Tuesday, 7 February 2012

CNY's over

My last post, felt like a long time ago.

A lot has happened in between. The interesting ones are just ones that can't be told in public. :/

Just the rules yo :)

Chubby cheeks, what to do. Expressive peepo. 

I love my friends, I love insulting them too. ^^

Xuan has a habit of leaving things at my house. No, she has a habit of forgetting things. Her Kitschen shopping bag, AX slippers, at least two tank tops, denim shorts, silver arm band. Dunno what else. Sim Kuan forgot to take back her diamante lizard ring.

And oh. I found an Extra chewing gum canister near the TV, and you know the rules- if you see candy, eat them. Thought the yellow pellet shapes looked odd but popped them in my mouth anyway. Little cousin kept warning me not to eat them, didn't diao him. I thought because he didn't want me to eat his sweets. 

Ma de. Kept trying to chew them, they didn't break apart. Then my uncle told me it was pellets for his BB gun. Spat it out straight to the bin.


Shortly after there was a dead lizard on the porch. Uncle shot lizards on the ceiling to feed his tortoise. ??!?!? "Headshot" I don't mind lizards though, they eat insects. I hate insects more, especially mosquitoes. Little cousin in my room playing iPad, he had the consideration to announce he farted after I complained of the sudden rush of smell in my room one time too many.

Actually I don't know what the fuck I'm writing. 

My mind is blank.

I don't have the mood to put pictures today.

On Friday. Yes on Friday. Went to Mist at Bangsar. Annie was supposed to bring us in but they cancelled and switched plans last minute. Went in the end, because of Sim Kuan's insistence.

Happened because SK's college friends was able to bring us in. That's nice. I keep thinking SK is Jennifer now. "Hi, I'm Jennifer". "Hi, I'm Jennifer". "Hi, I'm Jennifer". "Hi, I'm Jennifer". Hearing it so many times, kinda gets caught up in your head, doesn't it.

Mist was just like what Sizo said, a bigger version of Movida. But the people dress up more seriously there. The thing I dulan, no dance platforms- only dance floor. I suppose they have a stage where you can dance, but nobody really dances there. Unless they feel really high, I guess.

There was a girl on stage wearing white tank top and platform heels that were at least 6", getting the attention of the night. Top of her bra and bottom of the panties, revealed. Heard a guy behind me saying, "Hui geh bo hou lan dai arh!". Literally, her boobs **** **** big.

We stayed for a while, then left. More like a night to survey what Mist is like. I think it would be fun, if there was the party mood. And we went back to Giza again. Beer Factory. And Saturday, again. S.O.S. ***** ** saturdays. I think Jennie should be able to get this. ^^

I need to tone down. Less of that. Thing. And do more decent. Things. I don't know. Me feeling lost.

I don't know what the fuck I'm doing when I'm dancing. But it's always what I do, post-alcohol. Also sometimes when I'm bored with an iPod and a mirror. But the first I got tips, I dragged my friends on stage. It was like. Instinct.

When happiness was a rainbow, you taught me to wait for the rain to end.

When the rain never ceased, you taught me the art of dancing in the rain.

When sadness was the sea, you taught me how to swim.

When fear was a towering mountain, you taught me to climb over it.

When doubts were my nightmares, you told me I can always wake up from it.

When hope was as far as the skies, you taught me there's always rockets.

When waiting became painful, you told me some things are worth waiting for.

When love came in a hug, you taught me to have my arms wide open.

When passion was an oil lamp, you taught me to never stop adding the fuel. 

???? Lol. I couldn't sleep. I had an hour of nap. I woke up and remember I hadn't finish my blog. While I was awake I kept thinking about things other people taught me. The first one was- When sadness was the sea. That one, I read it from Tumblr. The others, I wrote them in my heart. x


I am very bored, and I realize I need to get myself straight after Penang trip. Actually, I've used a lot of things before this. After SPM. Then after New Year's. Then after Chinese New Year's. Boy it never fucking ends for procrastination

Things I'm interested with right now? All very... haolian. Vain. Dressing up. Taking photos. Hanging out with friends. Make it sound nicer? Fashion design. Photography. Mass communication.

... ^^

I had my last yee sang on the last day of Chinese New Year. Life is good so far. 

Time for breakfast, I can't remember the last time I literally had breakfast, before afternoon came.

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