Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Say Our Goodbyes.

Today, one of our beloved dog has departed to Taiwan. 

Picture taken at KLIA on Monday, 28 Feb 2012.

Our beloved LJ.

Which LJ?

The one in blue. :)

Collage above done by LJ's darling, Sim Kuan. <3

S for Sim Kuan yo!

LJ/Raymond/King Jiat/Ah Jiat. 


Our moodle, he is leaving to study in Taiwan. Hospitality management. 

One word about him- he is very dog. HAHAH!

He is friendly, takes us to swimming all the time and provide entertainment for the whole DPC area.

Yeh, it feels weird- go DPC, no LJ.

He likes to insult people and slap girls. Serious.

But deep down he is a sensitive chick. 

In the morning we gathered at trademark place- DPC private parking. LJ's home territory. 
He went with his father. 
We go by ourselves.

Behind are Qi Yao's car and Sim Kuan's.
The three girls sat in the blue car- Keling's racing car.

Ding beside keling. He was afraid too, which is saying something because he drives like a dog.
Going 140km/h and overtaking with narrow spaces between cars.
ZOMG, really rollercoaster.
I don't dare driving during excursions like these. 
Later my car habis, let the guys roll.

We thought Qi Yao stuck to his trademark hamster place, 
but surprisingly he was the one who reached first and called us. 
I asked Siet Yen how fast he was going- 180km/h.
IMPOSSIBLE. Hamster fly also can't fly that fast !!!
Hahaha, 160 maybe? :3

Going to remote places, out of the city or suburbs-
very, very nice to speed.

We reached in one piece. No broken bones.
Spot keling, far behind in white shirt.

Oh yeah. Before that the girls came early. I CAME EARLIEST.
But then I went to eat dim sum with Jennie and Amanda, so in the end...
still arrived latest.

Salad prawn! Custard bun! Prawn rice roll! Salad dumpling!

Cheap and nice to stuff in yo mouth. Hot and juicy.
I tend to lean towards prawnny dim sum. I dunno why.
I love the steamer baskets. 

Using chopsticks is also nice, 
because the food is always bite size if it's meant to be used with chopsticks.
Ma de, long time never have dim sum brunch with family.

Last time it was always dim sum first, then shopping. 
Now- wake up too late, eat at shopping mall. DIU.



We camwhore everywhere, the guys beh tahan.
We so young.
Take pictures when we're old and haggish mei?!

Halfway through the dudes chanted this phrase.

This was what LJ always shouted in the morning while shaking our beds during penang...
When he wants to wake everyone up.
Deng. He has the nicest sleeping pattern along with Siet Yen.
Epitomes of 早睡早起身体好。

Sent him to the departure hall. Watched him go down the escalator.
O he cried. You know it's serious when guys start to cry. They ain't kidding.
Not like girls. Cut finger, cry. Bad results, cry. Sohem. HAHAHA ^^

Yeh, a lot of people will miss him. His belathers. Dog family. 
But I believe that even if distance or academic/career pursuits may put a gap between us,
we will always have the dog spirit in us.

June, he's coming back.
Maybe another trip.
Vinoth, going Singapore soon.
The others, Sim Kuan, Xian Jiong, Xuan, Siet Yen- going overseas to study.
But. Only after like 2 years? 
King Jiat's the first to leave, and that's always a hard thing to do.
Leaving your friends.
But he's brave to do that. 
Gain new experience.

When I was Form 4 I was eager to study overseas.
But then I feel so at home here.
But I know. Work at overseas fun. Espo for fashion! ^^

Chi Cheng letting us spank her butt.
She got potential. Steady.

Look at Daniel. Seriously.

The last.

Taken at DPC.

Siet Yen kept saying to Bee, she hungry. Her voice, really manja oh. 
And then Daniel them starting teasing her.
"You're the only person I know who's always hungry. 24/7 eat, not tiring???"


And then Qi Yao and Siet Yen, Bees. They ordered most.

Daniel shoot again.
"I am so full. This type, eat a little already full. Siet Yen, I guess you must be very full now".

Lol. Also saw Theng Loo, who was working at New Zealand.
And Nicole Yee Ruey.

The night before, Natalie came for sleepover.
Was glad to catch up, it's been a while. 
I thought we would grow apart, but it's like we talk and we still find the same style.
The same way we talk to each other.

Yeh I am glad to have her as a friend.
Speaking of which. Mei Yen MIA for long time. Ma de. 
Everyday work.

I think that friends- even if you get close with someone else,
you should always remember all the friends you've had, 
the people you were close with.

Because friendships are not disposable, 
but something that should be treasured like precious gems.

She left me with a nice saying-
"In 50 years time, you will regret more on the things you didn't do,
than the things you did."


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