Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Reminiscing school

Suddenly thought about school, and how we're never going back to the same as before.
The uniform is the trademark. Pukey green. Actually wearing a uniform is not that bad. We complain, but at least we don't have to think about what to wear each day. Proud to be Bestarian. Been there kindergarten(for a few months^^ cried a lot and went to Q'Dees), primary and secondary. A decade spent. People come and go and finally I'm the one to go.

I always buy super small size for the uniform. The size they give you, sohem, SO BIG. Not fat also become fat. Extra space covered by fabric, people think it's fats. Dad always gave me money and forced me to buy new shirt. Last straw was when my teacher forced me to buy shirt. ?!???!

Since as we grow older, our memory gets better (though after one point the graph gets inversely proportional). So what I remembered most was the last two years of high school life.

Science 2. Sub-science. But I don't like to call it sub-science. Sounds like kelefeh. You know when you're in your class you'll feel like your class is the one. All the happenings there, blabla. Macam yes. Oh yeh, there's always a catchy saying. Pattern duo duo. Diam la gou.

I think I went into the wrong class, at least in terms of subjects I'm taken. Should've gone to Arts, I hate calculations and physics and chem has a shit load of 'em. But what is done is done, Science 2 is my class. MY CLASS!

Form four? Hmm. I only know I'm nerd all the way until Form 5. HAHA! Lucky I saved myself on the last year of high school. I was always with Mei Yen. I miss laughing obnoxiously with her a little, eh heh. :) Lunch- mostly sat with the librarians. Sim Kuan, Yen Yi.

Form four, I studied. Commerce was my favourite subject. I, very happy get the award for it. I'm the kind who does things because I enjoy it. If it's strictly business then I'll procrastinate no end. Also liked doing English essays, make up stories(shiok seeing my essay on last page of yearbook!^^). I likey freedom. FREE AS A BIRD, OHHH~! Free until forget to take keys/lock doors/do homework/sleep properly.

Class was a bit more dramatic. Maybe because we were immature. I loved seeing friends argue. Yeh, go battle it out! I SUPPORT! When there is a temper getting thrown, one of the person is at least Ding. Ding & Wei Kien. Throw rubbish bin. I GIVE YOU RUN. Ding & Vincent. Fight like monkeys. Ding & teachers. God of dogs and joker of class, yeh. Noisiest. When he is quiet, something is wrong. It's like saying a toaster is cold.

Also is En Harri's (almost) daily "KIAO" sessions. Guys who didn't finish homework, say their prayers. Pinch armpit, hit crotch, gangbang. Was assistant monitor. Saying "CLASS STAND!", quite shiok sometimes.

On my birthday, finally asked my dad for a piano. Hesitant, afraid that I'm starting too late. But sometimes, you just have to go for it. Got exam cert from teacher today. The cert takes not weeks, but months. #daipai.

Was very passionate at first. You know la, so impressed by myself that I can play piano, like a fascinated bimbo. My aim was to finish grade 8 in three years. People said impossible. BUT DON'T LISTEN WHAT THEY SAY! Just bang your head into what you wanna do!

Ngam ngam got distinction, didn't have time to start from Grade 1, straightaway went for Grade 5. People allot a year for one grade. Cipet, no time. Few months can la. Was rushy rushy because I was afraid I can't practise when I study overseas. NOW? STUDY? Wait la. Wait SPM results.

Out of the many perfomances of pieces played. This is my favourite. Nostalgic. And a touch of arrogance. I can imagine how the pompous aristocrats lived.

And yeh. You must see how virtuoso pianists play. Like this. Sohem one. Sure practise at least four hours a day. Don't even think of reaching their level if you don't have that passion. Arthur Rubinstein, Vladimir Horowitz, Yundi Li, Evgeny Kissin. Among my favourites ^^ Composers, only one- Chopin. 

OKAY ENOUGH PIANO CRAP i know those of you who don't learn piano wouldn't bother reading it ^^

What else. I also went church every week. Now? I WANT TO, every week I keep that in mind. But when church ends, I'm still dead on the bed. =.=

That's the summary of Form Four.

