Thursday, 2 February 2012

Being a girl is not a liability

Every teenager must know how to scheme.

The best memories come from the naughtiest ideas.

Young and free, don't be afraid to do what you want.

Good grief I hate pussies who never fight for what they want. 

What got me thinking? Friends are asking for permission to go on Penang trip recently, turn out almost all the guys on and all of the girls have problem. Seriously?

Simply despise gender disparity. One of the fucking worse things to hear is when you ask someone why you can't do something, and they reply- "Because you're a girl". Dumbfuck. Being a girl is not a liability; not an excuse for you to say I can't do it. Please get this straight.

But. I do understand that parents worry their girls get taken advantage of and whatnot. Sleepover, automatically think- "OH SHE MUST BE HAVING SEX". 

Guys? Guys sleepover nothing, won't get taken advantage. Like the acception by society of guys having sex with mutiple partners, but not when it comes to girls. The theory? A key that opens many locks is good, but a lock that is opened by many keys... not so.

Course, this is just metaphorically-speaking. In this day and time, the thinking is you're willing I'm willing, no one is really a victim of anything. The lock was opened, because it was willing!

But honestly. If you want to live a life without danger, you have not lived at all. Don't drive, you'll get accident. Don't go work, you'll get fired. Don't get pregnant, you'll get miscarriage. Don't go vacations, you'll get misfortunes.

You get my point? Can't do a fucking thing, if you are always afraid of the odds. There are always risks. Doesn't mean you can use it as an excuse. You want to do what? Stay at home all the fucking time? 

I don't mind facing consequences from my choices, at least I suffered on my own accord. 

Better to die on my own will than live by someone else's.

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