Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Yeh, so easy. Snap picture on iPhone and use an app to zing it up- OH HOW ARTISTIC!

Monday, went to Taylor's.

What a pretty campus.
Other good ones- Sunway, Monash, etc. ART SCHOOL? THE ONE ACADEMY? A row of huge shoplots. T.T How to hold zhu. You tell me. I think when college comes we might get lazy to dress up. When I dress up I like to look formal. But no one wears heels to college. Will break your legs.

SEE! SHOPLOT! !@#$%^
And I thought, go same area for college, Sunway is the hotspot, but now really... I wonder if it's a good idea. We met up with Kok Leong at Sunway Pyramid. He's already started college and he says that even though Kar Man, James and dunno who else are in the same college but they hadn't met once until Friday. 

SO IF EVEN SAME COLLEGE YOU WON'T MEET EACH OTHER, WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF BEING IN THE SAME AREA?! I wonder if everyone will make new friends at college and put less effort in keeping touch with high school friends. But hor. Ex form fives all stick to their batch... half half maybe? :/
 The reason we went there is because Siet Yen and also Xuan wanted to apply at Taylors. Yes, becoming second Bestari. Sim Kuan was the designated driver of the day. All of us except for Siet Yen didn't have enough sleep. Night owls, sohem, sleep when we hear birds chirping.

Oh yeh. Taylor's Lakeside. They have goose beside the lake. Sim Kuan says it's a shopping mall- Starbucks, Ecoba, Wong Kok. But I'm thinking it's a zoo too. Fishies too. Saw Jck Sng at the student's lounge. 

A lot of pretty girls, but they all seem busy with their own thing. I thought in college, you'll meet a lot of friends. But it's too big to know everyone, and everyone becomes used to being strangers. I think it'll be the part I miss most with high school. The togetherness. Being one gang.

Also well-known bloggers go there. Chuckei. Daphne. 

I know I'm totes not going to college like Sunway or Taylor's where everyone's heading. Have to find specialized art school for fashion design. I want to apply at The One but I keep trying to find the ESMOD course and it was non-existent. UPDATE UR WEBSITE LEH.

Actually go college in KL also not bad? Can use Segambut way. Dad likes to use LDP, pay for toll but can reach KL in 20 mins. Sunway is very jam. Everyone has to use the LDP/PJ way :( Kok Leong says he has to allocate an hour to go there every morning. FML MAX. I hate wasting time on transportation. If like that, I wouldn't mind taking KTM. Doze off on the train and save money. Cheebye.

Had lunch at Buckoten, Xuan kept being yehdiu, true to her name. Diam la nei. Think you very skinny ah. But yeh, be friends have to accept jokes and shit lo. Went Sunway, it has a lot of shops and good buys but Kok Leong says once you go college you'll come here until you sien, and you'll overlook everything.

Sim Kuan wants to shop but Siet Yen has to go home for dinner. For me I'll follow the person who's driving because, well, they're the ones driving. But Siet Yen has to welcome her mummy home, back from China. I think. Lucky I am girl, lucky my husband will do the driving most of the time. Yeh, no wonder always Daddy the one who drives.

And I'm looking for a fashion overhaul. Something new. ^^ This year was... maxis. Floral & leopard prints. Dresses. I miss high fashion stuff. But it's so bloody pricey. DENG. In my teens, have to do with boutique stuff. NEW YEAR? NEW YEAR CLOTHES? GIVE LA... ^^ 

When I work, I won't be a skimp and try to save a lot of money. Save so much, later suddenly die, no time to enjoy your fortune. Nice? I will indulge myself. Buy this, buy that. Experience this, experience that. Improve this, improve that. Travel here, travel there. Wow, dream a bit, start to shiok. 

BYE! ^^

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