Saturday, 28 January 2012

Open House

Hello! Did a lot of visiting for the first week of CNY. 
Lemme do a playback.

 Mostly it was visiting Open House with Sim Kuan and Xuan. It works like a chain. You go to an open house, and then someone who's at that open house tells you they have an open house tomorrow. And then the same thing repeats the day after.

Friday one was Jason Koh's open house at Sierramas. He even made an event on FB lol.

His house is opposite the clubhouse/community, they were having buffet at the clubhouse. The food was yummy. Potato salad. Pasta. Chicken wings. Went poolside. Saw a couple. Supposedly a couple. It looked like a swimming instructor teaching a housewife how to swim. And then just like it the movies, things start looking not so innocent. theylookedliketheywerehavingsexwtfbbq

Xuan and I guessed they aren't official couple, but an underground affair sort. Because they looked like they're doing something forbidden and eager to get it done quick. Somemore if official no need to do in pool so desperate la right?

HAHAHAH. Oh boy. I love to gossip. Should mind my own business, but everyone is curious. Need to stay on top of current affairs. AFFAIRS.

This way us at Sunway SPK. For second round. After Jason Koh's place, we went to Kha Weng's open house at Puchong. The other half who didn't want to drive so far went to Jason Chin's house. Oh yeh. It's Qi Yao's birthday today!

Three cars went. Vinoth led the way with his GPS. The indian drives like crazy. The first time I sat his car, I said "Ding told me you drive like a dog." Vinoth answered, "Dog but pro, dog but pro right?". Scary cars to sit in? Daniel, Ding, Vinoth. Because they are aggressive, they floor the pedal like it's meant to be flat.

I sat in Rysher's car with Xuan and Sim Kuan. Props to Rysher for being able to tail Vinoth. Jason Koh drove his car, he lost sight of our car when he had to wait for Chun Moon. Chun Moon drove, but in the end lazy to go. So he u-turned. LOL?!

I counted. Going back took almost 25 minutes. Rysher was doing 120km/h, most of the time. The si oh gui so fast. Cut in zig zags not curves. Sohem. Three cars with P in a line. So fun. Sim Kuan and I took turns aiming the laser at Ding during traffic lights. Ding drove Jason Koh's car. Ding the G.O.D. God of Dogs.

Second round at Kha Weng's house was this, again. Gamble, gamble.

They played blackjack. In-between. Ngau. Usually I just watch. It would be interesting to play, but honestly. Scared to play with them. I want to try, not seriously bet. But the guys are all steady. Lose means lose. They don't say things like "it's just a game. no need to take things so seriously." And refuse to pay up. 

Weng Hock and Ding lost a lot. Daniel won the most. The pile is mostly a hundred or two.

But Ding likes to pay up to the dealer in a very demeaning way. Throw one buck- "Give you to buy roti telur." "Give you to buy ais kosong dua." 

Oh yeh, before that we had tomyam steamboat and BBQ satay. The satay was hard to cook. Sim Kuan kneeling over the grill in her maxi. I'm responsible for eating only ^^ CNY, a lot of food and ang pau. Chinese people's new year so nice. And long. HAHA. 

What I aim for in people's house. Pineapple tarts. Nga ku. Cookies. Bandaraya come.

And that was the end of Friday.

Thursday was Lester's Open House.

Camwhored a lot that day. Had the mood. Because we were in a shopping complex- Bangsar Shopping Centre. It felt so familiar. Then I remembered. Used to go there often for dinner at COCA. Thai steamboat. Pineapple rice. Stuffed prawn. OMG.

I drove, Xuan led the way. 

Quite a lot of people went. Science 1 people whom I haven't seen in a while. Fitri. Nam. Siew Wah. Lester's mummy was nice. She dresses up well. Asian women age like fine wine. Caucasians look really hot when they're in their teens, until their thirties. 

Lester's parents were treating. But we had to go. Ate at Japanese restaurant instead. Everytime when clueless of what to eat, I'll suggest Japanese. Actually when they're not clueless also I'll suggest Japanese. HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG?!
I love Japanese food. It is sex.