Form Five, was learning how to embody the spirit of being #ForeverOn.

Parties? Yes. Outings? Yes. Brunch? Yes. Dinner? Why not? I like going out because... things that can be done at home can be done anytime. Home is always there. Outings are not. I like hanging out with friends. I like observing how people act. I like dressing up. I like eating food. I like taking pictures.

There are many sides of a person. When they're at school. When they're at home. When they're hanging out with friends. When they're with their girlfriends/boyfriends. 


I would show you how I look like at home, but I scared you get scared oh. Tie hair and specs, swag wiped out. Grooming is very important too. Lucian, I don't want to hug it when it is dirty. After grooming? OH I'M ADMIRING THE INTENSITY OF YOUR FUR COLOUR!

?? There are a few phases. First was going to the first party of the year. Theng Loo's at Tao in Giza. The first one is the one that's most fun. Fresh, impact bigger. Now outing is as common as eating rice. Deng, outings includes eating rice too. And then went out with Siet Yen and Guat Tyng often. Sometimes Jun Wen too. Mixed with the out of school ones. I always wonder where they come from.

Rysher is same school with Ding last time and lives near Xian Jiong. Ming Chun is study at SSB primary before. Qi Yao is Chun Moon's friend. Tc Chong is. WHAT ALREADY AH. I forgot. AH YAH. He's close to Jason Chin. 

Celebrated birthday party properly for the first time. Reserved a place at The Terrace at the Curve. Was also the night I got drunk for the first time. NO BIRTHDAY PRESENT FROM PARENTS, MA DE. They gave me cash, used it up to pay for birthday dinner. TROLOLO. Fair enough :D I want friends more than money. So much money, so what? No friends to spend it with, go die better..!

And then Sim Kuan got her car. And she helped me to fly. Suddenly suddenly, come let's go makan! I'm glad my house is on the way.And then trials came. She got stressed for exams. And oh yeh around there I got my P! ^^

Actually at the beginning I thought I would be contented with a Myvi. One day looking at some car magazine I saw MINI, and my eyes were glued to it. I waited very desperately before finally getting the car. Yeh, having a car is exhilarating. Can go anywhere. So funny, before that, never have that kind of freedom. Want go out? "Dad can fetch me to..." or ask friends "can you pick me up on the way..." and beg like a dog. 

But after you have car, also be dog, just different kind. Because you need to fetch other people. A cycle. But mostly I plan. If got mood only drive. But sometimes no mood also need to drive. 

After that was going to Xuan a lot, because she always says this, "You ON I ON". BWAHAHA. She can mix with most people. Open. 

Nearing SPM was not much study. Form Five was a honeymoon year for me. Because I dropped subjects. Accounts. Chemistry dropped half. Before hitting the ground, government asked us to take it back. 

Shao Yang is the jimui. He sat beside me for the most time this year. We talk crap all the time. He is the originator of yehdiu speech. Sometimes when he talks to yehdiu, I fling his pencil case away. One time I did it when teacher was teaching. Something offensive I took seriously, I forgot what. Classmates always have radar for drama happening. The go silent and just... watch. 

Weng hock is the dog. We all dogs. Together dog. Famous for his big mouth, when he smiles, not only can you see his teeth- his gums too. Oh yeh, Science 2 has little girls. Like four initially. Made me used to being around with guys but also made me more rough leh, diu.

Yehdiuhai, fresh, meiyen, sietyen, junwen. Quite a lot of time spent with them. Yeh, school was fun. A good run.

Life was. Friends. Piano. Shopping. Drawing. Onlineing. Skyping. Driving. Outing. Party.

Brush up on drawing. You need the momentum. :( I don't want to do things, and level off at a certain level. NO!!! I must continuously strive to shoot upwards like a bamboo heading for the sun.

Ogeh I dunno wad I'm talking. That's about it. ^^

And I miss Chuckie.

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