Sunday, 22 January 2012

Pwetty in Pink

The sea. Describe it in three words. Its characteristics.
I think it's... free. Full of possibilities, and a little unpredictable.

They say that those three words is what you think about life. Some quiz-psychologically related thingy. I liked doing those when I was a kid. Heck, I love doing those even now. Old habits die hard.

5 o clock in da morning!~ 3 minutes to 6am. Can't sleep. Sohem. Was super sleepy in the afternoon and then super awake at night. Putting day and night in reverse. I promise myself to register college after CNY and before March ends. New chapter of life. 2011 is so last year.

And plan trip. I hate it when things get postponed- forever. That's why I hate the word, "next time". WHAT YOU MEAN NEXT TIME?! DO IT NAW!

Friday was going to Giza for Chloe's birthday. Spontaneous thing.
Wore this pink dress from Fahrenheit, its first time out of the closet. Sim Kuan was the one who picked it, she asked me to try it. It fits. I thought it looked like some casino girl thing with the heart-shaped front and peplum. I like dresses with peplum. Big hips but somehow the extra volume flatters it.

Sim Kuan and Xuan were coming back from Kimmarie at SS2. Xuan's idea- I didn't go because I didn't feel like cutting my hair. I hadn't cut my hair since... a long time. Longer than I remember. Half a year maybe?

How I look like with short hair. A few people told me I looked better with long hair while I was having short hair. I was like, DENG I LIKE LA. Because... I have this stupid attitude where the more you don't want me to do something, the more I fucking want to do it.
Oh yeh, coincidentally this was how I spent CNY with friends last year. Funny plan, really. Called everyone to meet up at Jun Wen's house then go DPC and visit all our friend's houses there to get ang pau. So shameless. Lol ^^ I feel bad for the parents.

THE BLOG POST FOR THAT DAY. Trololo! How come I wrote so little last time. 

This always happens. Dress not nice, think very nice. Wrote litte, think it's a lot. A case of over-estimation.

This year? Sy and Kj do gathering. Genting? Penang? Wtf? I dunno. Need organizers, and sometimes it's just talk talk talk and not much getting done.


Xuan was not so pleased with the results of the salon trip. Too short for her. But I think it looks fine. Yeh, hair is very important. It can take ages or add years to your face. Make you uglier or up your attractiveness.
Sk has to drive back and forth, so cham! I don't like driving when going to places like Giza because the main point in Giza is to drink and you can't do that if you drink. I swear not to touch my car if I even feel a touch of tipsy-ness coming. I don't mind taking taxi. Bring pepper spray. 

I've figured out why I loathe driving sometimes. As in to be the designated driver of the day. Because I hate waiting and responsibilities. Driving with passengers comes with both of it. HAHAH!


I think I have this habit of making myself look pissed off or "WTF you want?" when taking photos. Because. I'm lazy to smile, scared to risk making my eyes look smaller. So easiest method is just stare at the camera and stone away.

We thought we arrived quite late to Giza but they arrived... even later. First ones we saw were Daniel and Ding, then Wendy and her Andy. Sim Kuan was hungry so we ate at Fullhouse. As you can tell by the car. ^^ 

And then Yi Han and Eeinn came. Went up to Beer Factory and Chloe and the gang was there. Yeh, the ON bunch of Form Fours. I like seeing them dress up. Such a big gang, I wish there were more in my batch! Guys who ON- plenty, girls who like to go out- just a few. Or they want to out, but can't. But... on the other hand it looks like there's less ON guys in their batch. So I guess life is fair. :3

So fast CNY is here. Yeh. Living life like a train with no destination. HAVEN'T APPLY FOR THE DESTINATION. 

I'm kinda afraid I have this curse of being really good at something at first then leveling off and staying there. :( When I do something, I have this passion of wanting to be good at it and I manage to get hold of things quickly. But when the passion dies off... that's when I get worried. 

And I. Miss Chuckie a lot. It didn't hit me so hard at first but I feel like there's a gap without him. :( He will always be my one true dog. Irreplaceable. Forever number one in my heart. Other dogs I may have in the future, maybe they will hold the same place as Chuckie. The MAX. Never more than Chuckie.



I tell you lah girl's emotional state is a very precarious thing. Sometimes a small thing will make us cry while other times a small thing will keep us happy for hours. Now I am a bit on the emo side and spouting crap on my blog, but nevermind, that is what it's for. Noo don't worry I don't get emo for long I'll smile before you have to ask me to cheer up. 

What I do when I can't sleep. Eat. Read. Blog. Fb. Pictures. My little pony. 9gag. Tumblr. Stalk friend's blogs. Stalk blogger's blogs. Phone calls. Twitter. Music. Dance in front of mirror.

Blog, done. Find other things to entertain myself.

Bye peepo! :)

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