Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Fun In The Sun


I'm back... from Penang! Since Monday. The moment I'm typing this, it's Wednesday morning. Hadn't slept yet. Just felt like blogging. :)

How was the trip?

It was fun, and just like I hoped for.

Having tons of fun with close friends- the *dog* gang.

For four days; three nights.

A total of four cars went. 

We met up at Desa Park City private parking. Typical meeting place. Umm. Sim Kuan was taking Siet Yen and Xuan, and I always have this thing of being afraid to be the first to arrive when it comes to outings. So... I try to make sure someone is already there...

And I was taking my time...

And I ended up... being the last one arrive.

Lol. I don't want like that. Like princess- bad attitude. But I'm seriously bad at time-keeping. Xuan too, she can dilly-dally forever. But it's okay, when I arrived they were taking a group picture. Sim Kuan's motto for the trip- "Everybody, come take peee-chiahhhhh ^^ <3". 

*while holding camera and flapping her arms and jumping around

Sim Kuan is the happy annoying noisy child during the trip.

See. Her mouth always open. Never stop talking one. 


She's carrying Juliet. Her favourite soft toy. She had it since she was 6. Wow. It still looks... normal.

Xuan carries another soft toy, an elephant called Ellie. But Ellie the elephant is so tiny. 

Elephants are supposed to be big.

Therefore, Ellie is not an elephant.


I have a favourite soft toy, too. He is called Rex the T-Rex (captain obvious). Perhaps I will show you one day. I used to have a very unbreakable relationship with him, until I had to grow up. 

Now, I just have Rilakkuma in my car. And another one in my bed. ^^v

I still miss Chuckie. ...Jibai.

This was the car leading the way. Vinoth the keling's car. The one fitted with GPS. He suits to be the leader; drives fast like a dog. Nickname- commander.

Scumbag commander- tells you he'll wake you up at 8 in the morning but falls asleep before 7am reaches.

The other cars- Daniel with his brother's Suzuki Swift, Rysher with his white Myvi, Qi Yao with his brother's white Vios.

Fourteen people went- Qi Yao, Daniel, Rysher, Vinoth, Me, Sim Kuan, Xuan, Siet Yen, Xian Jiong, King Jiat, Phin Chin, Ming Chun, Ding, Weng Hock

This was our room. 

The Girl's. 

Siet Yen, Sim Kuan, Xuan and I. ^^

We slept according to that position.

Sleep together, you'll know who hogs the covers, who snores, who's the grumpiest in the morning...

Our room was 359. Another two- 361 and 363. 

They promised us adjoining doors but that didn't happen. :3

But still, our rooms were just beside each other. Three in a row!

And got complained that we were too loud. Teenage life, doing it right.

361 were the non-smokers, the decent ones- Qi Yao, Ming Chun, Phin Chin and Weng Hock.

363? ahem... Daniel, King Jiat, Rysher, Ding, Vinoth. Where all the beers were kept. And the messiest.

Where we bought our beer- Tesco. 

I despise buying beer, because I never drink them. So bitter. The four tastes, it's the one I hate the most. 

In ascending order of likeability- bitter, sour, sweet, salty.

Tesco, always have this auntie. Shoo us for taking pictures. I googled, they say any public property can be shot. If you have permission to enter, you have permission to shoot. But, I respect if you say no pics allowed. Tesco never warn, straightaway diao. 

Daniel? He said, "Chill la fuck" to the auntie.


They also bought RM2.90 rubber slippers. Not bad. They might last longer than RM80 ones from Roxy.

After four hours of winding roads and endless stretches of highway- we arrived.

Parkroyal Hotel!

Props to our drivers! Nobody died on the way!

We won!


Oh yeah btw that was the view from my hotel window. They say sea view?? More like tree view? The hotel was not bad, the good thing is it's the hotel that's the closest fuck you can get to the beach. We walked there each time.

It was like... walking from primary, to secondary, in Bestari. My... high school. :)

And oh of course! The pool.

