Saturday, 18 February 2012


Today, my handbag got stolen.

Cut the story short, the staff found my handbag in the men's toilet.
I opened it...
Camera, handphone, money- gone.

Car keys, license, car license- there.

I was just glad to salvage what was left. Car keys was the most important one.
The staff was nice. They helped us with the CCTV and shit.

It's like Form 4 all over again, Form 1 all over again.
Well at least this time, it wasn't one of my friends who did it.
I hate having thieves among my friends, not being able to trust my friends
because there's always this asshole who tries to steal things
and looks at every personal belonging as an opportunity to steal.

If it's not yours, why do you think you have the right to own it?
Why do you try to make it yours by such underhanded ways?

I saw you on the TV screen, 
passing by and pretending to grab my bag like it was your fucking girlfriend's handbag.
I am angry... but I learnt my lesson.
Your things are your things, it's your responsibility to take care of them.
World's not perfect, people aren't perfect.

But... not to say that if rape happens,
you're gonna blame on the girl who got raped.
Blame on the rapist of course.
The girl was just unlucky enough to be the one.
Today I was unlucky enough to be the one.
Tomorrow I will learn to avoid being that one.

Camera, it's so hard for a haolian person to live without a camera.
Money, about 200 bucks gone I think. I didn't really count my money, but I refilled it today.
Lucky I used it on food, petrol and car lubricant.

Well. My handphone is going to stay the same. I mean the number.
Phone got stolen during Form 4 before. In class. 
Had that number since... 10 years old. When I first got my handphone.
When I was a kid, it was more of a handphone for my dad to call me, really.

Get new iPhone. I don't know how dad will react. Didn't tell him yet.
But I know that he doesn't like anything other than iPhones.
He use iPhone, whole family uses iPhone.
... Dad's logic.

But one I'll be eager to follow. :(

Camera? I wanted to keep the camera,
don't even know why that bastard took it.
I bought it for. RM899. How much can he sell it for anyway.
I can imagine him browsing through the pictures.
Didn't even manage to upload the latest of it.

Olympus PEN Mini, but that will have to wait.
Can't ask for so much.

I feel like a lot of shit has happened lately. 
Friend, blackout. Friend, lock up. 
Me, thief come.

But I was lucky to have friends helping me. 
Even the random dudes I've just known.
Sim Kuan was the most helpful one, like she lost her own handphone. Lol.

What else will be coming next. Car crash? Kidnap? Rape? 
I won't go on saying this will be a bad year
because it's a bad year for Dogs blablbalbal.
Because. Well. We're growing up and it's a pruning process.
Sometimes we make trouble, sometimes trouble comes to us.

Living on the sidelines is pointless, dying on the field is meaningful.

That's all. The rest, I'll rant it somewhere else. :)

Okay. Take care of your stuff!


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