Kuriya Japanese Restaurant. Chose it from the directory. The first thing that sounded obviously Japanese. ^^ Their starter was nice. Salmon. YUM. Chinese restaurants give peanuts. THIS ONE SALMON YOU KNOW. I was very hungry that time. Dinner was first meal of the day. Or night. Living day and night in reverse. =.=

I ordered Unagi steamed rice. If there was Salmon and there was Unagi.. I'd go for Unagi! :D Tempura Udon. Spider Temaki. Gyoza. All these very nice. My tummy will always have space for Japanese food. I like it a lot because it's salty and colourful and yummy. And healthy. I have a thing for salty shit but most of them are unhealthy. 

What happened...

 Xuan possessed by Adriana Lima. She has watched one too many VS fashion shows. Sim Kuan channeling her swag. 

Her job is to be sexy. #winliao

I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE SIGN IS FOR. Pose only. To the left, to the right!

The woman in it posed very sensually. Xuan had the idea to emulate her. The sign was in front of a restaurant. Had to do it quick to avoid funny looks. Trololo.

Made Sim Kuan and I laughed. Until liddis.
I thought I was Tinkerbell that night you know.

More of being perasan. Xuan's fingers started getting itchy. POINT, POINT!

How can I lose. Perasan is good. 
Avoiding imaginary puddles.

After dinner, followed car by car again to get to Lester's house. This time was Vincent leading the way, fresh from getting his P. Finally. They gambled again, I snacked on pineapple tarts again.

Xuan asked if we wanted to visit her relatives. Why not. Sim Kuan stayed though, to GAMBLE! So Ding, Rysher, Xuan and I left. Ding one car, with Rysher driving. I drove my own car.

Rysher was supposed to lead the way. GPS. Drove like babi, never stay in lane. Very gan jiong tailing people you know.

I felt liddis.

Serious leh. Highway plus Tokyo Drift soundtrack music as background. I like driving on highways. Kepong damn mafan. Housing area damn mafan. Little bit little bit traffic light. Little bit little bit speedbump. DIU.

And then after a while Xuan knew the way. So time to cut Rysher. Lucky not Ding driving, he cannot lose one. Sohem. I didn't know how fast I was going. Look back, suddenly, 140 already. Highway nice ^^

And I dreamt I was driving taxi you know. Gan jiong. !@#$% Change gear! With Sim Kuan and Xuan as my passengers! I miss driving manual. Haha. NO LA ACTUALLY.

Wednesday and Tuesday was going to King Jiat's ahma house. Tuesday was that, plus Wai Khong's open house. OKOK!

That's it for today! HAVE FUN PEEPO! HEHE

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Today's balik kampung trip + camwhoring trip.

Am I serious?

Fucking serious weyh.

Slept at 6 in the morning, had to get up 6 hours later. But not bad, got at least 6 hours of sleep.

First thing my dad did when he saw me? He whacked me for not wearing new clothes and scolded me for not buying some. WHAT. Since when does he notice such things. And then, got the first ang pau of the year. His ang pau is thicker than all of the other angpaus. Combined.

Ang pau is of course valued based on quality rather than quantity.

This one. Is my hometown. Always the same pondok which greets us. Bentong, Pahang! Chi Cheng comes from the same place too! ^^
Wait actually that's my dad's hometown since I've never actually lived there. I used to find it tiring to balik kampung. But now that I think about it. At least I have a kampung to balik! 

Reaching there. Don't know precisely how long it took to go there. But coming back, that took almost an hour. Dad was mostly doing 120km/h. 

Typical road bully on the road. Kept tailing the car in front of him until it moves to the left. To the left, to the left. And when they don't, he horns. Diao. And his leg is close to the signal lever. Sometimes he uses his leg to "kick stop" the lever. His trademark.

But I am glad it was not a hatchback. My car, qiyao's car, theng loo's car. Hatchback car makes your back hurts if you're sitting at the back. DESIGN PROBLEM! MINI, Fiesta, Golf.

And that hill shown through the windscreen is actually a hill of tombs. Cemetery. Graveyard.

Somewhere near relative's house. That relative is my grandfather's brother's house. I had the creeps editing this photo. Creepy to live so close to the deceased, but then again. Bones are buried everywhere. Just less conspicuously.

