Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Pool pool

Hello! ^^ 
My emo mood has lifted already. Went out the whole day. I need people. I NEED FRIENDS TO BE HAPPY. STAY AT HOME? BECOME ROTTEN!

Went out with Shao Yang for lunch in the afternoon. He asked me to call him when I'm awake the day before because he knows I'll sleep late. Set a time, sure I feel grumpy to wake up. We went around 3. Lol! I slept at 7 in the morning yesterday, absorbed in reading "Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown. It was creepy the way hidden symbols in iconic things get uncovered.

We weren't sure where to eat at first. I didn't want to go somewhere like mamak. GO MAMAK HOW TO WEAR NICE CLOTHES !@#$ Then I remembered it's been a while since I've been to Solaris. The most I remember was during New Year's Eve. The whole roads got blocked and was replaced by chairs and tables instead.

Walked around for a while. Went to eat Ole Ole Bali in the end. Ordered Chicken Burger, huge and filling. Yum yum ^^ SY treated me because I treated him some days before. How nice! Went back to SY's house after eating, Ping Kuang dropped by to take his camera. HE DAMN YEHDIU. 

Played with SY's dog for a while. Aiyor. I miss having a dog so much you know. A small, cuddly dog. Lucian one is good for exercising and roughing up^^ Sigh. He reminds me of Chuckie so much. Shih-Tzu too. Sigh. Aiyor. Ma de.

SY's house was totes empty. He let me see his Sims house. "COME LA, DAMN NICE EH". AHAHA, I can imagine him sitting in front of the comp all day. Lifeless^^ We're so close, his house is my house. Borrowed some movies. "Never Let Me Go" and "Time Traveler's Wife". Something to fill my time in between!

 Went to 1U with Vincent and Ming Chun after that. Lester was there too, he slept over at Vince's house.

Ate at Delicious. Vincent and Lester were still stuck in jam. Ming Chun didn't eat, watched me eat salad again. He kept hinting me it was time to treat him for that lost bet in swimming. But he treated in the end. Lol? He asked me if SY treated me in the afternoon. I said yeah. "Oh. Then I must treat more than him."

Guys want face ^^ MUAHAHAH. Good also, gentleman. It's nice when a guy pays for the first time out. But I don't expect them to do it all the time. So much money meh? But with friends it's nice to give and take, you belanja me and I belanja you sometimes.

I don't like it when people ask indiscriminately for people to treat them. The best way to encourage the "you treat me, I treat you" habit is by treating someone first, then you'll see if they have the urge to pay you back. If they don't, then it's a small price to pay to see that they won't. 

Sometimes they may not treat you back but help you in some other ways, like transport or finding things for you. Mmm. And, if they're a really good friend, who cares if they pay back? Better treat someone because you feel like it, not because you want to be paid back! ^^ But money is a petty matter when it comes to true friends!

Went to play pool after that. Been a long time since I've played pool. :( I thought of Xuan and how she would come if she was in our home soil. And then deja vu, she lined me! ^^ Sim Kuan and Xuan are like "sad you guys party without me!". But I also very sad you guys cannot party with me you know!

Played for a while, Vincent and Lester finally came. We retired for a while, let them play. Vincent kept shaking his butt when playing. He was imitating someone. The.. dancing queen. ^^ MUAHAHAH! 

And then 1U shops were about to close, had to find food quickly because Ming Chun hasn't eaten much. Vincent and Lester played pool for a while longer. Ate at some random japanese restaurant. Newly-opened one. Watami. Opposite Clarins. Their service was good man! Surprising for Japanese restaurant! Usually their service damn dog. Like Sushi Zanmai. Food good but not enough waiters!

Not sure about the food. Vincent came after a while, Lester left. Vince  paid for the pool. Said no need to give him back money. The guys so generous today. Then, drove them to Vincent's house. Vincent house... famous as a freaking winehouse. He drank and we chatted. Parents(ours except Vince's) kept calling because it was getting late. Potong stim. Hoho. Chit chat chit chat. His house was empty too. 

Except for the famous Meta(housekeeper). I accidentally took her slippers and left my high-heels at his house. 'She angry ah?" ".. Want her to wear high heels wash car meh?!". BWAHAHAH! And Vince's house has a very cool thing. The car porch lights are automatic. Shit man. When you open the door and step into the porch, all lights bling to your attention. Ma de. So cool. I want for my room too. ^^

It's nice that people find me out. COME LA, GIVE ME STUFF TO DO. I DON'T WANT TO LAY AROUND AT HOME. All the woh wohs, kind of see them often eventhough there's no school. Went to Vince's house three days in a row. Makan makan with SY. The girls, still off. Weng Hock called and asked me why I didn't call him to 1U. Ma de. Guys call me out one. Girl must act good girl a bit, later people think I'm pou kia. So when I'm out I'll give the excuse, ohhhh, they called me out one!

Oovooed with Siet Yen and Daniel. Siet Yen, Xuan, Sim Kuan- all have the same aim. To own a Chanel 2.55. BWAHAAH! I want it too, but not as much as they do. Skyped with Xuan so happy to see her. MUAHAH. Updated her. Sim Kuan fell asleep in between skyping times. ALOLO!

Some other stuff, wrote somewhere else. I don't dare to write too much personal stuff here. MUST KEEP MY MYSTERIOUS SIDE TOO. 

TEEHEE ^^ Byeee!

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