Sunday, 30 December 2012

A thousand words

Black, red, gold.

Short outing with Mei Yen at 1U.

Accidentally splurged at Chanel.

But better invest in quality make up
than saving money then feeling dissatisfied forever
then end up buying the expensive make up anyways :3

 KJ's open house, buffet and chit chat.
Didn't get too party-ish mood, so many adults and kids yoh.

 Was feeling floral, and my face looks bright because of the make up
the Chanel lady did. Lol.

Three of us :)
Don't worry I have clothes on! 

Le floral maxi tube dress. :)

Soft toys and lavender dreams. xoxo
Matching lips with Gwennie, used her lipstick.
Her new trademark, a bright fuschsia pink, mama mia~

And then, well here comes Jennie.
She came late, but better late than never. <3 p="p">
Leaving for short trip to HK tomorrow.

Sisterly loves. 
Kudos for many years to come.
Until I see your babies poop out. 
And hopefully mine too MUAHAHA


KL with my babies, brunch at Tokyo Street.
Almost the complete set of "ladies" but Mei Yen couldn't make it ~,~

Wafu Mentaiko Pasta?
It was delicious, albeit fattening.
Been despo craving for cheesy food. 

Yummy, the way the warm milky sauce gilds over my throat
and caress my tastebuds! <3 p="p">


Amanda, Siet Yen, Chi Cheng.

My one and only emo girl, Jennie! HAHA
We looked on theme that day.

More of .. blackredgold

 Let's take a walk around town,
the sunlight is just perfect for photos.

Let's act like we're tourists
and there's so many places to shop. :3


Sneak peek.

Sometimes even escalator rides can be a photoshoot...
if you're up for it.

Well, why not.
Let's not waste our outfits. ;))


five am in the morning.
I think I shall do this more often.
Let the pictures do the talking instead.
Well, good pictures ;)

Friday, 28 December 2012

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

snowball hotel

How good have you been, this year?:)
Celebrated christmas early, 23rd.

Went to Grand Imperial before that at Hartamas, cousin baby's
one year old birthday. So fast meh?

Her name is Claire. And always decked out in pink outfits and headgears.

She smacked me on the face. And still looked so BLOODY innocent.

Gee, this is why I've always stayed away from kids :(
Even those who look cute. 

Look at this!! Future yehdiu***? HHAHAHA
But I think she will grow up to be cute and glamourous.
Even when young so many people fawn over her right.
The maid who takes care of her bought her a gold and diamond necklace ~,~

Memang birthday done CINA style. LOLOL

I took one of the pretty balloons home but Mun Chun assaulted it to get the helium.
Ma de, I almost cried. 
Three of em look alike wey ~,~
fair skin, straight eyebrows, slim
The young didi in the middle is Claire's brother. Scott!

 Outfit of the night. 
Leopard print dress from Guess worn only once during New Year's this year. Heh.
Bought the day after Chuckie died, to console my bloody self. ;(

Gold details, and then leopard print.
Even the watch is leopard print.

And my brother, who once in a while likes acting cute and gay.
Like the Hello Kitty balloon <3 br="br">

And my cousin Yvonne! ^^

I barely see her often enough, but when we do we're always beside each other.
The dinner finished around 10. 

And I HAD to get to Parkroyal. I don't know why we always come back to this.

Anyways for a while we've wanted to try having a overnight party at a hotel.
Props to Jennie for making it happen!

I wanted to take taxi at first. Then drive there myself. Or follow someone's car.
In the end, dad volunteered to take me there. How nice :')

I also got to the wrong place. I went to the hotel instead of the suite. Diu.
Took taxi there. 

We also bought headbands, snow sprays and balloons and snacks for the party. Heh.
I love the balloons. They never seem to like me thou.

The helium one got killed by Mun Chun so I took another pink one with stick.
It burst on the way home. Like out of sudden it just felt like bursting.
Maybe the sun?! ~,~

HAH! Let's get the party started!

Lol the party already started like hours before I came, literally.

Hmm who went? Weng Hock, theng loo, qiyao, xianjiong, vinoth, munchun, yenshen
ping kuang, kelvin, janine, cynthia, wei kien.

Jennie and I were the only girls who slept over, and a few of the guys came but didn't sleep over.
Kind of sad that the girls couldn't make it,but what to do. Cannot force.
They have troubles going out late la, I think.

Janine the swiss girl hehe. 
Oddly the colour combination looks good.
Thou I look like shit when I wear it at home.
Must be hair and make up :3

I had shorts over my playsuit to play Twister.
I mean playsuit is with shorts as bottoms as well, but so short bend down 
everything HABIS. Ass too big make the shorts short that's why T.T

twist la right wait what.

don't know what I was doing.
i think I was trying to tell kelvin something.
and look at vincent's head.


I think I should find a way to earn money. 
Like do a contest, one person pay RM50 to play.
And fight against a team to win some cash prize.
And I'll have my team be like, a group of really sexy
but also very flexible ladies.

So. Even if the guys lose they also happy la right, 
rub shoulders with sexy chicks. 

Hmm. Not bad hor this idea.

Booze! I love vodka! :))

Because. I don't know. The effect comes nicely, steadily.
Whiskey just hits you in the face
like a motherfucking two tonne truck. >:(

And that small bottle! Should've brought home as souvenir, fuck!
Damn nice to suck. Like baby bottle.
I used to have an obsession with pacifiers.
I mean when I was six or eight years old, la. HHAHA

Finished five bottles. 

Look at the keling. A bit thinner and much longer, curlier bombastic hair.
The pink girl behind me is called Cynthia, Yen Shen brought her.
From Taylors Hartamas too yoh!


