Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 here we come

Hello ^^

First post for 2012. Still using the same blog link. The one and only since 2009, don't think I'll ever change. At least not for half a decade or more. HEHE. #sentimentalvalue

I use bubuchahchah for everything because-
I like the way it sounds.
Karentan as a username is always unavailable. (ma de)

2011... hmm. I can tell you, of all my years in secondary, the starting and the end were my favourites. 2007 and 2011. HEHE.

Basically? 2011 was a year well-spent. I got out of my shell, made a lot of friends and did other shit other than staying at home.

An important to-do that was ticked off- I learnt how to drive and got my P license. It took 14 bloody hours of lessons but they were possibly the most worthwhile 14 hours spent. Most people take 8. BWAHAHA. The good thing was managing to pass on first try.

Also sharpened dressing skills somewhat. 90% of the dresses in my wardrobe were bought this year. Before, I would worry if I had to wear the same dress. Now- it's a different kind of worry. The good kind. Wondering which dresss to debut because there are more than a few with their price tags on. But now that I have the dresses, I need accessories. It's a never-ending pursuit.

That camera I bought as 2010's Christmas present, I used it all the way from the starting of 2011 until the end. Camwhored a lot, brought it wherever I went. Learnt how to edit photos. The cycle works like this- dress up to take photos, blog with photos, drive to shop for more dresses, dress up to take photos, blog with photos, drive to shop for more dresses. WAD. Training to be fashon designer you know. HAGAGA FUCK I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND MY UNI.

And I finally use my handphone properly. Before that, I only have like, five people whom I regularly call. Now? FIVE PEOPLE FIND ME EVERYDAY GOT LAH. Bwahahah ^^ Am fully glad to have Sim Kuan and Xuan as my outing partners and share shitload of memories together. We are yehdiu, we argue, but we laugh it off in the end. If it gets serious, we know how to apologize. Value friendships more than ego.

Yeh, maybe things will be different from what it is now. But for now,  just cherish the fuck out of what we have or had, because the only constant in life is change.


Had a wild blast night with friends.

I saw this event on Facebook. Poster "macam yes" right! Countdown party. Fireworks. It was like the event for New Year's. Initially they wanted to go Changkat. BUT CHANGKAT IS LIKE ROWS OF PUBS. I didn't want it to be like Xmas Eve, more like drinking outing than celebrating christmas.

Desa Park City is boring, too near, never past toll. More for younger people who don't have car and have earlier curfews. Trololo. The Curve- they celebrated there last year.

I felt like going there. Started calling people to go and act "macam yes". "Yeah everyone going. It's the event. Other places, boring." BWAHHA! But, I don't call myself an organizer. I'm just responsible for calling people to go. WHAT. Same thing meh? NOO. I didn't organize the event. ^^ I did like 5 pages of calls on my iPhone that day though. Settle people's transport, see who's going, those things.


Another beautiful thing that happened was also that Gwenllian was back. Australia hai, imported fresh from airport without any sleep. (Y) 

She is still the same, still so yehdiu. When she is gone, things are quieter. No background noise of a girl shouting and pretending to slap people.

We HOLD zhu.


This dude, designated driver of the day again. Poor him! 

Three of us could drive- Qi Yao, Sim Kuan and I. But the problem was... none of us wanted to drive. #yehdiu. Afraid to face traffic jam and everything, New Year's Eve is one of the most hellistic day to drive. But surprisingly... there was no jam at all. 

That babi, before that kept rushing us to get ready early so that we can avoid jam, and when there was no jam, he asked- "Why no jam. It feels so weird without it". #yehdiu

Why no jam? Because Encorp Strand was in Kota Damansara and we used the Sungai Buloh way. LDP that sucker, everyday dunno jam how many times. Too many people wanting to queue up to pay RM1.60. !@#$% I hate tolls stupid bloodsuckers useless hopeless shit.

ZIP ZAP, we were there:


Out of no where, this rectangular thing flashing lights like rainbow. 

We wondering why there was so little people. Arrived 8 plus.

In the end:



Three of us united, once again! Yehdiuhai and lanpro.

Clueless what to do. Randomly ate at a mamak. As usual, only four things I know how to order- "roti canai, watermelon juice, soya bean, maggi goreng." This time, roti canai plus watermelon juice. Ate until half, could hear the music. It was Mizz Nina. 

I could tell Xuan wanted to go. I was curious too. So we dumped our food and ran to the stage.


WTF MAN I didn't know she was the one who sang "Takeover" with Flo Rida. So proud that she's Malaysian! (Y) (Y) (Y) Her performance was the one I enjoyed most. Wasted, those who didn't come earlier. BWAHAHA!

 Slowly but surely everyone came. This is not everyone and not everyone went but the people were good enough to make it feel like we were everyone. TROLOLO!

Who went that night? Daniel, Xian Jiong, King Jiat, Ding, Vincent, Nazri, Qi Yao, Rysher, Gary, Theng Loo, Chi Cheng, Xuan, Sim Kuan.

Aerialist performing on aerial silk. Deejays spinning boom boom boom all night long. Beatbox performance, with violinist Dennis Lau. Some circus performance too. Didn't catch all of it.
Went into a random pub:


They ordered this Lamborghini drink. Set the alcohol alight, pour it on top and watch it flow. The lun mou woh wohs taking sips. 

And girls.. camwhore. 

With Chi Cheng and Sim Kuan. Love this picca ^^

Rysher the fat dog. Woof woof! ^^ BWAHHAHA

Daniel whom I dunno why is into Mickey Mouse lately. Dao gei.

 Four of us, the ladies.

 Three of us ^^

Two of us ^^^^^^^^^

One and a half of us.

Okay wtf enough already. ^^

After we finished our drinks, we went near the stage. It was almost 11 then. I think. And then everything was a blur. Form circle, dance together. Drag strangers to join the party. Shake here, shake there. A crazy Indian guy who looks like who cooks roti canai but dances like nobody's business. 

Fireworks. Halfway through they wanted to take picture. It was so hard to peel my eyes off them blazing bursts of lights. I love fireworks. OH BABY YOU'RE A FIREWORK! And you'll show them what you're worth!

Ohhh. Spread love around like your heart converts oxygen into love instead of carbon dioxide. Ohhh MY!

Last one.

HEHE. I love that dress. LEOPARD PRINT! LEOPARD PRINT! Could be my favourite dress. I don't like it when I wear the same thing and people complain. WTF! How to be environmentally-friendly! What I do is this- I debut dresses on parties, and recycle them on outings.  Accessories can give a different feel to your outfit. Hair and makeup as well. Women- too many pattern to count.

The leopard print dress for that night was from Guess. Been in my wardrobe for a while. Sometimes, you just look for that perfect occasion. And match it with the perfect dress. It was around four hundred I think? Lost my dog and bought it as a part of retail therapy. 

Life. You can go through anything, just believe in yourself and the days that will come.

Again, things may be different but just cherish the fuck out of what you have right now because the only constant in life is change.

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