Friday, 20 January 2012

1U & 1U


I think we look about thirteen there. Treasure yo youth! The fountain of youth will run out someday. And then the fountain of wisdom spurts forth instead.

Went to 1U on Wednesday and Thursday. Always 1U for outings. It's like when people ask you what to eat for dinner and you'll automatically say- "rice". Nowadays I'm used to spontaneous outings, no need plan. Just call me out on that day. Because we wake up late. Reverse now- the time I woke up for school is the time I go to sleep. The time I wake up is the time I come back from school.

Took taxi with Xuan. She couldn't get taxi around her area. Frustrasting sometimes, you have to spam shamelessly on the taxi hotline. Life. Nice having not to drive for a change. If I had a driver to fetch me to college everyday, life would be so sweet. 

JAM? You want me to be stuck in a jam?! The thing is I hate waiting. It is pointless and I loathe doing things which are pointless. Being in a taxi felt a bit like high school all over again. Taking taxi to 1U after class on Fridays.

Met up with Sim Kuan. She was really, really tired. 2 hours of sleep. I would never get out with 2 hours of sleep. I would skip college. SKIP! But.. successful people are always people who can stand lack of sleep. Rest? Wad is rest?

Outfit of the day, thrown together last minute. Skirt and bag from Jaspal. Shirt from Zara I think??

Must visit is Topshop. Cafe for Bestarians! Come and chat with yo friends! Xian Jiong. Rysher. Shian Wey dropped in. Xian Jiong says going Sunway is not that jam, only 20 minutes- if not peak hour. A very big IF. Xuan bought a denim bustier. Xian Jiong straightaway say, "put it under my name!". YEH COMISSION COME!

Also a very nice way to irritate sales-working friends is to push the cloths hangers together. Apparently, Topshop has this rule that each hanger must be a finger apart from each other. Easy access for customers when they want to grab clothing.

Vincent came a while to take medicine which he left in Sim Kuan's bag. Yeh, suck thingy. He was with Lester. Do gym. Vincent looks like sohai in gym attire. Like he wanna beat people up but is clueless. Hi Vince if you're reading ^^

Ate at Sushi Zanmai, as usual the food is great but service sucks. Typical of sushi chains. They need to upgrade, getting too popular. Food too slow, orders mixed up, long queues! !@#$%^ But yeh, can't help it. Food is good.

I finally bought something. Something sunny yellow, too. <3 MUAHAHAHAHAHHA! You know how bloody hard it is to find a proper yellow piece of garment. They all look aunty or mustard or too big. I DON'T KNOW! It's like they don't think young people wears yellow. Got from Kitschen. Kitschen is good. Clothes must be worn when fresh, when the novelty is there and you want to debut it. Otherwise it gets left behind in the wardrobe. Happens.

??? That's about it I think.

Today was. Going to 1U. AGAIN.

Picked up Ming Chun from McD, yeh, I don't mind fetching BSD area. ^^ BUT I DON'T LIKE WAKING UP EARLY!!! 8 o clock slept, 12 o clock gave me morning call!!@#$%

Saw even MORE people today. Xian Jiong didn't come for work, so it's only Rysher at Topshop/man. Shao Yang was at 1U too with his parents. Can see he bought clothes until very happy. YEH. Ren rou ATM. So funny seeing him- papa stand with arms on hips at the cashier. SY does the same, but on the right side of the cashier at Renoma. He? He is the embodiment of #likeaboss.

Saw Vincent and Weng Hock. And Siew Wah and Poh Ee. They just came back from Genting wtf. Poh Ee still looks the same. Weng Hock's pattern now is not wearing specs. Less nerdy, but more "yam". He has this way of staring. DUNNO HOW TO EXPLAIN.

Walked to Lalu boutique to find Guat Tyng. Like people-spotting tonight. Saw one, thought was her, but NO! Went out, went back in and there she was! The one with "kam mou"! Chitchat with her, but her manager stealing glances at us I think. Aiyo, diam la. 

And then saw Li Chen and Nazri at Lacoste. Li Chen slouched when she walks! Too tiring I guess! But it's useful to work! Saw Khar Yiep too. 

OH YEH! Watched movie. Felt like I hadn't watched movie in the cinemas for a while. Underworld:Awakening. NICE LO!

Haha. But I'm biased. It's my type of genre. Supernatural, action, life-or-death. Movie or books, must have shit concerning life or death. You're not going to die, it's boring. Please put something risky in. Maybe that's why I like Marvel movies so much. Spy movies also nice! Undercover undercover! I SO YENG! Walk away from explosions, jump ten stories without breaking my back, kill without remorse.

I want to watch Sherlock Homeless too. I thought it was off the theatres. Wondered watching another movie but it was getting late. NEXT TIME!

Off to DPC next, meet up with Daniel. SO HAPPY TO SEE MEI YEN THERE MUAHAHA! Bumped into her. Eating at the Thai restaurant, can see outside. Daniel spotted- "Is that Mei Yen?" Ran and jumped in front of her. She everyday busy work work work work. Deng! Catched up with her for a while, then sent her off.

Third round was Ming Chun being the host for supper. Host not easy you know. Ma de. Always the invited not the inviter. Have to make sure of everything. Then people blame you when things not right. BUT. Organizers are very important. No organizer means everyone diam diam stay at home.

I went home after dinner at DPC, tired and I don't eat pork. Bat Kut Teh. Wai Khong's place. Vincent's suggestion. YEH, that's about it.

BAI! ^^

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