Friday, 10 February 2012

Before I leave...!

I feel so odd because it's been a long time since I've done a haolian post. How can. Sacrificing sleep to do this. Have to wake up for Pe-Pe-Penang in a few hours! First road trip with just friends. :) HEHE.



Each person had to fork out RM400 each. I hope it'll be worth it. Initially planned to huddle in some run-down apartment. But Daniel was the planner, and he would never let that happen. 


His motto. What we have, is money.

HAHAH everyone's wallet bleeding profusely. But I don't mind, because money is meant to be spent. Being able to buy an experience is priceless. Though I'll still try to save, because... well I don't know how to earn money yet. :3

Went to Tesco today, accompany Ming Chun settle airplane shit. Booked for Weng Hock too. Their parents afraid of P holders driving so far blablablablablablablablabablaa. 

Hmm. Me, I think I'll let my kids go on trips like this when they're over 15. Give them the freedom to explore life, and if they die doing it... well it was their choice. I don't want my kid to live like a puppet. A puppet is more lifeless than someone who died on an adventure.

Aww <3

Rysher brought Xuan to meet up with us and they went 1U later. Like 9. LOL SHO LATE.

Xuan kept saying she wanted to buy a remote-controlled helicopter. Then I dragged Rysher like ahsum and hint him not so discreetly, Valentine's Day coming, Xuan has her eye on toy heli you know blabalbalbla... I kid I kid. ^^

Will be gone tomorrow morning and coming back on Valentine's Day. Lol. =.= They say V day is not real, you don't love your partner only one day in a year blablalbla... but you know what? You love her all year long, just that V Day is one of those special days that urge you to SHOW it. 

I think it's nice to have a special day for love. Because love is important.

I love papa. I miss chuckie. I love my brother. Oh ya I wondering why his car gone, it went to touch-up painting. !@#$ sho nice! ... I love my friends, My gou gou gang. I love my home, love my bed, love the clothes in my wardrobe and the home I'm in. I love myself also. 


Deng yesterday PMS today high. Life is like that. :)

Bought a lot of shit so my body wouldn't dare to get sick. Strepsils panadols salonpas byebyefever minyakkapak blablablabla. I would be glad to be sick if I have school but fuck school I'm so free. AHAHAHA. Kid kid school was good...!

I haven't packed yet. I wanna pack light. Four days hmm. Six tops. Four bottoms. Gao dim? Also have to:


And I refuse to bring toothbrush nor shampoo. Five star hotel ma. ParkROYAL ma. 

I like packing, getting ready for a road trip. I don't like unpacking, and forgetting where to store things.


You should never, never do this to any Fisherman's Friend you see. NEVER.
Especially your friend's. Becausethisistheoldpackaging and the new one has a ziplock seal that you can open and close anytime without tearing the lovely new packaging apart!

I DAMN DULAN! !@#$% I bought a new pack, a NEW ONE, and Ming Chun wanted one, gave him whole packet snap he did just as shown as the no-no picture above. Ma de. One of my pet peeves will be this. Tearing apart a ziplock FF.

Trololo okay la small matter la. Jun Wen was the first one who did it before. But she cute, I forgive her. And it wasn't a new pack. This one I got so heart-broken I gave him the whole packet. Put inside my bag, they spill. Ma de. 

My favourite is the Apple & Cinnamon :) I used to steal the lemon ones from Mama before the new flavour came. I like eating them because they are not tasty but very cooling for the throat. I like that they are not too tasty because I can refrain from eating them for fun. My throat always gets heaty because of all the salty fuck I love.


When eating Japanese food, everything in life is suddenly okay for a while. More than okay, it becomes wonderful. Fucking wonderful. Unadon! Unagi with rice! Tempura udon! Fat noodles with fried prawn! Gyoza! Juicy dumplings! Sushi! Caterpillar roll! 


Okay la we went to DPC to meet up with Weng Hock and dined at Rakuzen- you know la I drag people to Japanese restaurants when they let me.

We sat outside because inside was full. I was so afraid it was going to close. =.= Because I'm used to sleeping late I often forget that not everyone sleeps late and shops close early. Anything before midnight is early la.

And the waiters are often inside. I banged the table and whined because I was hungry.... Weng Hock buried his face. Because other patrons were looking at me. AHAHA. You know I have this thing. I am too thick-face. I don't care when people are staring. 

Oh ya. I can do this in a middle of a shopping complex.

It's okay one.

After that Weng Hock wanted to eat at somewhere cheaper, but I said I wanted to go home. Haven't pack too. Not even now lol. Ming Chun asked why I didn't follow. Weng Hock answered- Oh, Karen has two rules when it comes to eating out.

Number one- must have air-conditioning
Number two- must not have plastic chairs

Lol he rememberedddd ^^v He said he wanted to eat somewhere cheap last time, and I told him sure... but must have aircond and cannot have plastic chairs. Because... Malaysia is too hot.

HAHA! Gou gou trip, wait for me to come back! Time to pack! WEEEE!

Wait for me to come back! :) hehe

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