Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Today's balik kampung trip + camwhoring trip.

Am I serious?

Fucking serious weyh.

Slept at 6 in the morning, had to get up 6 hours later. But not bad, got at least 6 hours of sleep.

First thing my dad did when he saw me? He whacked me for not wearing new clothes and scolded me for not buying some. WHAT. Since when does he notice such things. And then, got the first ang pau of the year. His ang pau is thicker than all of the other angpaus. Combined.

Ang pau is of course valued based on quality rather than quantity.

This one. Is my hometown. Always the same pondok which greets us. Bentong, Pahang! Chi Cheng comes from the same place too! ^^
Wait actually that's my dad's hometown since I've never actually lived there. I used to find it tiring to balik kampung. But now that I think about it. At least I have a kampung to balik! 

Reaching there. Don't know precisely how long it took to go there. But coming back, that took almost an hour. Dad was mostly doing 120km/h. 

Typical road bully on the road. Kept tailing the car in front of him until it moves to the left. To the left, to the left. And when they don't, he horns. Diao. And his leg is close to the signal lever. Sometimes he uses his leg to "kick stop" the lever. His trademark.

But I am glad it was not a hatchback. My car, qiyao's car, theng loo's car. Hatchback car makes your back hurts if you're sitting at the back. DESIGN PROBLEM! MINI, Fiesta, Golf.

And that hill shown through the windscreen is actually a hill of tombs. Cemetery. Graveyard.

Somewhere near relative's house. That relative is my grandfather's brother's house. I had the creeps editing this photo. Creepy to live so close to the deceased, but then again. Bones are buried everywhere. Just less conspicuously.

KID! There are 8 more copies of him. Nice pose yeh. They're curious of everything. Scrabbles we play, magazines we read. But no I won't look down on people who live in kampung. We're entertained by technology and play what we're given. Them, they make what they play. Sometimes having too much of a good thing is not so good.
And I meant 8 more copies as in there are 9 of these kids in the house. ALL BOYS. Two fathers, they're brothers. Confusing?? Elder brother has five sons, younger brother the other four.

A lot of youngsters riding in motorbikes. Cina rempit.

Cousin I'm closest with, her name is Yvonne. ^^ Younger than me by a year, but taller than me like at least six inches. I think she's about 5'8'.

She takes pretty pictures! MUAHAHA! She thinks it's odd that I don't feel odd camwhoring in public. ??? Honestly, I don't feel shameful/awkward when camwhoring in public. It is as natural as breathing air. Lucky my cousin has never seen Xuan camwhoring. VS woh.

Many many trees. Rare sight in KL.

But. I don't think I can live in undevoloped areas. I want big cities where we huddle in big crowds. Faces everywhere. Access to international brands. Posh venues to parade new outfits. Countless stretches of make believe runway.


Story of my life.

The adults mostly gambled. They were playing poker. Nice to watch them yell at each other. Some of them are afraid to take risks, some try to make the bet bigger and bigger. Grandma was inside telling stories. Of a girl she knew who got stabbed after she dumped her boyfriend. And a lot of stories. They could turn into a never-ending saga.
Oh yeh. What makes a good photo? The photographer, the object, the camera. And the editing. Let me show you the magic of editing.



It's like polishing a diamond. And that's an important process because no one is interested in a diamond which does not sparkle. Editing is not hard. If you have good taste and instincts to begin with. Download whatever software looks interesting and fiddle with it. Photoshop, photoscape, mei tu xiu xiu.

Above done only with Photoscape. Meituxiuxiu I like using it to make funky and vain pics.

Like this.

In a playground in a slide

When I was growing up, my knees were magnets for scars. The one on my left leg was left by Ngo Jun Wen. From Standard 4. She was cheeky from young, wanted to play impromptu hide and seek with Phui Man. Phui Man looked in our direction. She panicked. Ran. I was in front of her. Landed on the tarmac. Cipet.

But you know. Flaws are a part of yourself. Bad can turn to good. But the scar on my knee... I don't know how it can be useful?!!?

And don't say the people there don't know English. They do! Our favourite four-letter word, as shown on the slide. Also surprised to find wi-fi in the house. But too lazy. Phone is always running on data. And peepo please update your iPhone to iOS5. iMessage is fun! Apple's version of BBM. ^^

Today's blog post is mainly to show pictures. Because I think in pictures. NO LAH BRAIN NOT WORKING PROPERLY can't type elaborately. Effects of waking up early. Trololo! I still want Pen MINI. I realize that I still do.

Ang pau! Ang pau! Come to me baby! Come to me dear! I will keep you safely!

Happy CNY! BAI! ;)

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