Sunday, 25 December 2011

Xmas Eve

Hello. Today is Christmas, I suppose.

It's 8 in the morning and I remember vaguely of taking a 2 hour nap yesterday.

I was having fun on 9GAG- a tasteful website with artistic interpretations of memes, and decided to watch this vid:

Oh what a cute animation HAHA! And the halfway through it made me cry worse than if someone had slapped me across the face.

Quite precisely describe how I felt with Chuckie. 

I don't want to cry over spilt milk, I want to be grateful for what I have- but it doesn't mean that sometimes you won't miss it, won't want to have it and just realize there's no way you can get it back. 

But, if you asked me if I rather had it, lost it, cried for it, or rather had nothing at all- I'd choose the former at any give time. Life is about give and take. Not stand by the sidelines, play safe and watch opportunities go by, you're doing it wrong.

I really despise people crying, ironic that I'm the one doing it now. I hate to see cry-babies. But being a girl, it's like one day you're on the top of the world and the next day you feel like dying. The worse part is you can't pinpoint exactly what makes you feel that way in the first place. It's pretty funny seeing how sad I describe life it, after I got happy again. It's like I wonder why I'm so stupid, getting unhappy because of the little things. Holiday has made me too free? :/


I want a new camera. I bring my current Samsung PL-151 wherever I go. I've taken around four thousand pictures with it, used it for a year. Got it since last Christmas. The thing I really like is the Dual LCD, super for camwhoring and finding the perfect angle. The bad thing, it doesn't do well in low-light conditions and the shutter speed is not quick enough. Sometimes the pictures are too dark, too blur- those shit. And because it is built for portraits, it doesn't take very wide shots. Too good for portraits for its own good, ma de.

The pictures from my camera, always only can see the face. I want change. I'm thinking Olympus Pen Mini.

Nice review here. I like reading her blog, has been stalking it the whole night ^^ Love her fashion sense. 
The thing is the camera gives me a good incentive to dress up. When I dress up, it is firstly for myself- so I feel good and look good. Secondly, it's for impression on other people. Third is for attention. I don't want to blend in, who the fuck wants their existence to be forgettable. Fourth is so that I am ready if I ever meet a hot one. Fifth is to take picture. *reasons not in order of importance

I think I am kind of... vain? GIRL WAD. GIRL'S NATURE. I cannot walk pass a reflecting surface without checking myself out. I have a radar for mirroring surfaces. :3

That camera is about Rm1700 I think? I want it... because I a lot of fashion bloggers have it. AHAHAHAH! But I want the Mini, because my handbag is small. Also afraid that I might not bring it around too often because of it's size. The selling point is the DSLR-like pictures but without the heftiness.

Xuan's camera is not bad, Canon dunno wad. This pic was taken using her camera. Everyone uses Canon. ^^ This one's much better than her previous one (Canon too). The older one blur like shit. HAGAGA! This one absorbs lighting well.


Was so speechless seeing this on Xuan's blog.


Sim Kuan also uses Canon, but she shit one, never bring camera. Had to use her's today though, it was not bad! Took a lot of pictures at Ecoba. I don't know how to blog outings without pictures. The bad thing about taking pictures on someone else's camera- can't filter them, can't post them whenever you want.

Christmas Eve was a little odd. I felt like I didn't do anything- maybe because I hadn't slept. We had dinner at Ecoba, Vincent organized. Siet Yen, Qi Yao, Sim Kuan, Yih Wern, Guat Tyng, Jin Fye came. Was happy to see the last three because I hadn't seen them since prom night. Other people, FFK. So funny that this time the girls were more ON than the guys. Some of the guys were working. On Christmas Eve...
The starting before the outing was heart-breaking. I was supposed to pick Sim Kuan and Siet Yen up from Sk's house but Sim Kuan had to pick me up in the end. My dad reversed his car for me and he opened the gate. The gate caught his tyre. He went forward. The gate followed with the tyre, crashed, came off its hinges.

The feeling of watching your house gate fly off its hinges is... kind of like getting a stab in the stomach. I hate seeing things get damages. House, cars, clothes. In the afternoon I was happily waxing and scrubbing my car. Even washed my dad's car.

My dad's car was not that badly damaged(relatively speaking), just some scratches and the rubber strip sliced off. So for a while, three of us(dad,bro,me) were squatting in front of the house trying to fix the gate. The neighbours were wondering what happened. "EH, GOT BREAK-IN AH?"

I measured my car and the gate. Supposed I did manage to squeeze the car out, how in the world can I park back without scratching it. No way I will risk scratching my car! ...Maybe if I had bubble wraps, I'd try it. This also got me feeling down, thinking that I can't go out. And also the feeling of guilt. If I followed my family instead of friends that would've never happened.

But... what's done is done. 

Hmm, I miss the pasta carbonara from Ecoba thou. We went to Sanctuary after that. Ding, Rysher and Weng Hock came to meet us. RM78, fucking not worth it. Some people didn't even pay. No place to dance inside. I was desperate for a place to dance. I danced on the speakers

Everything was a blur. Might have to catch up on my sleep soon. :3 Sim Kuan will be going Malacca, lucky only for 2 days if not I emohai already. Need to fix gate. What else. Find college. What else. HA. DUNNO. HA. AAH. CANNOT THINK ALREADY

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