Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The usual places


Catch up with Nicholas Ng at 1u in the afternoon, long time didn't see him. 
Because I MIA from church, eheh. :3
I will be back! 

When friends call me up, I am ON for sure.
Espo those I haven't seen in a long time. 
Need to catch up..!

Nic is smart. Suggest Sushi Zanmai.
Udon! Unagi! Win already!

Like 2 hours later,
Rakuzen with Jennie from da block.
When I crave it's not there, when I can have it,
it comes in double combos.

But wtf. Ate less but more exy.

Unagi roll, Sushi Zanmai - RM13.90
Same thing, Rakuzen- RM30.

I miss having iPhone. Now I am pissy when friends play on their iPhones.

Oh let me present you. 




 AHAHAH! Damn lifeless I know.

But what a special way to be lifeless.

Taken with Jennie's cam. She chose this dress because of the print. 
Mmm, might buy it next time.

Cats Whiskers.

This one is sorta of like a jersey ballerina dress, and I love those shit.
 Because the silhouette my body makes in those dress, suits.
Another one Jennie picked.

I need... top tight, especially the waist.
But bottom- flowy.

Didn't buy this one, I would snap it up if it was in another colour.
In real life. It looks a little housewife.
Or like red riding hood.
I DUNNO. Like country kid.

A lotta people like wearing those kind of tops.
Long-sleeved, buttoned-down, flowy tops. 

Reminds me of Ji Mun or Li Chen's style.

A little bit office lady. 
I don't like OL look on myself, a bit too serious.

And I hate seriousness
& responsibility. :/

Now? Sporty a bit? ^^

I want to get the grey top next time.
Only got the green skirt today.

Camwhoring in newly-put on clothes is fun.
Especially when you're not buying them.
Free fun. 

But always have to think if you really want the clothes.
Sometimes they mark up.

Like Jennie bought an identical dress from Giza for RM50,
but at Cats Whiskers it's RM70.
 But I bought a belt at KL for RM8,
identical one at Giza was RM20.
But then there was also these shoes at Kepong- RM150.
It was RM83 at Cats Whiskers.

SO. Hmm. Not everything is good, not everything is bad.

Buy only the things you want and you won't regret.
I very kiamsap when shopping.

I spend the least among my friends.

What else. Hairdo.

Xuan was the one who talked about it.
Because she likes to change her hair often.

For me I don't do anything as long as it looks healthy.
Because my hair is as stubborn as fuck. 

Thinking of dyeing a new colour.
But I'm not in a hurry to do it- yet.
Because it's like once you go there you can't go back.
People who've dyed their hair always continue.

I think black is a special hair colour for Asians.
Specifically black.
The long, shiny, ebony mane.

Oh wait. If I am to dye my hair. 
Picture above. A kind of deep red. 
Auburn maybe?

But I want the shade to be even. And shiny.
I hate dry uneven hair.
But caucasians can pull it off, in a nice way.
Like the beach hair.

Sim Kuan is thinking purple or blue dip-dye. I think.
Xuan is think copper red or brown. But I think brown suits her more.
The whole VS BLABLBLA kissme loveme

Oh wait. Shopping list.

  • Round Hair Brush. (to blowdry my hair with. it is so hard to dry without a brush)
  • Hair mist. I WANT SHINE and defense from cigarette smoke. TIGI save me!
  • Silver Nail Polish. Skin Food one finished. OPI?
  • Shiseido Purifying Mask- RM145
  • iPod Sync Thingy For Car
  • iPhone 4-RM1400+ with Data Plan
  • Olympus Pen Mini/ Samsung MV800 (?!?!) - RM1899/???
  • Hard disk to back up pictures and music. 100GB enough. Save RM4000 from buying new laptop. I smart eh.  
Completely irrelevant. But I keep forgetting.
Also reminds me. Job.
Whatever oh happened to job-hunting.
Telemarketing, RM10 an hour.
Might go for it.
All for today!

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