Monday, 20 February 2012

I need/want

I get over of things quick, but of course I need new things to move on to.

I lost two things, I need to replace them.

iPhone 4.

Old one that got stolen- iPhone 3Gs. 
Always having blackouts because I've dropped it a bajillion times.
 Good luck to whoever wants to use it.

Oh yeah. I'm back to my old number. Got back simcard.
The number I had since I was 10 years old.
Using Blackberry for now. It's so odd without touchscreen.
I want internet on my phone. 
No twitter. No instagram. Nothing to check on my phone.

Olympus Pen MINI.

I have no friggin' idea how to do a blog without pictures.
Do you know how hard and awkward it is without my routine.
Dress up, take pictures, filter, edit, post.
Now? Dress up... and then... ahem. Nothing.
Because I don't have a fucking camera.

Honestly, I'd rather he took my phone than my camera. 
Because the phone was nearing its expiry date while the camera could've last.
I mean I want Pen MINI but I'd also like the option of taking a big cam, or a small cam.
Now the only option is big cam.
But I don't even have the big cam, yet.
How to live without a cam? Wtfbbqq?

Sorry. Rantsandblabberments.

Which brings me to one conclusion- 
I need money.
I need job.

Robbery, left me broke. 
Go job-hunting at 1U. 
RM8 per hour? Sales? RM100 a day? Promoter?

Wants high pay but no experience?
Lol? ^^

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