KID! There are 8 more copies of him. Nice pose yeh. They're curious of everything. Scrabbles we play, magazines we read. But no I won't look down on people who live in kampung. We're entertained by technology and play what we're given. Them, they make what they play. Sometimes having too much of a good thing is not so good.
And I meant 8 more copies as in there are 9 of these kids in the house. ALL BOYS. Two fathers, they're brothers. Confusing?? Elder brother has five sons, younger brother the other four.

A lot of youngsters riding in motorbikes. Cina rempit.

Cousin I'm closest with, her name is Yvonne. ^^ Younger than me by a year, but taller than me like at least six inches. I think she's about 5'8'.

She takes pretty pictures! MUAHAHA! She thinks it's odd that I don't feel odd camwhoring in public. ??? Honestly, I don't feel shameful/awkward when camwhoring in public. It is as natural as breathing air. Lucky my cousin has never seen Xuan camwhoring. VS woh.

Many many trees. Rare sight in KL.

But. I don't think I can live in undevoloped areas. I want big cities where we huddle in big crowds. Faces everywhere. Access to international brands. Posh venues to parade new outfits. Countless stretches of make believe runway.


Story of my life.

The adults mostly gambled. They were playing poker. Nice to watch them yell at each other. Some of them are afraid to take risks, some try to make the bet bigger and bigger. Grandma was inside telling stories. Of a girl she knew who got stabbed after she dumped her boyfriend. And a lot of stories. They could turn into a never-ending saga.
Oh yeh. What makes a good photo? The photographer, the object, the camera. And the editing. Let me show you the magic of editing.



It's like polishing a diamond. And that's an important process because no one is interested in a diamond which does not sparkle. Editing is not hard. If you have good taste and instincts to begin with. Download whatever software looks interesting and fiddle with it. Photoshop, photoscape, mei tu xiu xiu.

Above done only with Photoscape. Meituxiuxiu I like using it to make funky and vain pics.

Like this.

In a playground in a slide

When I was growing up, my knees were magnets for scars. The one on my left leg was left by Ngo Jun Wen. From Standard 4. She was cheeky from young, wanted to play impromptu hide and seek with Phui Man. Phui Man looked in our direction. She panicked. Ran. I was in front of her. Landed on the tarmac. Cipet.

But you know. Flaws are a part of yourself. Bad can turn to good. But the scar on my knee... I don't know how it can be useful?!!?

And don't say the people there don't know English. They do! Our favourite four-letter word, as shown on the slide. Also surprised to find wi-fi in the house. But too lazy. Phone is always running on data. And peepo please update your iPhone to iOS5. iMessage is fun! Apple's version of BBM. ^^

Today's blog post is mainly to show pictures. Because I think in pictures. NO LAH BRAIN NOT WORKING PROPERLY can't type elaborately. Effects of waking up early. Trololo! I still want Pen MINI. I realize that I still do.

Ang pau! Ang pau! Come to me baby! Come to me dear! I will keep you safely!

Happy CNY! BAI! ;)

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Pwetty in Pink

The sea. Describe it in three words. Its characteristics.
I think it's... free. Full of possibilities, and a little unpredictable.

They say that those three words is what you think about life. Some quiz-psychologically related thingy. I liked doing those when I was a kid. Heck, I love doing those even now. Old habits die hard.

5 o clock in da morning!~ 3 minutes to 6am. Can't sleep. Sohem. Was super sleepy in the afternoon and then super awake at night. Putting day and night in reverse. I promise myself to register college after CNY and before March ends. New chapter of life. 2011 is so last year.

And plan trip. I hate it when things get postponed- forever. That's why I hate the word, "next time". WHAT YOU MEAN NEXT TIME?! DO IT NAW!

Friday was going to Giza for Chloe's birthday. Spontaneous thing.
Wore this pink dress from Fahrenheit, its first time out of the closet. Sim Kuan was the one who picked it, she asked me to try it. It fits. I thought it looked like some casino girl thing with the heart-shaped front and peplum. I like dresses with peplum. Big hips but somehow the extra volume flatters it.

Sim Kuan and Xuan were coming back from Kimmarie at SS2. Xuan's idea- I didn't go because I didn't feel like cutting my hair. I hadn't cut my hair since... a long time. Longer than I remember. Half a year maybe?

