Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The usual places


Catch up with Nicholas Ng at 1u in the afternoon, long time didn't see him. 
Because I MIA from church, eheh. :3
I will be back! 

When friends call me up, I am ON for sure.
Espo those I haven't seen in a long time. 
Need to catch up..!

Nic is smart. Suggest Sushi Zanmai.
Udon! Unagi! Win already!

Like 2 hours later,
Rakuzen with Jennie from da block.
When I crave it's not there, when I can have it,
it comes in double combos.

But wtf. Ate less but more exy.

Unagi roll, Sushi Zanmai - RM13.90
Same thing, Rakuzen- RM30.

I miss having iPhone. Now I am pissy when friends play on their iPhones.

Oh let me present you. 




 AHAHAH! Damn lifeless I know.

But what a special way to be lifeless.

Taken with Jennie's cam. She chose this dress because of the print. 
Mmm, might buy it next time.

Cats Whiskers.

This one is sorta of like a jersey ballerina dress, and I love those shit.
 Because the silhouette my body makes in those dress, suits.
Another one Jennie picked.

I need... top tight, especially the waist.
But bottom- flowy.

Didn't buy this one, I would snap it up if it was in another colour.
In real life. It looks a little housewife.
Or like red riding hood.
I DUNNO. Like country kid.

A lotta people like wearing those kind of tops.
Long-sleeved, buttoned-down, flowy tops. 

Reminds me of Ji Mun or Li Chen's style.

A little bit office lady. 
I don't like OL look on myself, a bit too serious.

And I hate seriousness
& responsibility. :/

Now? Sporty a bit? ^^

I want to get the grey top next time.
Only got the green skirt today.

Camwhoring in newly-put on clothes is fun.
Especially when you're not buying them.
Free fun. 

But always have to think if you really want the clothes.
Sometimes they mark up.

Like Jennie bought an identical dress from Giza for RM50,
but at Cats Whiskers it's RM70.
 But I bought a belt at KL for RM8,
identical one at Giza was RM20.
But then there was also these shoes at Kepong- RM150.
It was RM83 at Cats Whiskers.

SO. Hmm. Not everything is good, not everything is bad.

Buy only the things you want and you won't regret.
I very kiamsap when shopping.

I spend the least among my friends.

What else. Hairdo.

Xuan was the one who talked about it.
Because she likes to change her hair often.

For me I don't do anything as long as it looks healthy.
Because my hair is as stubborn as fuck. 

Thinking of dyeing a new colour.
But I'm not in a hurry to do it- yet.
Because it's like once you go there you can't go back.
People who've dyed their hair always continue.

I think black is a special hair colour for Asians.
Specifically black.
The long, shiny, ebony mane.

Oh wait. If I am to dye my hair. 
Picture above. A kind of deep red. 
Auburn maybe?

But I want the shade to be even. And shiny.
I hate dry uneven hair.
But caucasians can pull it off, in a nice way.
Like the beach hair.

Sim Kuan is thinking purple or blue dip-dye. I think.
Xuan is think copper red or brown. But I think brown suits her more.
The whole VS BLABLBLA kissme loveme

Oh wait. Shopping list.

  • Round Hair Brush. (to blowdry my hair with. it is so hard to dry without a brush)
  • Hair mist. I WANT SHINE and defense from cigarette smoke. TIGI save me!
  • Silver Nail Polish. Skin Food one finished. OPI?
  • Shiseido Purifying Mask- RM145
  • iPod Sync Thingy For Car
  • iPhone 4-RM1400+ with Data Plan
  • Olympus Pen Mini/ Samsung MV800 (?!?!) - RM1899/???
  • Hard disk to back up pictures and music. 100GB enough. Save RM4000 from buying new laptop. I smart eh.  
Completely irrelevant. But I keep forgetting.
Also reminds me. Job.
Whatever oh happened to job-hunting.
Telemarketing, RM10 an hour.
Might go for it.
All for today!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Say Our Goodbyes.

Today, one of our beloved dog has departed to Taiwan. 

