Thursday, 12 January 2012


Hi ^^
Heh heh. Resurrected my cammie back from the dead. Found the dummy charger while cleaning my room. Underneath the air humidifier. Rainbow- natural effect from camera ^^ It's nice not having to wait for friends to upload pictures. 

And now that I can use this camera, I feel a little lazy to buy a new one. Still want it someday thou. Olympus PEN MINI! A pro-er camera. But sacrifice space in handbag.

Hehe. Tested cammie. Favourite plushie. I only like Rilakumma. :D Lazy bear. Yeh, Hakuna Matata. No worries.

What I wore. CNY coming, feeling the red. It was a skirt I bought from Cats Whiskers. But it made me look squat worn as a skirt. Pulled it up, plus a belt, there you have a dress. Yeh, I like gold-tone accessories.

Went Pavilion with Sim Kuan, Vincent and Xuan. Three of us wore heels but dumped it in the car for slippers halfway. Tired. Must always ready a pair of slippers in yo car. Got heels got swag, no heels feels like flopping around at someone's house. But comfy!

I spent the least today. Only on food. But eating out is costly. Me, when I get little allowance, I'll spend it one shot until nothing's left in my purse because spending it feels like nothing. Give me a lot, I'll feel kiamsap and want to save it so I feel rich. Means give me RM100, I'll spend all. Give me RM1k, I keep. ^^ 

I can be very frivolous or thrifty, but no in between. Don't know how to do moderate spending.

Yeh, sleep now ^^

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