How I look like with short hair. A few people told me I looked better with long hair while I was having short hair. I was like, DENG I LIKE LA. Because... I have this stupid attitude where the more you don't want me to do something, the more I fucking want to do it.
Oh yeh, coincidentally this was how I spent CNY with friends last year. Funny plan, really. Called everyone to meet up at Jun Wen's house then go DPC and visit all our friend's houses there to get ang pau. So shameless. Lol ^^ I feel bad for the parents.

THE BLOG POST FOR THAT DAY. Trololo! How come I wrote so little last time. 

This always happens. Dress not nice, think very nice. Wrote litte, think it's a lot. A case of over-estimation.

This year? Sy and Kj do gathering. Genting? Penang? Wtf? I dunno. Need organizers, and sometimes it's just talk talk talk and not much getting done.


Xuan was not so pleased with the results of the salon trip. Too short for her. But I think it looks fine. Yeh, hair is very important. It can take ages or add years to your face. Make you uglier or up your attractiveness.
Sk has to drive back and forth, so cham! I don't like driving when going to places like Giza because the main point in Giza is to drink and you can't do that if you drink. I swear not to touch my car if I even feel a touch of tipsy-ness coming. I don't mind taking taxi. Bring pepper spray. 

I've figured out why I loathe driving sometimes. As in to be the designated driver of the day. Because I hate waiting and responsibilities. Driving with passengers comes with both of it. HAHAH!


I think I have this habit of making myself look pissed off or "WTF you want?" when taking photos. Because. I'm lazy to smile, scared to risk making my eyes look smaller. So easiest method is just stare at the camera and stone away.

We thought we arrived quite late to Giza but they arrived... even later. First ones we saw were Daniel and Ding, then Wendy and her Andy. Sim Kuan was hungry so we ate at Fullhouse. As you can tell by the car. ^^ 

And then Yi Han and Eeinn came. Went up to Beer Factory and Chloe and the gang was there. Yeh, the ON bunch of Form Fours. I like seeing them dress up. Such a big gang, I wish there were more in my batch! Guys who ON- plenty, girls who like to go out- just a few. Or they want to out, but can't. But... on the other hand it looks like there's less ON guys in their batch. So I guess life is fair. :3

So fast CNY is here. Yeh. Living life like a train with no destination. HAVEN'T APPLY FOR THE DESTINATION. 

I'm kinda afraid I have this curse of being really good at something at first then leveling off and staying there. :( When I do something, I have this passion of wanting to be good at it and I manage to get hold of things quickly. But when the passion dies off... that's when I get worried. 

And I. Miss Chuckie a lot. It didn't hit me so hard at first but I feel like there's a gap without him. :( He will always be my one true dog. Irreplaceable. Forever number one in my heart. Other dogs I may have in the future, maybe they will hold the same place as Chuckie. The MAX. Never more than Chuckie.



I tell you lah girl's emotional state is a very precarious thing. Sometimes a small thing will make us cry while other times a small thing will keep us happy for hours. Now I am a bit on the emo side and spouting crap on my blog, but nevermind, that is what it's for. Noo don't worry I don't get emo for long I'll smile before you have to ask me to cheer up. 

What I do when I can't sleep. Eat. Read. Blog. Fb. Pictures. My little pony. 9gag. Tumblr. Stalk friend's blogs. Stalk blogger's blogs. Phone calls. Twitter. Music. Dance in front of mirror.

Blog, done. Find other things to entertain myself.

Bye peepo! :)

Friday, 20 January 2012

1U & 1U


I think we look about thirteen there. Treasure yo youth! The fountain of youth will run out someday. And then the fountain of wisdom spurts forth instead.

Went to 1U on Wednesday and Thursday. Always 1U for outings. It's like when people ask you what to eat for dinner and you'll automatically say- "rice". Nowadays I'm used to spontaneous outings, no need plan. Just call me out on that day. Because we wake up late. Reverse now- the time I woke up for school is the time I go to sleep. The time I wake up is the time I come back from school.

Took taxi with Xuan. She couldn't get taxi around her area. Frustrasting sometimes, you have to spam shamelessly on the taxi hotline. Life. Nice having not to drive for a change. If I had a driver to fetch me to college everyday, life would be so sweet. 