Daniel said it used to have a bar in the middle, they changed it. But they still have a slide! The guard asked us not to go too fast, take turns. Nice advice, I almost hit Phin Chin on my way down. =.=

And tip for girls, tie your swimsuits tight when you do stuff that will involve water washing you hard. SERIOUS.

Invest in a good swimsuit that will flatter your figure, enhance your assets and hide your flaws.

The dudes.

Quite a few ang mohs by the pool. Other well-known hotels- Hard Rock, Shangri-La, Holiday Inn. Hard Rock looks nice, but more expensive and far to the beach.

The beach was sex. Sun, sand and the sea. 

I love the sea. I love the sand. But I can tell you that at the same time, I'm afraid of the sea. 

I'll tell you why later :)

Purple halter bikini from The Curve. Skirt from.. Triumph.

The beach is the only place where it's socially acceptable to wear less cloth than your underwear. And the pool. But the beach... is awesome for taking pictures.

Sunglasses is also a must if you don't wanna fry your eyes. Everyone was smart, brought their own.

Ray-bans everywhere. Yat zat aviators.

The ladies.

Deleted scenes from Baywatch.

Unreleased copy of S-Cawai.

 Preview of VS catalogue.

 Random advert for Roxy.

And the last one... horse-riding lessons for Jelly magazine.


Sorry ah.

Couldn't resist. ^^


Photos from DSLR leh. Editing by pro leh. Modelling by haolian people leh. You know how self-obsessed I am? I'd stay up to 7 in the morning to blog about myself.

... Fuck it, it's already 7, and I'm only about halfway through here.

Three of us brought two swimsuits each- me the purple bikini and the red monokini. Xuan too, but I know she has a lot of swimsuits. She has a nice bikini bod. Siet Yen was the one who brought three bikinis, but she covered it up all the time... ?!?!? Dafuq!

Oh yeah the red monokini- Xuan has the same one in pink. Actually.. I bought the pink one but ended up exchanging it for the red one from Xuan. Bought from the same guy at The Curve. :D Pink suits her skin tone more. Red ... is for me! I love red!

That's why my car is red!

Leopard-print too, I laik.

This dress is my "lazy-butwanttolook-dressed-up" dress. I realize I tend to bring my favourite clothings. Those are the ones that are comfy to wear but also chic to look at. 

Though.. I get lazy to dress up when I'm on a trip. And finishing touches are what sets you apart!

Prettiness gives no space for laziness!

Wanted to pack light, was afraid to forget things. I hate responsibilities- the whole taking care of things shenanigan. So scared when I thought I forgot my favourite skirt at the beach. Daniel got his shorts washed away.

... He put it too close to the shore. The waves came. Siet Yen kept blabbering about mermaid taking his shorts.?!?!?!? Well during full moon the moon's gravity gets combined with the sun and they make stronger tides. ^^v

For the first night we went to Room 363 to watch... High School Musical for a while. Ahem. I went to bed early that night, because I didn't manage to sleep the night before.

Was too.. excited.

Before that we went to eat at the street full of Hawker Stall. I don't know what shit. Botega? Bodaiga??!?! I dunno. Mochi. Fried oyster omelette. Very nice. Kuey teow and assam laksa. Very nice.

Second night, we went to SixtyNine, a clubbing spot very near to our hotel.

Right time, Saturday night is for clubbing.

They say Penang nightlife very ON??? Another one called MOIS I think but it's too far. Our hotel was at Batu Ferringhi and everytime we wanted to come out we had to drift. All the curved roads round the hill. They dizzy us.

Inside the mansion, it was very nice. With the pool and all. Western style. But. One but. There were no platforms for dancing and there wasn't enough people. Clubs- I like it when there's so many people I barely have room to breathe.

Okay la exaggerating. But. I want the place to be packed.

Nevermind, I danced in front of a mirror. I do that all the time at home, just that I'm in a club and I have speakers instead of iPod. The guys wonder why I can stand in front of a mirror in public and shake. I dunno man.

I'm in my own world. When I drink, I have to shake. When I know I won't shake, I don't drink- My principle when it comes to drinking.

Second round, beer.

We would soon learn that we should never ever, never, never
 mix spirits with beer.

Never, ever. 
Never, ever.