Picture taken at KLIA on Monday, 28 Feb 2012.

Our beloved LJ.

Which LJ?

The one in blue. :)

Collage above done by LJ's darling, Sim Kuan. <3

S for Sim Kuan yo!

LJ/Raymond/King Jiat/Ah Jiat. 


Our moodle, he is leaving to study in Taiwan. Hospitality management. 

One word about him- he is very dog. HAHAH!

He is friendly, takes us to swimming all the time and provide entertainment for the whole DPC area.

Yeh, it feels weird- go DPC, no LJ.

He likes to insult people and slap girls. Serious.

But deep down he is a sensitive chick. 

In the morning we gathered at trademark place- DPC private parking. LJ's home territory. 
He went with his father. 
We go by ourselves.

Behind are Qi Yao's car and Sim Kuan's.
The three girls sat in the blue car- Keling's racing car.

Ding beside keling. He was afraid too, which is saying something because he drives like a dog.
Going 140km/h and overtaking with narrow spaces between cars.
ZOMG, really rollercoaster.
I don't dare driving during excursions like these. 
Later my car habis, let the guys roll.

We thought Qi Yao stuck to his trademark hamster place, 
but surprisingly he was the one who reached first and called us. 
I asked Siet Yen how fast he was going- 180km/h.
IMPOSSIBLE. Hamster fly also can't fly that fast !!!
Hahaha, 160 maybe? :3

Going to remote places, out of the city or suburbs-
very, very nice to speed.

We reached in one piece. No broken bones.
Spot keling, far behind in white shirt.

Oh yeah. Before that the girls came early. I CAME EARLIEST.
But then I went to eat dim sum with Jennie and Amanda, so in the end...
still arrived latest.

Salad prawn! Custard bun! Prawn rice roll! Salad dumpling!

Cheap and nice to stuff in yo mouth. Hot and juicy.
I tend to lean towards prawnny dim sum. I dunno why.
I love the steamer baskets. 

Using chopsticks is also nice, 
because the food is always bite size if it's meant to be used with chopsticks.
Ma de, long time never have dim sum brunch with family.

Last time it was always dim sum first, then shopping. 
Now- wake up too late, eat at shopping mall. DIU.



We camwhore everywhere, the guys beh tahan.
We so young.
Take pictures when we're old and haggish mei?!

Halfway through the dudes chanted this phrase.

This was what LJ always shouted in the morning while shaking our beds during penang...
When he wants to wake everyone up.
Deng. He has the nicest sleeping pattern along with Siet Yen.
Epitomes of 早睡早起身体好。

Sent him to the departure hall. Watched him go down the escalator.
O he cried. You know it's serious when guys start to cry. They ain't kidding.
Not like girls. Cut finger, cry. Bad results, cry. Sohem. HAHAHA ^^

Yeh, a lot of people will miss him. His belathers. Dog family. 
But I believe that even if distance or academic/career pursuits may put a gap between us,
we will always have the dog spirit in us.

June, he's coming back.
Maybe another trip.
Vinoth, going Singapore soon.
The others, Sim Kuan, Xian Jiong, Xuan, Siet Yen- going overseas to study.
But. Only after like 2 years? 
King Jiat's the first to leave, and that's always a hard thing to do.
Leaving your friends.
But he's brave to do that. 
Gain new experience.

When I was Form 4 I was eager to study overseas.
But then I feel so at home here.
But I know. Work at overseas fun. Espo for fashion! ^^

Chi Cheng letting us spank her butt.
She got potential. Steady.

Look at Daniel. Seriously.

The last.

Taken at DPC.

Siet Yen kept saying to Bee, she hungry. Her voice, really manja oh. 
And then Daniel them starting teasing her.
"You're the only person I know who's always hungry. 24/7 eat, not tiring???"


And then Qi Yao and Siet Yen, Bees. They ordered most.

Daniel shoot again.
"I am so full. This type, eat a little already full. Siet Yen, I guess you must be very full now".

Lol. Also saw Theng Loo, who was working at New Zealand.
And Nicole Yee Ruey.