JAM? You want me to be stuck in a jam?! The thing is I hate waiting. It is pointless and I loathe doing things which are pointless. Being in a taxi felt a bit like high school all over again. Taking taxi to 1U after class on Fridays.

Met up with Sim Kuan. She was really, really tired. 2 hours of sleep. I would never get out with 2 hours of sleep. I would skip college. SKIP! But.. successful people are always people who can stand lack of sleep. Rest? Wad is rest?

Outfit of the day, thrown together last minute. Skirt and bag from Jaspal. Shirt from Zara I think??

Must visit is Topshop. Cafe for Bestarians! Come and chat with yo friends! Xian Jiong. Rysher. Shian Wey dropped in. Xian Jiong says going Sunway is not that jam, only 20 minutes- if not peak hour. A very big IF. Xuan bought a denim bustier. Xian Jiong straightaway say, "put it under my name!". YEH COMISSION COME!

Also a very nice way to irritate sales-working friends is to push the cloths hangers together. Apparently, Topshop has this rule that each hanger must be a finger apart from each other. Easy access for customers when they want to grab clothing.

Vincent came a while to take medicine which he left in Sim Kuan's bag. Yeh, suck thingy. He was with Lester. Do gym. Vincent looks like sohai in gym attire. Like he wanna beat people up but is clueless. Hi Vince if you're reading ^^

Ate at Sushi Zanmai, as usual the food is great but service sucks. Typical of sushi chains. They need to upgrade, getting too popular. Food too slow, orders mixed up, long queues! !@#$%^ But yeh, can't help it. Food is good.

I finally bought something. Something sunny yellow, too. <3 MUAHAHAHAHAHHA! You know how bloody hard it is to find a proper yellow piece of garment. They all look aunty or mustard or too big. I DON'T KNOW! It's like they don't think young people wears yellow. Got from Kitschen. Kitschen is good. Clothes must be worn when fresh, when the novelty is there and you want to debut it. Otherwise it gets left behind in the wardrobe. Happens.

??? That's about it I think.

Today was. Going to 1U. AGAIN.

Picked up Ming Chun from McD, yeh, I don't mind fetching BSD area. ^^ BUT I DON'T LIKE WAKING UP EARLY!!! 8 o clock slept, 12 o clock gave me morning call!!@#$%

Saw even MORE people today. Xian Jiong didn't come for work, so it's only Rysher at Topshop/man. Shao Yang was at 1U too with his parents. Can see he bought clothes until very happy. YEH. Ren rou ATM. So funny seeing him- papa stand with arms on hips at the cashier. SY does the same, but on the right side of the cashier at Renoma. He? He is the embodiment of #likeaboss.

Saw Vincent and Weng Hock. And Siew Wah and Poh Ee. They just came back from Genting wtf. Poh Ee still looks the same. Weng Hock's pattern now is not wearing specs. Less nerdy, but more "yam". He has this way of staring. DUNNO HOW TO EXPLAIN.

Walked to Lalu boutique to find Guat Tyng. Like people-spotting tonight. Saw one, thought was her, but NO! Went out, went back in and there she was! The one with "kam mou"! Chitchat with her, but her manager stealing glances at us I think. Aiyo, diam la. 

And then saw Li Chen and Nazri at Lacoste. Li Chen slouched when she walks! Too tiring I guess! But it's useful to work! Saw Khar Yiep too. 

OH YEH! Watched movie. Felt like I hadn't watched movie in the cinemas for a while. Underworld:Awakening. NICE LO!

Haha. But I'm biased. It's my type of genre. Supernatural, action, life-or-death. Movie or books, must have shit concerning life or death. You're not going to die, it's boring. Please put something risky in. Maybe that's why I like Marvel movies so much. Spy movies also nice! Undercover undercover! I SO YENG! Walk away from explosions, jump ten stories without breaking my back, kill without remorse.

I want to watch Sherlock Homeless too. I thought it was off the theatres. Wondered watching another movie but it was getting late. NEXT TIME!

Off to DPC next, meet up with Daniel. SO HAPPY TO SEE MEI YEN THERE MUAHAHA! Bumped into her. Eating at the Thai restaurant, can see outside. Daniel spotted- "Is that Mei Yen?" Ran and jumped in front of her. She everyday busy work work work work. Deng! Catched up with her for a while, then sent her off.

