Sunday, 25 March 2012

the one

 Harror :)

My bro took back his cam for his gf's bday so only phone pics for this post.
You know. I thought of getting a camera as bday pressie from dad.
But he gave me cash instead.

first world problems

Saturday, stayed in the whole day. Woke up for a while but in the end napped.
Until 8pm. Then at night Ding asked the girls to go Giza.
His brother was having his birthday there and 
got a table at Beer Factory.

And you know. I was right to stick to my one glass rule.
Some people, their bodies are made for getting drunk.
Me? I puke. Nuff said. ;(

 Friday was my most productive day. 
Woke up 7 plus, slept for 4 hours.
Finally registered my college.

Dad drove me there, no need waste time and straightaway paid deposit.
The details are a bit shakey though.
Intake will be around May, latest June.
School fees, not sure how much.
?!?! How come people still dare to register lol.

Me. I registered because...
well I don't know.
I just felt like going to this one.
HAHAHHA. Good enough of a reason? :3

Okay this is pretty personal.
At the end of filling the application form,
the lady asked me to take it back home and write about
why I want a career in fashion design
and why I chose The One.

It's been a while since I've done essays. 
I miss it. 

Saw Chun Moon and the gang. WTF, man.
Chun Moon, Min Limn, Yew Hoong and Kuang Wei.
All applying for Interior Design.

Xian Jiong is another one. He said carpool. Oh please T.T
I hate the fucking fuck traffic jam.
It's like one way from my house. 
Peak hour, con lan firm jam.

There is nothing in this world I hate 
more than waiting
and letting things waste my time.

Googled it, it's about 17km and takes about 26 mins.
But I guess with the jam... 26 becomes somewhere like 40? 

But okay :(

That's what I chose.
Shut up and stop complaining.
Keep calm and carry on.

A lot of schoolmates going college in the PJ area.
It's the hotspot. 

Taylors Lakeside- the same gang.
Siet Yen, Xuan, Li Chen, Jun Wen, Guat Tyng.
All studying business too. DANG!

Sunway- James, Kar Man, Kok Leong.
Not sure who else, meh.

Summary of my course.

Music to my ears. 
I have waited long for this. 
A decade.

Somewhere in between though,
I nonchalantly mouthed to my parents that I wanted to be a lawyer.

Because my brother was a stupiak bully
and I wanted justice to be served. D:<

Okay and then I grew up.
Still fashion all the way.

People are scared it's not a reliable degree
because you have to be well-known to earn nicely.
But hey. Imagine if I wanted to be a pianist or something.
Even harder. =.=

That's the thing about Art.
It's not about how much you make.
It's just. You like it so much you're consumed by it.

Oh yeh. The programme I'm taking is just diploma.
If I want degree, I'll have to go ESMOD in Paris or Tokyo.
HEHE. Learning French is included in the programme. ^^
Also field trips to Paris? And attending fashion shows?
I hope it's not just sugar words!

But you know. I am kind of afraid because in school
I didn't really mind if I wasn't the best academically
because pictures attract me more than words.
But fashion is something I like.
If I don't excel.
Oh mama I should kill myself.

I wouldn't mind
doing stuff like this all day.  

But the way I do things.
It's always all or nothing.
And sometimes. Being "all" all the time.
Is pretty fucking hard to sustain.
Like piano. Don't slip away so quick! T.T

Afterwards, went to watch Hunger Games at Curve 
with Sim Kuan and Xuan. 

Didn't watch The Vow thank god because I'm not partial
to watching chick flicks in cinemas.
I need something concerning life or death.
Chick flicks is when you're bored at home.

Umm. Hunger Games(the movie I mean) is overrated.
The book was pretty fucking good though, 
better than the movie.

At night, went to Vertigo and Zouk.
Vertigo is more high class, big.
I think I prefer Mist?
Long queue to get into Vertigo.
Our friend brought us in, I'll just call him..W.
Because. well. I'm not sure if he can let ppl know he brought us. HAHA!

