Sunday, 15 January 2012

1u & Theng Loo

Went to 1U on Friday. With Xuan, Ming Chun and Vincent. Met up with Lester, Ping Kuang and Sim Kuan along the way. HEHE. For second round!

Outfit. Simple. Black and gold. Favourite ballerina-style LBD from Cotton On. ^^ Was in a hurry because I had to fetch everyone. I like wearing gold accessories, identical bangles pulled up on each arm as far as it can go. Yeh, accessories are important.

Xuan was in shopping mode but I was in kiamsap mode. On the "give little spend all, give a lot keep all" theory. As usual, the place to shop is the row of highstreets- TopShop, Forever21, Pull&Bear.

Oh yeh! Saw Xian Jiong and Rysher at Topshop. The slaves in the house. Both of them, fallen sick now. HAHAHAHAH shit man. Xian Jiong is going The One too. If same classes, yeh, can take turns tumpang-ing each other. Friends with benefits. Literally.

Dylan was also in the shop, visiting his cousin apparently. Dylan has a sharp mouth, I like seeing Sim Kuan talk to him because she says worse things than Dylan do. BWAHAHAH ^^

Also spotted was Li Chen at Lacoste, with Nazri there. She's the one in black top.*stalker photo* ^^ She's enjoying work, half-work half-fishing. HOHOHO! 

And then. Ate at Sushi Zanmai. There is always a long queue, it is understaffed and sometimes your order gets delayed. But it is forgiven on account of the good food it serves. Haven't got the opportunity to get bored of sushi yet. Jibai Xuan always gets to eat sushi but she says it can get boring. I'm wondering how is that possible. Yeh, on the other hand- not having too much of a good thing, is always a good thing.

My favourite is Unagi Sushi. Hana Maki (thingy with salmon & mayo & ebiko). And udon. With sweet tofu and tempura prawn. And must have sweet sauce. 


Afterwards the guys went to play pool. First thing I saw was Vincent striking the billiard ball out of the table. Chill la gou gou. ^^

At night- we headed to Changkat Bukit Bintang. 

Changkat is this place where there's like two streets filled with pubs and clubs teeming with tourists. It got famous because Daniel kept promoting it. He practises DJ-ing there. "I tell you, this place DAMN ON IN KL. You should go there sometimes blabalalbaablala". Trololo
After Daniel brought SY there, SY kept wanting to go there. The beer and the tourists. Pubs everywhere. SY that dude, getting addicted to drinking liao.

Everyone met at DPC. Ming Chun went home. SY fetched Daniel to DPC with Theng Loo's "Victoria Polo" (??!?). Qi Yao was there with his Ford Fiesta. Ping Kuang with his Harrier, so dirty. Like it hasn't come in contact with clean water for years.

Qi Yao and Ping Kuang had to go home early so in the end all of us wanted had to fit in Victoria Polo. Lucky Mun Chun came and his friend was driving so there was some space in the car.

We went to Flam's. Or Elixir. I'm not sure which. ^^ Beer tower, pizzas on fire, boom boom boom. Yeh, what happens in drunkland stays in drunkland. I won't say things like who vomited. Who did inappopriate things. I jaga reputation. ^^ But if you do it when you're conscious then. Aiyor. 

But. Drinking must have a limit. Tipsy is enough. Don't get drunk everytime and make friends take care of you. Don't be a burden to your friends. Once in a while, nevermind lo, we still young and free. But too much? Wasted and gone.

SY kept wanting me to drive. Petrol low was just an excuse. If I wanted to drive I would, I didn't want to. Three girls, the rest of them boys and so many drivers. Why must choose my car. I hate taking care of drunk people. Send them home as well? NO THANK YOU! I hate myself when I'm drunk too.

That time I drove to Changkat, asked SY to help me park the car he refused. Had to ask the bouncer to do it. Deng! And then drunk already, keep rushing me to find toilet when we were on the way home.

But, all of us got home safely! With a few blimps on the way! And a stopover to pee at Sheraton Hotel. Nice idea from Sim Kuan. Pee at five-star hotel.

So that was the end.


Was Theng Loo's party.

Last year he did it at Tao, Sunway Giza. First party of the year, the start of when I keep going parties. My dad has gotten bored of hearing me saying I want to go to birthday parties. "You everyday also got birthdays one la". Trololo

This time around it's at his house. Near my house, but I came a little late. Wait for my dad to go first. 

Sunny yellow dress from Forever 21! This colour, it looks like sunny-side up egg. ^^ Got this dress two years back, hadn't worn it once. Some clothes, they kind of find themselves in a nook of my wardrobe and get forgotten. But rediscovering is like a present dropped from the skies. BWAHAH!

Sim Kuan says the colour doesn't match, Xuan says the colour match. ???!/ Hmm, scratch that, I'm gonna try sunny yellow now. ^^ Powder pink, bloody red, sunny yellow- these were my favourite colours. I like how it pops in photos. YEH, HOLD ZHU. Siet Yen has her orange.

Had steamboat. Very hot, but nice to fight for the food. Jin Fye made the cakes. Hehe. Put in some special touches too. The guys play cards. Yeh, gamble and drink, lai! My dad says this- "The chinese gambles, the indian drinks, the malays flirts".  So we... Chindian la.

Went home, not the last to leave. How rare ^^. No second round. Was told to come home earlier, because Changkat made me come home at 3. Yeh, gain brownie points to use it for other outings.

 College, soon. College, soon. 

Time to ciao, bye ^^

Thanks for reading..!!

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