The night before, Natalie came for sleepover.
Was glad to catch up, it's been a while. 
I thought we would grow apart, but it's like we talk and we still find the same style.
The same way we talk to each other.

Yeh I am glad to have her as a friend.
Speaking of which. Mei Yen MIA for long time. Ma de. 
Everyday work.

I think that friends- even if you get close with someone else,
you should always remember all the friends you've had, 
the people you were close with.

Because friendships are not disposable, 
but something that should be treasured like precious gems.

She left me with a nice saying-
"In 50 years time, you will regret more on the things you didn't do,
than the things you did."


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Put yo hands up


 This was last night. Farewell night for King Jiat/ LJ/ Raymond.
 At Flam's, Changkat.

He is the dude in the middle. 
Always wearing quirky/eccentric long-sleeved shirts for nights out.

Quite a lot of people turned up? The guys... umm- thengloo vincent wenghock xianjiong vinoth rysher qiyao daniel ding jason khaweng

And of course. The three of us ^^


Sat in Vinoth's car. Err. About 5 cars went. Funny because the last time we were so desperately in need of cars... 8 people in a Polo... 

KJ has good alcohol capacity, surprisingly. 

No wonder, I've never seen him drunk before.

Since he's the main of the night, people kept giving him drinks. Not long after the drinks came, he downed three glasses. About RM50 each person. Quite expensive. Alcohol is always expensive. Night entertainment is always expensive.

Xuan didn't drink, but had to pay too. I prefer ordering cocktails. Black label package, good for those who can drink a lot. Johnnie Walker Johnnie Walker. And me? Bad both ways. Drink a lot, value for money but mind goes crazy. Drink little, mind okay but money wasted. !@#$%

I don't get people who drink like alcohol is a delicacy and try to make themselves wasted. I only like the starting of being drunk. Just a little tipsy. Just a little high. But without the suffering effects like headache and vomiting and ouch.

We were on the dance floor area.

One or two chicks, super drunk. Kept shaking their booty. Another two stood on the speakers and danced. The things drunk people do is odd to sober people- but when you're the drunk one, everything feels underrated. "Oh it's okay, I'm just dancing on tables here".

Saturday is always the night people go clubbing. So it feels like you have to do that- because other days, it's not that on. Close up early, this section not open, blablablbala.

And I heard BeerFact is 21 plus now??? Thethefuck?

Hmm I still like BeerFact more, easy to dance.

Changkat is like... for tourists, expatriates. Caucasians, foreigners. And older people. 

There was also a group wearing school uniform. The body part looks very decent. But the face is with make up, eyeliner. Party mood. Quirky. Being in there kinda reminds of this Hongkie movie called Lan Kwai Fong. Trololo ^^

With Jason. Because it is so rare that he can go out. Though we always argue when we meet. Bwahah! 


Went home early with the girls. I mean Xuan and Jennie. Not Vincent. 

Umm. A little tips. Because usually I go home later, more time to filter the alcohol. 

But got home safe. O Thank God.

Life. O please let me suffer.

I don't want to live my life comfortably spending daddy's money. What can I do with myself. My talents. Jibai.

... ^^

Oh yeah Saturday morning I actually went Sports Day.

When I hear school visits, first thought is that I will not make it because the time when Bestarians wake up... is the time that I sleep. :3

Umm. Can't say I managed to wake up for Sports Day though. Just didn't manage to sleep the day before. Ah this is what always happens:

Sleep early, around midnight. In the middle of the night, 3- wake up again. Try to make myself sleep again, but haha nice try, it never happens. Siet Yen forced me to go. She fetched me. How nice to be able to reverse roles now that she has her license. ^^

Li Chen and Jin Fye's favourite- jump shots.

Lol. I wore yellow tip to toe because I used to be in Kiara. The yellow house. But so. So exasperating to watch. Lost again. Diu. 

HAHAHA. Saga was the winner. Nice to watch the guys run. Ahmad, Shauqi. Fly like the wind and win.

Friday was going to Citta Mall with freshygold.

