Saturday, 28 January 2012

Open House

Hello! Did a lot of visiting for the first week of CNY. 
Lemme do a playback.

 Mostly it was visiting Open House with Sim Kuan and Xuan. It works like a chain. You go to an open house, and then someone who's at that open house tells you they have an open house tomorrow. And then the same thing repeats the day after.

Friday one was Jason Koh's open house at Sierramas. He even made an event on FB lol.

His house is opposite the clubhouse/community, they were having buffet at the clubhouse. The food was yummy. Potato salad. Pasta. Chicken wings. Went poolside. Saw a couple. Supposedly a couple. It looked like a swimming instructor teaching a housewife how to swim. And then just like it the movies, things start looking not so innocent. theylookedliketheywerehavingsexwtfbbq

Xuan and I guessed they aren't official couple, but an underground affair sort. Because they looked like they're doing something forbidden and eager to get it done quick. Somemore if official no need to do in pool so desperate la right?

HAHAHAH. Oh boy. I love to gossip. Should mind my own business, but everyone is curious. Need to stay on top of current affairs. AFFAIRS.

This way us at Sunway SPK. For second round. After Jason Koh's place, we went to Kha Weng's open house at Puchong. The other half who didn't want to drive so far went to Jason Chin's house. Oh yeh. It's Qi Yao's birthday today!

Three cars went. Vinoth led the way with his GPS. The indian drives like crazy. The first time I sat his car, I said "Ding told me you drive like a dog." Vinoth answered, "Dog but pro, dog but pro right?". Scary cars to sit in? Daniel, Ding, Vinoth. Because they are aggressive, they floor the pedal like it's meant to be flat.

I sat in Rysher's car with Xuan and Sim Kuan. Props to Rysher for being able to tail Vinoth. Jason Koh drove his car, he lost sight of our car when he had to wait for Chun Moon. Chun Moon drove, but in the end lazy to go. So he u-turned. LOL?!

I counted. Going back took almost 25 minutes. Rysher was doing 120km/h, most of the time. The si oh gui so fast. Cut in zig zags not curves. Sohem. Three cars with P in a line. So fun. Sim Kuan and I took turns aiming the laser at Ding during traffic lights. Ding drove Jason Koh's car. Ding the G.O.D. God of Dogs.

Second round at Kha Weng's house was this, again. Gamble, gamble.

They played blackjack. In-between. Ngau. Usually I just watch. It would be interesting to play, but honestly. Scared to play with them. I want to try, not seriously bet. But the guys are all steady. Lose means lose. They don't say things like "it's just a game. no need to take things so seriously." And refuse to pay up. 

Weng Hock and Ding lost a lot. Daniel won the most. The pile is mostly a hundred or two.

But Ding likes to pay up to the dealer in a very demeaning way. Throw one buck- "Give you to buy roti telur." "Give you to buy ais kosong dua." 

Oh yeh, before that we had tomyam steamboat and BBQ satay. The satay was hard to cook. Sim Kuan kneeling over the grill in her maxi. I'm responsible for eating only ^^ CNY, a lot of food and ang pau. Chinese people's new year so nice. And long. HAHA. 

What I aim for in people's house. Pineapple tarts. Nga ku. Cookies. Bandaraya come.

And that was the end of Friday.

Thursday was Lester's Open House.

Camwhored a lot that day. Had the mood. Because we were in a shopping complex- Bangsar Shopping Centre. It felt so familiar. Then I remembered. Used to go there often for dinner at COCA. Thai steamboat. Pineapple rice. Stuffed prawn. OMG.

I drove, Xuan led the way. 

Quite a lot of people went. Science 1 people whom I haven't seen in a while. Fitri. Nam. Siew Wah. Lester's mummy was nice. She dresses up well. Asian women age like fine wine. Caucasians look really hot when they're in their teens, until their thirties. 

Lester's parents were treating. But we had to go. Ate at Japanese restaurant instead. Everytime when clueless of what to eat, I'll suggest Japanese. Actually when they're not clueless also I'll suggest Japanese. HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG?!
I love Japanese food. It is sex.

Kuriya Japanese Restaurant. Chose it from the directory. The first thing that sounded obviously Japanese. ^^ Their starter was nice. Salmon. YUM. Chinese restaurants give peanuts. THIS ONE SALMON YOU KNOW. I was very hungry that time. Dinner was first meal of the day. Or night. Living day and night in reverse. =.=

I ordered Unagi steamed rice. If there was Salmon and there was Unagi.. I'd go for Unagi! :D Tempura Udon. Spider Temaki. Gyoza. All these very nice. My tummy will always have space for Japanese food. I like it a lot because it's salty and colourful and yummy. And healthy. I have a thing for salty shit but most of them are unhealthy. 

What happened...

 Xuan possessed by Adriana Lima. She has watched one too many VS fashion shows. Sim Kuan channeling her swag. 

Her job is to be sexy. #winliao

I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE SIGN IS FOR. Pose only. To the left, to the right!

The woman in it posed very sensually. Xuan had the idea to emulate her. The sign was in front of a restaurant. Had to do it quick to avoid funny looks. Trololo.

Made Sim Kuan and I laughed. Until liddis.
I thought I was Tinkerbell that night you know.

More of being perasan. Xuan's fingers started getting itchy. POINT, POINT!

How can I lose. Perasan is good. 
Avoiding imaginary puddles.

After dinner, followed car by car again to get to Lester's house. This time was Vincent leading the way, fresh from getting his P. Finally. They gambled again, I snacked on pineapple tarts again.

Xuan asked if we wanted to visit her relatives. Why not. Sim Kuan stayed though, to GAMBLE! So Ding, Rysher, Xuan and I left. Ding one car, with Rysher driving. I drove my own car.

Rysher was supposed to lead the way. GPS. Drove like babi, never stay in lane. Very gan jiong tailing people you know.

I felt liddis.

Serious leh. Highway plus Tokyo Drift soundtrack music as background. I like driving on highways. Kepong damn mafan. Housing area damn mafan. Little bit little bit traffic light. Little bit little bit speedbump. DIU.

And then after a while Xuan knew the way. So time to cut Rysher. Lucky not Ding driving, he cannot lose one. Sohem. I didn't know how fast I was going. Look back, suddenly, 140 already. Highway nice ^^

And I dreamt I was driving taxi you know. Gan jiong. !@#$% Change gear! With Sim Kuan and Xuan as my passengers! I miss driving manual. Haha. NO LA ACTUALLY.

Wednesday and Tuesday was going to King Jiat's ahma house. Tuesday was that, plus Wai Khong's open house. OKOK!

That's it for today! HAVE FUN PEEPO! HEHE

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