Third round was Ming Chun being the host for supper. Host not easy you know. Ma de. Always the invited not the inviter. Have to make sure of everything. Then people blame you when things not right. BUT. Organizers are very important. No organizer means everyone diam diam stay at home.

I went home after dinner at DPC, tired and I don't eat pork. Bat Kut Teh. Wai Khong's place. Vincent's suggestion. YEH, that's about it.

BAI! ^^

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Reminiscing school

Suddenly thought about school, and how we're never going back to the same as before.
The uniform is the trademark. Pukey green. Actually wearing a uniform is not that bad. We complain, but at least we don't have to think about what to wear each day. Proud to be Bestarian. Been there kindergarten(for a few months^^ cried a lot and went to Q'Dees), primary and secondary. A decade spent. People come and go and finally I'm the one to go.

I always buy super small size for the uniform. The size they give you, sohem, SO BIG. Not fat also become fat. Extra space covered by fabric, people think it's fats. Dad always gave me money and forced me to buy new shirt. Last straw was when my teacher forced me to buy shirt. ?!???!

Since as we grow older, our memory gets better (though after one point the graph gets inversely proportional). So what I remembered most was the last two years of high school life.

Science 2. Sub-science. But I don't like to call it sub-science. Sounds like kelefeh. You know when you're in your class you'll feel like your class is the one. All the happenings there, blabla. Macam yes. Oh yeh, there's always a catchy saying. Pattern duo duo. Diam la gou.

I think I went into the wrong class, at least in terms of subjects I'm taken. Should've gone to Arts, I hate calculations and physics and chem has a shit load of 'em. But what is done is done, Science 2 is my class. MY CLASS!

Form four? Hmm. I only know I'm nerd all the way until Form 5. HAHA! Lucky I saved myself on the last year of high school. I was always with Mei Yen. I miss laughing obnoxiously with her a little, eh heh. :) Lunch- mostly sat with the librarians. Sim Kuan, Yen Yi.

Form four, I studied. Commerce was my favourite subject. I, very happy get the award for it. I'm the kind who does things because I enjoy it. If it's strictly business then I'll procrastinate no end. Also liked doing English essays, make up stories(shiok seeing my essay on last page of yearbook!^^). I likey freedom. FREE AS A BIRD, OHHH~! Free until forget to take keys/lock doors/do homework/sleep properly.

Class was a bit more dramatic. Maybe because we were immature. I loved seeing friends argue. Yeh, go battle it out! I SUPPORT! When there is a temper getting thrown, one of the person is at least Ding. Ding & Wei Kien. Throw rubbish bin. I GIVE YOU RUN. Ding & Vincent. Fight like monkeys. Ding & teachers. God of dogs and joker of class, yeh. Noisiest. When he is quiet, something is wrong. It's like saying a toaster is cold.

Also is En Harri's (almost) daily "KIAO" sessions. Guys who didn't finish homework, say their prayers. Pinch armpit, hit crotch, gangbang. Was assistant monitor. Saying "CLASS STAND!", quite shiok sometimes.

On my birthday, finally asked my dad for a piano. Hesitant, afraid that I'm starting too late. But sometimes, you just have to go for it. Got exam cert from teacher today. The cert takes not weeks, but months. #daipai.

Was very passionate at first. You know la, so impressed by myself that I can play piano, like a fascinated bimbo. My aim was to finish grade 8 in three years. People said impossible. BUT DON'T LISTEN WHAT THEY SAY! Just bang your head into what you wanna do!

Ngam ngam got distinction, didn't have time to start from Grade 1, straightaway went for Grade 5. People allot a year for one grade. Cipet, no time. Few months can la. Was rushy rushy because I was afraid I can't practise when I study overseas. NOW? STUDY? Wait la. Wait SPM results.

Out of the many perfomances of pieces played. This is my favourite. Nostalgic. And a touch of arrogance. I can imagine how the pompous aristocrats lived.

And yeh. You must see how virtuoso pianists play. Like this. Sohem one. Sure practise at least four hours a day. Don't even think of reaching their level if you don't have that passion. Arthur Rubinstein, Vladimir Horowitz, Yundi Li, Evgeny Kissin. Among my favourites ^^ Composers, only one- Chopin. 