I didn't drink too much, I didn't want to hassle my friends to take care of me. I like to drink, when it's only my girls, so not many would see how drunk I am. ^^ 

Second night was when everyone had the party mood, and wasn't afraid of drinking.
And drinking.

Even Siet Yen tried to get drunk. But... she didn't even get to puking stage. Sim Kuan, she didn't, thank goodness. Because she... like most people, does not know she is drunk when she is. ^^ But she knows how to control now, la. And alcohol capacity better than Xuan and I.

Qi Yao also does not really get drunk. Ming Chun says because the time it takes for him to drink 1 beer can is when others have downed 5. Hmm. I dunno true anot. ^^ 

Xian Jiong is the one who always ends up taking care of others. He has never really gotten drunk before, and that's kinda sad. Him, like Siet Yen, are one of the hard ones to get drunk. They friggin pee everything out before the alcohol hits.

?!?! =.=

I get headache, then puke. They come out of the toilet after peeing and it's nothing. Ma de.

Ding is the one who drinks until his whole body turns purple. Very fast. Daniel is the one who abuses his body and drinks whatever it takes to get drunk. I think. ^^ 

That was also the night Xuan passed out, and I was really scared she would die on me. Called ambulance, did CPR, mouth-to-mouth, all that shit. I shouted for her not to die on me. 

She opened her eyes and laughed. 
She told me next day that she was tired but my face looked retarded, so she laughed.

Alcohol intoxication, and she left her meds at home. She also passed out the next night, because she took alcohol despite of doctor's insistent warnings. She is stubborn, liddat. Next night she fainted, I already bo diao. Because. Well, now I know that's her pattern. 

People get sorethroats, she gets blackouts. 

After she was awake, she danced. 
Can like this one meh?!

Didn't sleep on the second night until 9 in the morning. 2am-7am, took care of drunk people especially Xuan. By taking care I mean forcing them up to the hotel room and making them sleep. 

After 7, I went breakfast alone and I realized I was hungry. It was yummy. Yogurt, pancakes, butter, peanut, choco, kuey teow, egg tarts, whatever shit. Ate instead of sleeping. 

And then Daniel, Xian Jiong and Ming Chun came. Asked me to go swimming, I did. For two hours. They talked crap. About last night. Daniel was having difficulty breathing just a few hours before. And then he's swimming. Fucking swimming!

Teenagers- we think we are invisible. And we are, but only for so long.

Third night was barbequing by the beach.

At first everyone was excited.

But then the rain came.

And we kept moving places. Vinoth, Daniel, Qi Yao. The ones who kept cooking. And then Vinoth and Daniel left. Cold meatballs, raw sausages, eat only. 

I don't usually like sausages, but for some reason.. I don't mind barbequed sausages.

This is like... playing masak-masak, but teen's version. 

Not bad :)

Sim Kuan loves her corn. I miss Jin Fye's humungous mushrooms. So wasted that some of them couldn't come. Miss out on the fun, oh boy!

Sitting on the ice box, until it got... dented.

But not just me! Plenty of people sat too. ^^

After this, well.. they had beer again, plus Bacardi rum. 

I mean look at their faces.

No one ever gets so happy by simply talking....

I didn't have the mood to drink. Didn't go club ma.

The guys also went fishing before that, they got a salmon. A girl from Japan. Megumi Tsuruma dunno what shit. Umm. From my observation I think she would go for Phin Chin. But. These things, easy come easy go. 

They happen fast; they "unhappen" fast.

Oh yeah more on the beach..!

The best thing to do was jetski. RM60 for two person, 20 mins.

The first try was awesome, went on the jetski for at least 40 mins. Because Xuan... didn't bother going back. "Nobody called". But cb kj asked the people to ask us to come back. We went quite far, to another island. I tried driving it a while on the way back. 

It is nice. But I am lazy. I prefer to do the riding. AHA! ^^

Second try, rode it with Sim Kuan. I fell in the middle of the ocean during a sudden turn. Jetski overturned. I was really scared. Of the jellyfish. Because a jellyfish passed by and stung Kj's feet, and it wasn't even on purpose. Kj had to limp. I don't want injuries, I sure I act like cripple.