In the guestlist, but still had to queue for a while.
Vertigo is also... overrated.
But what the hell.
All the good clubs are.

I didn't like Vertigo though.
But sometimes. Same place, different experience. It depends.
Sometimes it's fun as hell, other times... not.

There was a dance platform, a pretty big one filled with lights.
Everyone was sweaty and squeezing, no one actually danced.
All they do is freaking jump up and down.
WTF! Reminds me of those kid nickelodeon show.
 Music was not loud enough too.

But! It's just my first time. I wouldn't write it off just yet.

Zouk was nice though.
And it is to clubs,
what Birkin is to handbags.

Yeh, yeh. They have different rooms.
And nice platforms. Sound system that'll blast your ear off.
More caucasians. And they look. .. AH WUUU.

Okay. Enough bout nightlife. ^^

That's about my Friday.

Thursday, woke up early again, around 8am.
Ming Chun called and said he was at McD.
He was supposed to cheer me up
but in the end he won the emo prize.
Moaning bout results. :3
Ate sushi in the end.
He said McD. And then kluang station 
because Rakuzen wasn't open.
WTF cannot.

1#- no plastic chairs
2#- must have air cond


Just ate at Sushi King in Kepong Jusco in the end.
Came home, napped. 
Totes defeat the point of waking up early.
But at least I got to see more sun.

That's about my weekend :)

Bye! :*

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Finally legal

Hello :)

I'm finally 18. Sometimes I forget that the time never stops ticking.
As you can see, my friends did a good job of surprising me.
First surprise birthday party, oh thank you! :)

Initially I thought it was just dinner with three other girls- Xuan, Siet Yen and Sim Kuan.

But actually? Lol. Like fifteen people I think xD
Sim Kuan was macam yes all the way!
She came to pick me up
and said she's just taking me for a "little" dinner.

We ate at Watami in 1u.
I didn't realise the restaurant was so big.
We kept walking inside and inside and I was wondering why were they
seated so... deep.

Turns out there was a private room way, way at the back.
And open the door, ta-dah!

HAHAHAH! That was the surprising moment.
When you were expecting three people but there they are,
a bunch of friends standing up and singing "Happy Birthday!"

I feel so loved. ^^v

The two cheeky masterminds:

Sim Kuan, who fetched me and probably had an odd time trying to hide the surprise.
HAHAHAHA! I didn't make it any easier for her 
because I had to celebrate with my family before going out. 
My dad was showering and I waited him like he was the birthday boy! Lolol

Xuan who acted as hostess at Watami ^^
inviting people and stuff. I know that shit is hard to do. 
Being an organizer.

That bugger purposely didn't wish me. 
I was wondering why da fuck she didn't!
Yesterday on Facebook, her line was "Oi, Jibet" =.=

And then Sim Kuan said that Xuan had family dinner and stuff earlier.
I thought she wasn't coming!

Xuan's style- hurt you then love you. ^^

Thank you my angels ^^
and to everyone who came ^^
and everyone who wished me ^^

Mei Yen bought me some pampering goodies from Crabtree & Evelyn. 
Xuan and Sim Kuan bought a dress from Forever 21. 
I was wondering whether to go back and buy it or not!
Hehe they know what I want :)
Siet Yen got me a princessy mirror.

Qi Yao bought the cake.
Nicholas bought some cookies.


Before that I had to cut cake at home
and made everyone waited. So sorry! 

 Cake from Secret Recipe :)

Daddy's pattern is
when its anyone's birthday
he'll buy a cake.

Somehow he always remembers.
I used to mess up his birthday often.
28? 29? Iz 29! I KEEP FORGETTING :x

With my belather
who has awesome parking skills. ^^
 I'm getting growned up, he's getting old! 

The ladies :)
Honestly I didn't suspect much when Sim Kuan arrived 
looking very dressed-up.

I'm used to them dressing up. It's... habit.
Like Jenna Marbles said.
Our getting ready time is our zen time.
It's half the fun.

Everyone has their clubbing shoes.
That purple one, that's Sim Kuan's.
Because it's stable and not too high.