OKAY ENOUGH PIANO CRAP i know those of you who don't learn piano wouldn't bother reading it ^^

What else. I also went church every week. Now? I WANT TO, every week I keep that in mind. But when church ends, I'm still dead on the bed. =.=

That's the summary of Form Four.

Form Five, was learning how to embody the spirit of being #ForeverOn.

Parties? Yes. Outings? Yes. Brunch? Yes. Dinner? Why not? I like going out because... things that can be done at home can be done anytime. Home is always there. Outings are not. I like hanging out with friends. I like observing how people act. I like dressing up. I like eating food. I like taking pictures.

There are many sides of a person. When they're at school. When they're at home. When they're hanging out with friends. When they're with their girlfriends/boyfriends. 


I would show you how I look like at home, but I scared you get scared oh. Tie hair and specs, swag wiped out. Grooming is very important too. Lucian, I don't want to hug it when it is dirty. After grooming? OH I'M ADMIRING THE INTENSITY OF YOUR FUR COLOUR!

?? There are a few phases. First was going to the first party of the year. Theng Loo's at Tao in Giza. The first one is the one that's most fun. Fresh, impact bigger. Now outing is as common as eating rice. Deng, outings includes eating rice too. And then went out with Siet Yen and Guat Tyng often. Sometimes Jun Wen too. Mixed with the out of school ones. I always wonder where they come from.

Rysher is same school with Ding last time and lives near Xian Jiong. Ming Chun is study at SSB primary before. Qi Yao is Chun Moon's friend. Tc Chong is. WHAT ALREADY AH. I forgot. AH YAH. He's close to Jason Chin. 

Celebrated birthday party properly for the first time. Reserved a place at The Terrace at the Curve. Was also the night I got drunk for the first time. NO BIRTHDAY PRESENT FROM PARENTS, MA DE. They gave me cash, used it up to pay for birthday dinner. TROLOLO. Fair enough :D I want friends more than money. So much money, so what? No friends to spend it with, go die better..!

And then Sim Kuan got her car. And she helped me to fly. Suddenly suddenly, come let's go makan! I'm glad my house is on the way.And then trials came. She got stressed for exams. And oh yeh around there I got my P! ^^

Actually at the beginning I thought I would be contented with a Myvi. One day looking at some car magazine I saw MINI, and my eyes were glued to it. I waited very desperately before finally getting the car. Yeh, having a car is exhilarating. Can go anywhere. So funny, before that, never have that kind of freedom. Want go out? "Dad can fetch me to..." or ask friends "can you pick me up on the way..." and beg like a dog. 

But after you have car, also be dog, just different kind. Because you need to fetch other people. A cycle. But mostly I plan. If got mood only drive. But sometimes no mood also need to drive. 

After that was going to Xuan a lot, because she always says this, "You ON I ON". BWAHAHA. She can mix with most people. Open. 

Nearing SPM was not much study. Form Five was a honeymoon year for me. Because I dropped subjects. Accounts. Chemistry dropped half. Before hitting the ground, government asked us to take it back. 

Shao Yang is the jimui. He sat beside me for the most time this year. We talk crap all the time. He is the originator of yehdiu speech. Sometimes when he talks to yehdiu, I fling his pencil case away. One time I did it when teacher was teaching. Something offensive I took seriously, I forgot what. Classmates always have radar for drama happening. The go silent and just... watch. 

Weng hock is the dog. We all dogs. Together dog. Famous for his big mouth, when he smiles, not only can you see his teeth- his gums too. Oh yeh, Science 2 has little girls. Like four initially. Made me used to being around with guys but also made me more rough leh, diu.

Yehdiuhai, fresh, meiyen, sietyen, junwen. Quite a lot of time spent with them. Yeh, school was fun. A good run.

Life was. Friends. Piano. Shopping. Drawing. Onlineing. Skyping. Driving. Outing. Party.

Brush up on drawing. You need the momentum. :( I don't want to do things, and level off at a certain level. NO!!! I must continuously strive to shoot upwards like a bamboo heading for the sun.

Ogeh I dunno wad I'm talking. That's about it. ^^

And I miss Chuckie.