Was wondering what this picture was about,
 then I looked closer and saw the white thing on Ping Kuang.
LOL. Sprayed the snow thingy.

I did it like out of the blue when he was playing his phone.
Then he gave me the cockstare. I don't like eh.
So I console him la, say playing only. Smile.

Then? Wait what, spray again la. HAHAHHA

LOOK. Sim Kuan's camera. Damn creepy right.

Apparently she dropped it in the ice bucket.
Only the thing was it wasn't filled with ice, but whiskey and pepsi.

HOH, hope it will turn out fine. I mean my Canon one acted like it died completely.
But returned from six feet under after a few days. Hehe.
Canon tahan lasak yoh! ^^v

Stoning on the bed, it's so nice to have a bed when drinking.
I hate it when I'm in a club and there's no place to sleep.

Anyways there was only one bed in the room, king size I think.
 And there were nine people sleeping over? Got two sofa. 
Err. Some slept on the floor. YOYO PITIFUL

Jennie and I hogged the beds la. HAHHA. Hostess privilege.
I mean being a girl also. But in the end fit four people inside la.

I think I was just in the perfect balance of sober and wasted.
On a scale of one to ten I'd say last night was only three.
I had something like two glasses. HHAHA
Shhh, I go club drinking one glass only kay. 
lolol really can save money no need buy me alcohol.

The guys kept doing the gay thing.
Pity Xian Jiong his pants got ripped open. 
HAHHA. his problem also, rough like farkkk.
The guys kept dry humping and shaking the bed through and through
Sandwich and anwar, those high school terms.

Balloons! Jennie's idea. Got feel yoh.
I think next year's holiday should do something like this *w*
Fill the hotel suite with spider webs

Hehe quite big la the suite fortunately!!

Kelvin's kicks. I think I should get one of those from DC.
So cute eh. 

But I've always been a skirt person. HAIYO.
Body figure problem la. 

I wanna get a skipping rope!
Those with in-built calorie counter or jump hits or whatever.
Technology soooo modern right.

Skipping rope is the easiest, most convenient, most effective way to lose weight lor.
For lazy people. No need think, skip only. But have to do it like a thousand times la...

WELL. Nothing in life comes free. 
Those supermodels on VS fashion show, 
you think they keep their body figure effortlessly?!?! Fark, NO.
 They have professional trainers to drain and train them time to time.  @,@


Sitting on Weng Hock's back. He looks like a dead doll.
KO damn quick weyh, kept sleeping. I get hyper for a while. Like an hour or two.
then head to bed.

Some super duper awesome maggi goreng! HEHEHEH
So the nice , had this in the middle of the night.
I was sleeping, or at least trying to. But Sim Kuan so noisy, relented.
Damnnn nice to eat in the middle of the night.
There was a mamak just opposite our hotel, apparently.

The pantry got damnnn dirty but the great thing about partying in a hotel is..
well. The housekeeper will clean it up for you.
But they all cleaned up also la. I busy sleeping only. lol. :x

Timer shot. LOL. Fourteen of us neh.
Four didn't sleep over :3

Heh. Cannot wait to have another trip like this.
I like staying hotels with friends

Well heck. I like staying hotels anytime. So nice la
people pick after you and shit. Restaurants also always nearby *w*

Oh yeh, I go so annoyed with a guard at Park Royal hotel.
He doesn't know how to ask properly. And I said I'll show you the fucking card
AFTER I go up. 

Haiyo, I don't like it when guards come and give problems. 
Don't tell me what I cannot do.

So cute right the hairband ^^

 The morning after. Sim Kuan without her contacts
and Vince sans clothes. He also broke the hotel umbrella, which meant
he has to pay 36 bucks. HAHAHAH

He "thought" it was complimentary. Well, nice thinking! ^^

The rest followed Wei Kien's car, Weng Hock Vince Jennie and I 
went to Giza's Chilli Pan Mee

And fuck, do I HATE IT. Damn unappetising lor the food.
I mean look at this T.T

Well usually I'm fine with others la, dim sum and mamak etc.
Its just that they really only have pan mee there. 
Sumore put a lot of pork one. AHAHHA

 Another thing I dont like but everyone else seems to like,
is steamboat. The ketam steamboat thing.
COCA steamboat I like la :3
the thai style tomyum one! HOHO *w*

With da Jennie walking the casual look, thanks to her pins

Wen Qi also came! To visit her baby boy ^^

We went F block and Underline after eating.
I only wanted the H&M SKIRT.

Okay, now I get the big deal. 
Had a mini haul with parents on Sunday.

Have to get it fast or it'll be gone, since H&M change their shit so quick.
And so many people buy their shit, so it finishes so quick!!! :/

HAHAHA. Dilemma. ......
Okay cannot think later I feel angry wanna punch wall.
Cannot stand not getting what I want. AH :3

Today's Christmas Eve, but didn't do anything special.
In fact i knocked out on my bed until eight. So now it's three in the morning
but I still don't feel sleepy at all. ~,~

College is starting NEXT WEEK. So fast, like a jab to my veins.
Have to take IC, register, get H&M skirt, buy some Chanel cosmetics thing 
(eyebrows, lip gloss, powder), refill Clinique skincare thingies, wait for Burberry wages and incentives(on the 1st?), oh yah buy skipping rope and exercise, take Lucian for grooming,
clean Gucci bag (colour transfer =.= buy cheap clothes thats why ma de) 

.... College thing and IC thing are the important ones. OH YAH.
Have to dye hair also. And maybe cut layered. And maybe perm also.

That's all tonightttt! Signing off ;)