Sim Kuan/jennie/freshy spotted a job at the Mall. It looks like DPC. But a far one. 

She asked, but they asked her to send a resume. I suppose writing a resume is easy, but putting in things that will make people hire you is hard- especially when you don't have any experience in working whatsoever.

Li Chen said she asked more than 10 stores for jobs. ?!?!?! I only asked two. And that when they say they'll call you back, they almost never do. Because if they really wanted to hire you, they'd tell you when to start working, on the spot. 

=.= =.= life is hard. Oh first world problems.

Oh camwhored instead. Sorry man ^^

We found our spot at the staircase. Halfway through posing, a random waiter came and asked if we wanted help. Lol. That was really random. I was worried he would.. run away with the camera. Pressure you know bringing something which isn't yours.

But he didn't.. lol. Thanked him before he left.

Pictures above totally irrelevant.

But. After that the girls went shopping. Deng. Came to earn money, but spent money instead. Me, I don't mind entertaining myself with the camera. 

I think I spend the least among the girls. Shopping-wise la. I save like a nun compared to them ^^ AHAHAHA

Because. If I come out without the means to spend, I don't look for things to buy. Though that is hard when you're in a freaking shopping mall. Umm. RM50 is enough for outings. RM30 for food. Because sushi is important.

Speaking of food. Time for dinner.

That's all, bye peepo! ^^v

Thursday, 23 February 2012


I've recovered from the stealing incident. Umm. 40%? ^^ Because I've got a Blackberry phone to use and my brother's camera for now- Sony Nex-3. It's in... pink. ?!?!

 Typical micro four thirds camera. 
Good quality, less bulky than DSLR but more exy than digi cam.
anddoyouknowhowfuckinghard itistolivewithout a camera
especiallysomeonewith a blog

Today was supposed to be job-hunting. 

No idea what we're doing. Just walked into whichever shop that looked interesting and enquire. I wished Li Chen was here because she has job experience and all.

"Are you hiring?" "Is there job vacancy?" blablbala the whole day.

Sometimes they don't put a sign that they're hiring, but they actually are. So you have to ask shamelessly. Xuan was the one who started asking first at Tommy Hilfigier. But- pay was only 5 bucks an hour.

... I was dreaming of 8 bucks per hour. 
But in reality, 6 bucks per hour is already not bad. 

Xuan's sis advised her to dress more toned-down. Dressing up makes people think you're high maintenance :/ First impression is hella important. 

Xuan found 5 shops. Lovely lace, Tommy, Warehouse... umm forgot the other two. I only found two- Uniqlo and Guess. Others say, "We're full" and "Not hiring". 

I want Uniqlo, MAN. 8 bucks and the staff looks friendly. 
But you know all of them are like, "we'll call you back". 

But I don't think they ever do. 
Which means I can't stop here. Have to try for more other days. AH. 

*left work experience and employer references blank*
"Oh. No work experience...?"
"Umm... No."

Peek at Blackberry, it says 23 Feb. 
*writes on applicant form 23 Feb*
"Oh actually... today is 22 Feb"

!@#$% DAMN BIMBO. damnyoublackberry

"How old are you this year?"
"I'm eighteen" :))
"When's your birthday?"
"... March"

What do they look for? How long you can work. If you have any experience. If you're old enough. If you look capable. And whatever they say- appearance matters.

I really want to work. I have the mood to do something productive now. 
I'm afraid if I stall, I'll stay lazy forever.

Please don't. I don't want to be useless.
I want to do a lot things. ACCOMPLISHMENTS.
I don't want to live a lazy but comfortable life.
I want to have a hectic and successful life.

Okayokay just in my youth. Until my forties.
And then I reap what I sow. Enjoy.
Okaokay until fifties if I have to work that long.

Money never seems enough. 

Look at this takoyaki I have here. It's a little over 5 bucks. RM5.30 to be precise. 
 I'd have to stand an hour and serve customers for it.