Oh yeh. The night before. I slept until 8pm.
Xuan and Sim Kuan actually sneaked off to 1U to buy presents and stuff!
Sim Kuan didn't update her twitter much.
She said she went college for her assignment! ?!?!
Xuan said she went out with Rysher.
Ma de. I didn't suspect anything.

HAHAH! I wonder how they planned everything ^^

 The ladies! :)

Mm who came... Chi Cheng, Sim Kuan, Xuan, Siet Yen, Daniel, Kok Leong, Qi Yao, Xian Jiong, Nicholas, Hanson, Vincent, Dylan, Vinoth, Rysher, Lester, Ding.

Another group, they were at 1u earlier but couldn't make it.
Hmm. I think our batch. The whole gang used to be very close.
Until misunderstandings happened. Now it's... divided.

And I hate that, fucking hate that.
Can't we all be friends? =.=

Save your ego, it's hard to say sorry
but it's even sadder to let go of a friendship just like that.
You can sell of your possessions and shit,
but do not let go of your friends.

Friends aren't things you can dispose of.

Acceptable one is when you're not as close before
because people change and drift apart. That's normal.
The bad one? The ones where you gossip about each other
and avoid each other when you guys meet.
Used to be chummies, now enemies.

Someone has to step up and clear the misunderstandings.
Sometimes misunderstandings start because the friendship was already
shakey to begin with.
I know it's not my business

But okay maybe it's not so easy :(
Once you think someone's bad, all their flaws is all you'll notice.
I hope, I hope I don't have that kind of conflict with friends.

And then there's the issue of picking sides when
there's a gap between friends.
The obvious part is when he calls you out, you go.
Another equally close friend calls you out, you say no.

Also. I miss King Jiat. It feels like something's missing without him.
But I'm glad the Penang gang was there! :)

Err. Rant finish. Sorry. Really felt like saying it. ;(

Back to nicer things ^^

After dinner, we went to somewhere nearby.
Paradox Bistro.

Vincent recommended it.
Iz Wednesday, not much nightlife.
Ma de. I don't like lounge.

I was kind of sleeping at that point.
And said "continue on Friday".
I don't know what I was talking about actually ^^

Hot waiters there though.
It's like... Latino men?? Ronaldo? HAHAH

And err. I don't know the art of chilling in pubs.
Mostly it's drinking beer. And I don't like beer. I like spirits.
Beer feels like melted bitter butter? Lol ^^

I like whiskey and vodkas and cocktails blababla.
When I am tipsy I shake.
When I know I can't shake I don't drink.

I think they went to Vincent's house after that?
His house is a freaking pub.
It feels odd that I'm drunk on my birthday.
... I know what a messed up thing to say.

First time I got drunk.
Birthday last year at Laundry.
It was instinct. Grabbed everyone to dance.
At school. People kept teasing me !!
And hmm. I've never drunk until I can't remember anything before.
Because it hurts to drink too much. I'll vomit it out.
One cocktail is enough for me.
Heck, half a cocktail is enough!
I'm glad that I actually did something for my 18th birthday.
Well my friends did ^^ I feel lucky to have em.
 I didn't spend money. I feel bad!
They drove me, organized everything, paid for the food
gave me presents, took pictures! HAHAHHAH
Thank you thank you! ^^
Usually when taking pictures I have to fight to be in the middle.
Sim Kuan was like. Let Karen be in the middle!
Usually? Eh, fuck off a bit la. 
 And now there's this trend.
Rent a hotel suite and overnight there.
That sounds fun, and different from the usual dinner then second round.
But one thing I'm scared is
party too loud and the hotel guards come and shush us up.
Wanna party also cannot!
Conlanfirm. During Penang, not that noisy, but.
All the rooms are so near. Can hear everything.
Hotel guards came up and shit. !!

16,18,21. Those are the special years.
But. Every year. I feel grateful to be alive! ^^

Oh yah. In the morning.

Iz finally SPM result day.
No more excuses to not find college. Fuck.
The One Academy? PJCAD? Raffles? ?!?!

