Monday, 9 January 2012


Hi. A lot of things have happened recently. Dramas and scandals and outings and shit. I'm confused, too.

Have to rant it elsewhere, afraid of adding fire.

Nowadays, swim at Sierramas Club. Community Centre. Not bad. Last time it was Desa Park. Now everyone's not free, busy with work. King Jiat, works at Tropicana Mall- online everyday and complain on Twitter. "FUCKER AUNTY SAMPLE EVERYTHING NEVER BUY! KANASAI!" TROLOLOL.

This was on Saturday. My dad said he wanted to eat Yee Sang so I had to go home early. Went to Sierramas but didn't swim. Xuan brought her laptop so we could check out places to go for outstation trip. Entertained myself with her laptop. ^^

But I, forever on, went family dinner at Hartamas and went DPC to find woh wohs after dinner. Qi Yao, Siet Yen, Daniel, Rysher, Ding, King Jiat, Weng Hock, Sk & Xuan were at DPC. Kluang Station. Qi Yao and Siet Yen have to settle something. Um.

After Siet Yen and Qi Yao left, we went to meet at the private carpark. On my way there, King Jiat called. Just that moment, he saw my car in front of him. So I picked him up to the private carpark. Yeh, my car is bright, help me avoid accidents by making people notice me. Sometimes random people tell me they saw my car after I come back home from driving it.

Ding's Vios, Rysher's Myvi, Sim Kuan's Viva and my car parked side by side at the carpark. Daniel said meet up at Al-Safa, and we went car by car. You know lah with friends... head to the same destination, they think it's a race ON. Ma de. I don't want to race next time. Accident. I  have been driving recklessly.

YAMCHA. This is what guys like to do. I don't like to yamcha because no point of dressing up. But it's nice as a casual thing when you're hungry at night. I ordered... watermelon juice. Daniel keep saying let's go somewhere after this. Sim Kuan was like, "Nevermind, watch Tangled lah." But in the end, we went to... Beer Factory.

Went to my house to park back my car and sit in Sim Kuan's car. Daniel parked his car at my place too. Carpool is better. Daniel drove his Ferrari. Kelisa! Before that was Waja. Waiting for his car to be repaired finish. Yeh, four cars at my house and Ding horned. Damn scared my neighbours or worse- my dad would wake up. The guards passed by and looked suspiciously. Daniel cockstared.

Yeh, Beer Factory was nice. No cover charge, unlike Movida. And no queue. But a lot of people inside. Mun Chun dropped by a while, he was next door. And we had free drinks thanks to Ding. Some redemption card. I loved the part when Turbulence came and the whole place was in a misty haze. Just the music and the crowd.

Wasn't drunk, just tipsy. But what happens in drunkland, stays in drunkland. All of us, safely home.


Went to Pavilion, shop for Chinese New Year clothes. Dad was being extra-nice today. :) HEHE. Bought a pair of heels and slippers. Four and a half inch but it's okay, got platforms. Charles & Keith my loveee. Dad kept asking me to buy expensive clothes. I don't want. Not to sound ungrateful, just that I rather use the money to buy something else.

My pattern- clothes can be cheap, but I want expensive handbag. Because handbag can be used with a lot of outfits and clothes can only be worn once and be washed again. Kiamsap and efficient thinking. Heels very important too, it's about how you carry yourself and make that walk. Pain is not an excuse. You'll get inured to it.

Didn't really have the mood to buy clothes. I want accessories. Handbags. Heels. Necklaces. ^^

Xuan, adding some cheesy effect. She thinks she can breathe fire. 
Vincent, half asleep because the medicine was working its magic. #sick gou gou cannot forever ON at the moment.
Ming Chun, as usual, room as dark as hell and wearing microphone.
Me, as usual, eating at night and wearing Skullcandy and talking real loud but not realizing it until my brother says he can hear me from third floor. FML

Still the same, sleep when the sun is up and wake up when the sun is almost setting. What I do at night? Online. There's so much to do online. Skype, Oovoo, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Blogspot, stream movies, 9GAG, Tumblr. 

Wad is sleep? Need sleep? Wake up also dunno what to do. 

Other than online, I read. Or play with Lucian. He so cute.

7 in the morning, time to sleep. BYE! ^^v

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