Sim Kuan got on to the jetski quick, I had trouble with climbing on it. I screamed. Sorry for that. ^^ I panicked. Sim Kuan got the jetski with the faster motor. Initially wanted to go to Rysher's jetski but he asked me to try going to Sim Kuan's. 

Swimming in the middle wondering which one to go. And then Rysher explained later, it was because he was scared of coming towards me and the jetski would hit me. So. It wasn't because he didn't want to save me but because he was scared to hit me.

Explaination win lo. Sometimes, we have to see it from someone's point of view and not assume the worst. So that misunderstandings don't happen.

In the end, rode onto Xuan's jetski. Yeh. That day, there was this picky auntie who warned that she'll charge us more if we came back late. :( 

Dog gang ask us to say we are from Pahang or whatever is they ask. Because they conned an ang moh Rm100 for 20 mins. =.=

 Another thing was para-gliding. Rm120 for 2 persons and Rm80 for one? I think. 

Everything damn expensive. What to do. Tourist business.

I remember reading about it when I was up early on the first night. I snacked on 5 mini packs of Super Ring around 5 in the morning. 

On the bathtub- pretending it was my bed
What I do when I can't sleep during hotel stays.
.I like to lie down.
  When I want to rest, I always find a spot to lay horizontal.

Too bad no magazine.
I love eating salty and crispy and saucy shit while reading. 
Fashion magazines or newspaper.

Paragliding, didn't get to try it. Save it for next time maybe? :/ Dog gang itching to go on another trip. Langkawi, Pangkor, blablabalbal. Everyone was like YES YES we miss penang! But... I think we'll probably forget about it. 

Life is not all about having fun.
Though for now..that seems to be the case?!


Just for now. Hehe.

There was also horse-riding. The guy recognized us and let us take pictures with the horsey. I am scared because he looked so big. He reminded me of Weng Hock.

Because his mouth is also so big.

Horse riding was RM40 for two persons. A short ride. Romantic but bumpy. I want to ride on a horse with my boy during a sunset. 

Wah damn got feel weyh.

There was also Banana Boat. Rm20 for each person. Okay la.

Um. I think you should ride on banana before jetski. Because if you ride it after jetski, you'll wonder why is it so slow. The "driver" let the guys drop. They dropped into the sea two times. Oh God I hate that. Dropping in the middle of the sea. 

If scuba-diving nevermind, I'll be mentally-prepared. Drop me suddenly? 

Xian Jiong came back with a nosebleed because he hit Weng Hock's leg during the drop. I think. Kj, that was when he got the jellyfish sting. 

Oh yeah I said jellyfish will come and get you when you pee in the water. I said like macam yes. But actually... what I read was someone said the cure for jellyfish stings was to pee on it. 

Lol. ^^

iGoogled. Actually, not pee. It is fiction from Tv show. Just rinse with saltwater, or vinegar. Or 5% acetic acid. But never with freshwater, because it will upset balance of solutes. And do not scratch, might set off the venom. 

Pain peaks 5mins after stung, dissipates over the next few hours and be gone by 24 hours. 
Generally, lo.

What else I'm afraid of? Sharks. Sea urchins. Crabs. Anything spiky. Eels. Snakes. AIYER!

Other than that, we also went to eat at a Japanese restaurant. 

Go Penang eat sushi. Problem?

Sim Kuan was the one who fought for it, won by beating scissors paper stone with Kj. ^^ 

The resto smelled a bit at first, but you know your nose gets kinda inured to it after a while. Had some very nice sushi. Maki rolls. Unagi. Or udon.

Four of us- Xuan, Me, Siet Yen, Sim Kuan. ^^v

Siet Yen brought us to this place. A port. The jap resto was inside it. Her brother comes here often, like almost every weekend. So she always asks her bro for recommendations. Heh.

And well. That was the end of it.

Short and sweet.

I miss waking up to my dogs every morning.

I miss being able to walk to the beach.

I miss lying around half-naked.

It was fun.
I'm glad we made it happen.

Couldn't have asked for more. 


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