What I dread most is wasting plenty of previous time
on transport. GIVE ME TELEPORT !@#$%^

I mean it's fucked up. The way to go Sunway.
LDP, PJ, SS2. One way. 
Conlanfirm traffic jam during peak hours. AH GAHHH

Results were better than expected :) 
I have low expectations. HAHAHA.
You know this thing. Stupid people have big egos.
And smart people keep thinking they're not smart enough.

Also got back RM1000 deposit from SSB.
Ah. Sri Bestari. Seeing all those students. Feels like a long gone era.
Life goes on, embrace every change ^^

Went to have lunch at Pappa Rich after that. 
Only got an hour of sleep the night before.
Went home and napped. Two hours?
But still cannot fight Indian commander.
He can stand not sleeping. I can stay awake until afternoon
but after that I'll be crawling on the floor for a nap.

I get my 8 hours, just later than most people.
But now it's so messed up. I DON'T LIKE.
Sleep two hours here and there.
Today slept at midnight but six in the morning here I am blogging.

AH GAH. I like to discuss about sleeping patterns. Like an old woman.
Actually I like to discuss about a lotta things. Walking pattern. Talking pattern.
Posing pattern. BLABLABLA.

Officially eighteen, one step towards more & MOAR responsibilities.
I despise responsibilities

Had a great one thank you everyone
friends I love you to death! 



Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Dye hair

"Why is everyone dyeing their hair? Let's stick to our original colour. Wait until everyone dyes their hair, black hair will become rare and special".

This was approximately what I said to Sim Kuan during last year's Christmas Eve
After seeing many of our friends dyeing their hair
and Sim Kuan and I were just about the only ones who hadn't dyed our hair.

Guess what?

HAHA. I dyed my hair yesterday.

A hair salon in Kepong.
I dyed my hair partly because I was curious, and partly because of Xuan.
She's into changing hair styles and kept talking about dyeing our hair.
Iz peer pressure.

I chose red, because brown is too generic while colours like purple/blue are too wild.
I want to choose colours that people can actually naturally have.
Blonde too drastic, brunette not drastic enough, so red it is.

Many of my friends take black hair for granted. They think it's too boring and stuff.
I still think black hair is nice. Clean, healthy, shiny.

anyways, for that dyeing trip:





RM250 and took around 3hours?

But I've to say though it looks less obvious in photos.
The lady did warned me that it won't be too bright
because my hair is too black
and I've never dyed it before.

She advised me to go for brown.
BUT NO. I don't want brown. I don't know.
It feels like someone else's colour.

In the end she dyed something brownish mixed with red?
The colour swatches look nice, but what you see is not always what you get.
Because. Well. Different hair will garner different results.

I hope after a few washes and some serums it will become brighter.

The colour is copper by da way.

Xuan had some highlights done and hers took a little longer.
Can tell she was hesitating about the colour... 
She thinks it's too bright.
I think she can carry it off though.
Looks a bit Korean-ish.

Sim Kuan dropped in a while after we came,
which was surprising because I thought she wouldn't come.
She didn't change her hairstyle-yet.
Purple dip-dye maybe?

This was originally the colour I wanted.
Edited it and showed it to my hairstylist.
She thought I dyed my hair that colour before. LOLOL

But I think my skin looks different in picture, red hair makes my skin
looks a bit more... yellow?

How my hair actually looks:

Just a little red

Painting my hair really red.

Okay lazy to analyze anymore.

Just waiting for hair to grow longer. Trimmed it to snip away split ends.
It's a bit more even, because my hair wasn't long enough to do layered.
I want sharp and long! !@#$%^&*
Fucking important. I love it when the camera flash goes pop and the hair shines mmm.

If next salon visit? Brighten hair. Add more red and brown I think.
Xuan wants to darken hers. Sim Kuan waiting for her mood to come.