Worse, if you count the usb port and sd card reader I bought today. 
RM50- ten hours. 
 !!!!!?!! That thing doesn't even look like I need to work 10 hours for it!

Shiseido mask. RM145. 
30 hours- fuck my life.

That's the problem. :/ From birth until now, I only know how to spend money. 
Spend, know the price but never really know the value. 
Never earned a penny on my own. 

I can't earn like my dad, but I spend like I do. 
That's.. the problem.


...Work like him too.

Outift for the day. What I remember...

Top from Guess, Bottom & Bag from Jaspal, Shoes from Charles & Keith, Watch & necklace charm from Juicy, Belt from dunnowhere, Headband worn as necklace from Deeper & Harder.

I love shoes from Charles & Keith. My feet likes it. Four and a half inch, was out for 5 hours but it didn't hurt that bad. Usually after 4 hours, I'd be dying to take off my heels. But sometimes. I like the pain. The way it stretches my feet and puts pressure on my soles.


From under the table. 

While eating at Sushi Zanmai. 

I said to someone- I think for everyday I work, I'd spend half of my wage. 
Sushi, RM30 gone. Parking, petrol, toll- about RM15 gone.
I mean. What to do. Work in a mall. 

When I'm in a mall, all I think about is shopping.
Buying things.

But I want to be a salesperson for boutiques. I want to sell clothes.
 Do something with fashion. Learn how to run a store. 


Gwenllian is also very bad.

I said photoshoot to try out camera. She said her main thing was photoshoot, not jobhunting.

Okay I failed too. I will learn to dress more black and boring the next time. Practical. 

We wondered where to do photoshoot. Desa Park is good, but it was dark already. SO. LaSenza fitting room it was. ^^ Xuan wanted me to mute the camera but the shutter sound comes from the mechanism lol.

Their wallpaper after renovation- awesome.

I like taking photos with flash. Hair becomes shiny, makes your skintone even and fairer, lips more pouty. But this camera. Doesn't like to use flash. It refuses to use flash sometimes. Lanyeng.


And then we head home.

Honestly, I always have trouble remembering where I park.
If you sit in my car, please do remember.
Most of my friends do la ^^

Tested camera on teh car.

Taken without flash, at night. 

(Y) ^^

 Rims rims rims.

Old photos from Aus found in bro's cam.


iGood at taking candids. iGood.

Recap of emo picture.

I like looking at sea, at how the waves move.
And I realized... I'm sitting like my dad here...


The grass in Australia. Cleaner weyh seriously. Maybe because it's not hot and humid all the time.
I dunno eh. Their grass is like... thicker and more rubbery.

Long sleeve from Taiwan, skirt from... Giza? Leggings, part of long johns dad forced to buy from Universal Travellers. Boots from Forever 21. And look at my fucking camera. Oh how I mourn for you at the edge of my gloved fingers. Gloves stolen from my belather. It has penguin on top. PENGUIN.

The sweet times I had looking at myself in your dual screen. How easy you made things to be.

Oh yeah. MV800.

This cam caught my eye. Dual LCD is totes essential for vainpots. But I'd get Pen MINI first. Hmm. Or only Pen. Tried it today while buying the sd card thingy. Yeh I still want it. Bro's cam is nice but I feel pressured bringing it. If I lost my own camera, I only have myself to be mad at. If I lost my bro's cam... sigh even if he doesn't scold me I'd feel bad. 

Like when I lost his handphone. Well it got stolen. But hey. He broke my Acer monitor before..!

My favourite background. Is brick-a-brick walls. Because they match my skintone and the things that I wear. Leopard print. Red clothes. Union jack. Whatever.

Bric a bric!

Slyvanian Families. 

My models. For making miniature clothes and photography. OH YEH. It's been a long time I've sewn clothes for them. I feel like it. But laptop hogging the space.. Okla move la move la.

Toys like that are fun to capture. Pretty in the first place.

And last but not least, DOG.

Lucian. Likes getting scratched.

Good dog greg.

HAHAHAH! True that. Dogs to that all the time.

lol :/

Heh, well that's all for today.

Bye...! :)