Thursday, 23 February 2012


I've recovered from the stealing incident. Umm. 40%? ^^ Because I've got a Blackberry phone to use and my brother's camera for now- Sony Nex-3. It's in... pink. ?!?!

 Typical micro four thirds camera. 
Good quality, less bulky than DSLR but more exy than digi cam.
anddoyouknowhowfuckinghard itistolivewithout a camera
especiallysomeonewith a blog

Today was supposed to be job-hunting. 

No idea what we're doing. Just walked into whichever shop that looked interesting and enquire. I wished Li Chen was here because she has job experience and all.

"Are you hiring?" "Is there job vacancy?" blablbala the whole day.

Sometimes they don't put a sign that they're hiring, but they actually are. So you have to ask shamelessly. Xuan was the one who started asking first at Tommy Hilfigier. But- pay was only 5 bucks an hour.

... I was dreaming of 8 bucks per hour. 
But in reality, 6 bucks per hour is already not bad. 

Xuan's sis advised her to dress more toned-down. Dressing up makes people think you're high maintenance :/ First impression is hella important. 

Xuan found 5 shops. Lovely lace, Tommy, Warehouse... umm forgot the other two. I only found two- Uniqlo and Guess. Others say, "We're full" and "Not hiring". 

I want Uniqlo, MAN. 8 bucks and the staff looks friendly. 
But you know all of them are like, "we'll call you back". 

But I don't think they ever do. 
Which means I can't stop here. Have to try for more other days. AH. 

*left work experience and employer references blank*
"Oh. No work experience...?"
"Umm... No."

Peek at Blackberry, it says 23 Feb. 
*writes on applicant form 23 Feb*
"Oh actually... today is 22 Feb"

!@#$% DAMN BIMBO. damnyoublackberry

"How old are you this year?"
"I'm eighteen" :))
"When's your birthday?"
"... March"

What do they look for? How long you can work. If you have any experience. If you're old enough. If you look capable. And whatever they say- appearance matters.

I really want to work. I have the mood to do something productive now. 
I'm afraid if I stall, I'll stay lazy forever.

Please don't. I don't want to be useless.
I want to do a lot things. ACCOMPLISHMENTS.
I don't want to live a lazy but comfortable life.
I want to have a hectic and successful life.

Okayokay just in my youth. Until my forties.
And then I reap what I sow. Enjoy.
Okaokay until fifties if I have to work that long.

Money never seems enough. 

Look at this takoyaki I have here. It's a little over 5 bucks. RM5.30 to be precise. 
 I'd have to stand an hour and serve customers for it.

Worse, if you count the usb port and sd card reader I bought today. 
RM50- ten hours. 
 !!!!!?!! That thing doesn't even look like I need to work 10 hours for it!

Shiseido mask. RM145. 
30 hours- fuck my life.

That's the problem. :/ From birth until now, I only know how to spend money. 
Spend, know the price but never really know the value. 
Never earned a penny on my own. 

I can't earn like my dad, but I spend like I do. 
That's.. the problem.


...Work like him too.

Outift for the day. What I remember...

Top from Guess, Bottom & Bag from Jaspal, Shoes from Charles & Keith, Watch & necklace charm from Juicy, Belt from dunnowhere, Headband worn as necklace from Deeper & Harder.

I love shoes from Charles & Keith. My feet likes it. Four and a half inch, was out for 5 hours but it didn't hurt that bad. Usually after 4 hours, I'd be dying to take off my heels. But sometimes. I like the pain. The way it stretches my feet and puts pressure on my soles.


From under the table. 

While eating at Sushi Zanmai. 

I said to someone- I think for everyday I work, I'd spend half of my wage. 
Sushi, RM30 gone. Parking, petrol, toll- about RM15 gone.
I mean. What to do. Work in a mall. 

When I'm in a mall, all I think about is shopping.
Buying things.

But I want to be a salesperson for boutiques. I want to sell clothes.
 Do something with fashion. Learn how to run a store. 


Gwenllian is also very bad.

I said photoshoot to try out camera. She said her main thing was photoshoot, not jobhunting.

Okay I failed too. I will learn to dress more black and boring the next time. Practical. 

We wondered where to do photoshoot. Desa Park is good, but it was dark already. SO. LaSenza fitting room it was. ^^ Xuan wanted me to mute the camera but the shutter sound comes from the mechanism lol.

Their wallpaper after renovation- awesome.

I like taking photos with flash. Hair becomes shiny, makes your skintone even and fairer, lips more pouty. But this camera. Doesn't like to use flash. It refuses to use flash sometimes. Lanyeng.


And then we head home.

Honestly, I always have trouble remembering where I park.
If you sit in my car, please do remember.
Most of my friends do la ^^

Tested camera on teh car.

Taken without flash, at night. 

(Y) ^^

 Rims rims rims.

Old photos from Aus found in bro's cam.


iGood at taking candids. iGood.

Recap of emo picture.

I like looking at sea, at how the waves move.
And I realized... I'm sitting like my dad here...


The grass in Australia. Cleaner weyh seriously. Maybe because it's not hot and humid all the time.
I dunno eh. Their grass is like... thicker and more rubbery.

Long sleeve from Taiwan, skirt from... Giza? Leggings, part of long johns dad forced to buy from Universal Travellers. Boots from Forever 21. And look at my fucking camera. Oh how I mourn for you at the edge of my gloved fingers. Gloves stolen from my belather. It has penguin on top. PENGUIN.

The sweet times I had looking at myself in your dual screen. How easy you made things to be.

Oh yeah. MV800.

This cam caught my eye. Dual LCD is totes essential for vainpots. But I'd get Pen MINI first. Hmm. Or only Pen. Tried it today while buying the sd card thingy. Yeh I still want it. Bro's cam is nice but I feel pressured bringing it. If I lost my own camera, I only have myself to be mad at. If I lost my bro's cam... sigh even if he doesn't scold me I'd feel bad. 

Like when I lost his handphone. Well it got stolen. But hey. He broke my Acer monitor before..!

My favourite background. Is brick-a-brick walls. Because they match my skintone and the things that I wear. Leopard print. Red clothes. Union jack. Whatever.

Bric a bric!

Slyvanian Families. 

My models. For making miniature clothes and photography. OH YEH. It's been a long time I've sewn clothes for them. I feel like it. But laptop hogging the space.. Okla move la move la.

Toys like that are fun to capture. Pretty in the first place.

And last but not least, DOG.

Lucian. Likes getting scratched.

Good dog greg.

HAHAHAH! True that. Dogs to that all the time.

lol :/

Heh, well that's all for today.

Bye...! :)

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