Tomorrow is SPM results day, finally.
Don't think I can wake up properly though; woke up at 8pm today. =.=
After getting results.. I won't have any excuse to hesitate on applying for college.
I'm a little lazy, but I rather tire myself out then stay like this.
There's a limit to how long a holiday can go on.
Mine is already way past its due date. WAY! =.=

And happy birthday to myself, 
I'm glad I'm still alive :) 
I have a lot to be grateful for.

Good luck to the 94s, woofs! ^^v

Monday, 19 March 2012

Food fairies and drunken angels

Harror peepo.

Iz me again. AAHHAjwebdkwbjfwef

My weekend went a little bit like mountain-climbing.

Friday- stayed at home like a good and decent kid.
Saturday- went out the whole day and changed three outfits.
Sunday- too tired and stayed at home.

Saturday was going to Ikea. Because I had mad cravings the night before. 
I wanted to rape their cafeteria.
Honestly, more than a stylist who provides couture
what I really want is... food fairy.
Satisfying my cravings, anytime of the night.


Also, it would be nice to have a 24/7 sushi chain around my area.

Thanks. xD

Stuff like this. She can drop it on my doorstep and I'll bark like a dog for it.
Because I'll desperately do anything to avoid getting denied of

*photo not mine. got it from the net and instagrammed it while fantasizing. trololo

 In car, on the way to fetch Xuan the next day.


Fetching people is tiring. But she has no choice.
I don't want to fetch her, but I want her to be there more. :)


I hate long traffic lights. So. Camwhore. ^^

 Outfit of the day.
Jacket and skirt? Kitschen.
Belt from... a boutique in KL.
That yellow bag is the Forever 21 bag
I was talking about :)
Randomly chained a keychain to it.
Macau's Wynn hotel =.=
But iz shiny ^^

Macau is nice to go to.
If you have a lotta money to burn.
But then. If you have a lotta of money.
Fuck Macau, go Las Vegas.

Went Macau around 12, Las Vegas around... 9.
Nowhere near legal age to go casino.

Only remember going past a casino to go a restaurant.
Like grown-up's arcade.

And my belly piercing. I live in fear that the skin will break.
Xuan experienced that. She didn't find it unnerving. !@#$%^
Goose bumps thinking about it.

Think the skin as the bridge holding your belly ring.
But the bridge isn't strong enough- it breaks.
There goes your skin. !@#$%^

Xuan says it's like normal scabs. NOT!
Siet Yen took it out, poor girl mindraped after seeing Xuan's.
Xuan finds it amusing.... o.o
Breaks because they pierced too narrow.
HOW CAN! Ruin people's skin.

I got mine when I was thirteen.
Iz still okay.
Oh dear heavens. T.T

When pregnant? Stretch until break maybe? :/

OH! Save me! Enough gross talk.

Going to Ikea was spontaneous, but the girls knew about it because
I was rambling about it on twitter in the middle of the night.

HA! Finally got to taste you guys.
Sometimes a food becomes my favourite... because of the experience I had eating it.
A good experience that adds to its flavour-
what happened while I was eating it.
The atmosphere.
The conversations.
That's why food tastes different sometimes
when you eat it at different places and with different people.

Hehe ^^
Xuan and I woke up around the same time.
But Sim Kuan was still sleeping... and she slept at midnight.
I slept around 6 or 7. Rolling in bed with hunger. o0o

Sometimes I do that too.
Wake up early and then fall asleep because there's nothing to do.
AH. That's why I'm such a night owl.
There's nothing for me to wake up to in the morning.
Woke Sim Kuan up because I knew she had enough sleep.
Xuan is the one who is pissy without sleep.
She needs 10 hours. SERIOUSLY. PIG!
I'm fine with 6. 
Sim Kuan can live with 2. (wtf, anti-pig)

Someone said once I start college...
I'll look back at these times when I can sleep too much,
in nostalgia and in envy.

OH NO I love sleeping. 

But then. I can't go on living like this forever.
Totally unproductive.
Nothing is gonna get done.

Heels- Charles & Keith! ALWAYS!

When I grow up. I'll try to include in my closet.
Louboutins and Manolos.

AH HAH. Randomly found Raimi at Borders.
Working part time!

