Thursday, 16 February 2012

V for...

Valentine's Day.

Everyone was busy celebrating with their loved ones. 
I was busy... doing advertisements for Sony VAIO.

Pink VAIO promotion:

??!?!? ^^

Lol just.. kidding.

Had dinner with the single ladies, single mingles. 
Xuan was the one who had the idea. 
And she said my blog not haolian enough. 


Just went to have dinner at Rakuzen, DPC.

One more shot!

Me, Sim Kuan and Xuan. 
So nice to have DSLR around.

Had to wait really long to get into Rakuzen. Because. 
Well, everyone's eating out to celebrate Valentine's. Had our dinner around 10. 


Xuan was editing pictures on her laptop. The swimsuit ones.
She was scared of people behind staring.
I cockstared like dog to make sure no one did. ^^

We also saw Shu Yin and Kok Leong.
The lovebirds.

Went to King Jiat's house at DPC after that. The FIFA house. 

So sad. After he's gone to Taiwan, less gatherings at DPC. 
One of the four houses in DPC will always be open for gathering because of King Jiat. Hehe ^^

King Jiat is warm and friendly and tiny. 
Sometimes he is annoying- when he tries to slap people.
Other times, he slap his friend's bird bird. 
"Let me bob".

Jennie and Xuan having hard time uploading photos.
Xuan had 800+.
DSLR too chio, easy to take good pics.

Jennie everytime says,
"Come take peeee jiahhhh!"
Few hundred there too, her uploader kept having problems.

But in the end, finished uploading. 

Wore mascara but lashes dropped. !@#$%

Xuan taught, important part is curling your lashes. 
Makes your eyes bigger.
I'm desperate for that.
Small eyes asian.
But still pretty.

But... mascara's so tiring to remove.


?!?!? I very bored. Nothing to blog also blog.
Bear with me ^^v

I like using eye shadow the most.
Shimmer! Shimmer!
Boom, boom, 
Shake, Shake.

Brown eyeshadow from Majolica Majorca my fav..! <3
I used to try eyeliners.
But... hands too clumsy oh.

This is my blog layout now.
I type like this now.

And I counted my previous blog post, about 3k words.
Wow. So hard-working and enthusiastic when writing about myself.

School essay? 1k also hard to reach. :/

With Daniel who hit his nose during diving. 


There was a sign which explicitly said, "No Diving".
"Now only you tell me"
Daniel said.

He tried to camwhore himself with my camera.
But he not shameless enough.
Kept laughing.

I don't laugh.
I smile for the camera.

Random pic of Siet Yen sleeping. 

Awww <3

She had the best sleep during the trip.
When she cannot sleep, 
she can always go to ** *** 


ME? Cannot sleep?
Others hope I cannot sleep.
To take care of the drunktards.

You know who you are.

Oh yeh. 
Went to Siet Yen's house yesterday night.
Watched horror movie with dog gang.

"Wrong Turn"
Three cannibals, eating everyone else who's normal.
Damn wai. Watched while eating pizza.
The blood looked like the tomato sauce.

Oh yeh.
Lemme intro to you my fav cartoons!

I stayed at home today. 
Jennie from the block came to drop by.
And I went out to buy food.

But other than that, totally lifeless.
Lifeless enough to watch cartoons. 
Tom & Jerry! 
If a classical song sounds familiar, prolly heard it from there.

1. Powerpuff Girls
2.Totally Spies
3.Foster's Imaginary Friends
4. Family Guy
5. My Little Pony

?!?! I dunno why I like them. All damn sohai.

And I always liked the redheads the most. Blossom and Sam. 
Everyone loved Bubbles. She was cute, but I thought she too much of a pussy.
And I tell you I very sad my Astro subscription doesn't include cartoon channels.
Want to watch sohai cartoons also cannot machaochao.

Family guy was because of Xuan. She liked to mimic Stewie. #yehdiu.
My little pony was... 9Gag. Rainbows, I like rainbows eh.

Dunno what else to write.

I'll find something else to entertain myself. 


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