BWAHAAH! Bars and friend's house, I don't feel like getting tipsy. Your body will take time to recover from the alcohol as well. 

Sigh. Find college. Find my trial results. AH GAH. So lazy to do all this. But it's important, have to think long-term!

That's about it, bye peepos! ^^

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