 HO! Had her colleague snap a pic for us.

We reached Ikea around four something. Didn't do much.
Sim Kuan and I have family dinners.

Is time for home ! ^^

Changed clothes, and went to
For family dinner.

But is fine by me.
Better than not going malls.

Only shot of us at night I think? :3
Bought a faux leather jacket at Curve earlier.
Felt like wearing it.

Cropped jackets and skirts.

Oh yeah sorry.
We went to Giza.
Saturday night, blablabla :)

Skip! Skip the night!
u know we know i know u know

sorrysorry! ^^

Sunday- was supposed to go have dim sum with family.
But ended up too tired.

Actually I woke up in time. But Dad was rushing.
And bro not following, playing badminton.
So I... told dad... no guys go

But he brought home dim sum for me! ^^v
Salad prawn, chee cheong fun with prawn.

I like prawns when it comes to dim sum :)
Dim sum is nice. VERY NICE ^^

Food fairy? Where are youuuuu D:<

7 in the morning now. Hadn't sleep. =.=

Sho many emoticons. Sorry ^^v

Just went to McD with Sim Kuan and Xuan. Around 9. Approaching 10.
Damn free, we all.
Vinoth and Daniel came a while later.
They wanted to go somewhere.
But they sure come home late, so... rain check!

Had gossip session.
Played temple run and see who scored the highest.
Is gwenllian. When win, we say she lifeless. HAHAHAH

2 in the morning just now, was falling asleep.
But twitter and all those. Stupid playing on the phone.
And then temple run. Got my blood running.
On laptop. Skyped. LOOK. I'm still farking awake! =.=

Vinoth is good. Commander always warn us
not to play handphones on the table.
Is good not to have IT gadgets distract us
from having real conversations.


That's about it.

I have to wake up in approx 7 hours.

Visit to the hair salon.

Hint, hint?
Colour of my car

:) bye peepo <3

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Golden Triangle

Hello :) 

Went to Pavilion on Wednesday. 

Saw the dogs. It feels like a long time, 
but when we see them it's easy to fall back into the familiarity instantly. 
Yes, not seeing King Jiat feels odd.
Like eating peanut butter without bread.

We ate at Sushi Zanmai.
I think we were the loudest patrons there. :/
Sushi whores, eat at the same restaurant even when going different places. ^^

Had to take two tables to fit all of us.
One part, Vinoth and Xian jiong went out.
 Sim Kuan and I went to the guys table to ask about the plans.
And then something just tickled my funny bone.
And you know you just can't stop laughing.

Ding said something like "Di sini ialah Pavilion tahu"
Then I mimicked him "Di sini ialah Jinjang!"
Because, he knows this is Pavilion but he talks like he's in Jinjang :/

And then he did the facepalm.
And I laughed very hard at that.

Because a kaleidoscope of facepalms appeared in my mind, a la 9gag.
Daniel beside him, also did the same.

Part exasperation part camera shy

Vinoth is also bad. Someone asked why Ding was so quite.
"Because everyone is speaking English. That is all you need to shut him up" 

Basically there are a few trips lined up.
A one-day trip to Melaka that was supposed to happen this week but delayed,
because not everyone could make it.

And another one around June when LJ comes back.
4 days trip to Langkawi? Go by plane. 
But I think it's better to have our own car thou :/

Meh, I love the beach. 
One thing good about Malaysia-
so many islands for you to sink into.

I don't like jungles. 
The only time I want to get wet is when I'm by the sea.
Jungles are full of mud and ants. ^^

Wore corset from Guess out for the first time. Leopard print.
I wore three different leopard print tops in outings recently.
But they looked the same in pictures.

Another shot ^^

I took KTM with Xuan to KL. 

I like taking public transports. 
It makes me feel like I'm not such a lazy fatso.
I miss taking subways in Hong Kong.
People there are mostly slim.
All the walking they have to do, 
it's no wonder.

If there was a train station near my house,
I'd use it all the time.
I hate taking care of my car sometimes. 

But... I do love my car!

Xuan is the only one who doesn't mind taking KTM.
Sim Kuan used to take KTM,
 until she got used to driving and never looked back.
Siet Yen?
"Eee dunwan. Mangalai"

Say 2 o clock go KL, in the end arrived at almost 5?
LOLOL timekeeping fail.

But stimes! You have to synchronize with the train arrival times.
When I was parking my car, we saw the train left, freshly.

Four of us.

Honestly. Going to fitting room with friends is the fun part of shopping.
Asking friend's opinon and playing dress up.
And camwhoring.

This picture was taken by Siet Yen.

Pose was inspiration from passing by three siblings who posed like that.

Seriously LMAO seeing it. Squatting on the floor laughing.
Because we looked like ants in the picture.

Siet Yen has a nice perspective ^^ she thought of having the Pavilion words
in the frame.

Well. It is actually quite artistic now that I look at it. 

Those I can't stand- odd bits of random objects in the background.
Pictures taken like they're not given any thought to their composition.
Insult to photography, insult!

Oh I like taking pictures :)
But I love it even more when I'm in it.

Downloaded photoshop. Hadn't fully experimented it yet.
But I know the secret weapon is... liquify.
Push in fats, poof up your hair.

No wonder people always say
don't believe anything you see in pictures.
Because those still pixels are so easily manipulated.

Mostly I don't edit the face. Just the filters/frames/backgrounds.
Magazine covers are my favourites, heh ^^v

Li Chen couldn't come because she's busy working. 

Also finally bought that yellow Forever 21 bag I was eyeing on.
For three weeks? Wait actually four.
Boy I'm patient! :3

Kind of my big and casual bag.
So funny I've never gotten a bag that big.
But for Sim Kuan and Xuan it's like their usual size. 

I hate big bags because of proven theory that
when I bring more things
the risk of losing them is higher.

But. Need space. For camera. Can fit water tumbler too wtf.

Yellow mellow!

The guys went shopping after that. Window shopping.
Daniel eyeing Gucci bag, that brandwhore.
Siet Yen eyeing Michael Kors slippers. Only two hundred plus??!?

I'd say. Can't go shopping with guys. 
Because they can't wait for us. 

Go shopping mall with guys- yes.
Go shopping with a guy- no.

Karaoke, movies. yes. Boutiques and fitting rooms. nononoononono.

LMAO. Need I say more :3

And I am obsessed with cheesecakes recently. 
The way they exquisitely slide off your tongue is just too much (*.*)

Okay I don't have sushi chains near my house but
at least I have Secret Recipe ^^

I can never buy breakfast for myself.
When Dad buys for me, it'll only be around RM5 to feed me.
But when I do it myself? Make it RM50.

My thinking is. I'm out now. I should buy whatever I want
since I'm already out.

Magazines, snacks, desserts. 

I mean nobody likes being fat but
I don't like denying myself food, more.

Thursday was Shisha with Sim Kuan, Xuan, Daniel and Vinoth.

At this place call Clique at Bukit Bintang. 

Actually we were clueless of what to do. 
Bukit Tinggi? Sepang? Primary school graveyards? the Curve?
Daniel has a lot of suggestions.

The guys can drive fast, no wonder it's no problem for them.
Went to Bangsar but headed to KL in the end.

Shisha was okay. Strawberry-flavoured. 
Not much, like inhaling scented smoke.
I rather eat pocky sticks ^^

Also Daniel sort of raced at one part.
Lala dude in a Saga. You know how it goes. Traffic light.
Guy beside looks at you.
You look at him, car goes forward a bit.
Challenge iniated.

Light turns green, off you go.
I didn't like it when he tailed closely behind.
I mean you're dead if Daniel brakes suddenly.

Vinoth, Daniel. They good at driving, as in fast and take risks all the time.
But... ahem... both had accidents before. It is better to stay safe.

It's Friday night today. But I'm staying in. 
The girls all are, OFF mode for tonight.
I'm wondering what to eat later.
Results are coming in soon.
As is birthday.

Hmm. Glad I'm still alive.

Peace :)