Friday, 2 March 2012

Colour Me Wonderful.

5 o clock in the morning.
 I'm still blogging.

 Went to 1U earlier.
1U kind of feels like DPC, because it's where we go.
All the time.

Sim Kuan was excited because she hasn't been shopping. 
...No, actually she shops everyday but forgets it.
Let me rephrase- she hasn't been in a shopping mall for a while.
A while as in few days? I dunno.

She also had classes in the afternoon.
I don't know why she wasn't tired, but flapping around like a noisy child.
Child let loose in Toy R Us.

And ohhhh.

I feel odd admitting this. 

But I've started playing Tamagotchi again ^^.
The white one with rainbow bubbles.
look at zhiqi and yihwern commenting lolol bothofthemsampatpo

Well one night I just got bored and took it out.
And... I used to play with iPhone apps last time...
when waiting for food to come...
when waiting for friends to come...
but now..

NEVERMIND. I take out my Tamagotchi.
We'll see how long it'll last before dying. 
I will give up when it dies.

Because it proves I'm not a worthy owner.

And please don't tell me you don't know what a Tamagotchi is?


Hahaha sorry it's just an egg where a pet lives and you feed it and play games with it.
I got my first one when I was.. 9? The pink one. 
Jun Wen was the one who influenced me to play.
I remember we got Phui Man angry once because we were too busy connecting our Tamagotchis.
AHAHAHA ohh childhood.

... I used to play it under my desk when teacher was teaching.
I remember some other kids very yehdiu, wanna tell teacher. Diu.
Let me lavish my egg la ma de.
And I remember I always wanted to switch place to sit beside Jun Wen.
But Kok Leong and dunno who else, loved telling it out to teacher.
Kok Leong ah Kok Leong.

I suppose we all remember some parts of our childhood clearer than others.

I'll tell you this- the happiest year when I was in primary school was when I was 9 years old,
and when I was in high school, it was 17 years old.

That's about it. :)

We had mini dinner at Food Republic.
translation- cheap food.

I only bought ebi temaki and miso soup. 
RM6.50 if I'm not wrong. 

Quite a lot of people ordering their food. 
But their shop was a little too small to handle it.
The customers got angry.

When I'm with friends and not hungry, I don't mind waiting for food.
One of the aunties kept cockstaring their eyeballs out at the waiters.

"Where is my soup?" *cockstare
"Ohhh, wait a little while more..." *avoiding eye contact

"... NO. WAIT." *bulldog face

WTF that was funny ^^ 
The waiter gave my soup to her, I didn't mind though.
Watching her expression was priceless.
The waitress said sorry, but I just said thank you.

I mean it's cheap food, don't expect hotel service eh :/

Sim Kuan had chicken rice. I miss Giza's. 
Li Chen had... nothing. She dieting!

I must eat a lot. 
The first meal in the morning.
The last meal at night.
And the meals in between.

You know lah. ^^

.... AHEM.

My bou bou ^^

She finally went for her undang today. 

Sim Kuan was designated driver of the day.
With Li Chen and Xuan, she was like-

Oh the cycle..! Siet Yen has gotten hers.
She's flying to Dubai, tomorrow! :3
She not bad! Got fetch me before!
Another roller coaster.

We camwhored a lot in the dressing rooms. 

Four girls one cubicle.

What in lacks in space, though,
is made up for with privacy. 
I like flat walls.
I hate messy backgrounds.

... Just one of the things I can't stand.

Jennie uploads super fast nowadays, like a G6.
Last time, was like riding a bicycle. 

I bring my bro's cam when I bring a bigger bag.
.... Big pressure weyh.

Just shopped at Kitschen. 
So farking funny when people pronounce it as Kitchen. 

Are you kidding me...? ^^

Bought skirts again. Third one in two days. 
I want high heels. HIGH. Four inches at least :3
Charles & Keith is good. 
In a perverse way, I like the way the four and a half inches forcibly stretches my legs.
?!?!? Wtf I know.

It hurts so good.

Lolol pretty irrelevant but that's my cover photo on FB naw.

I suppose my blog would be more complete if I took more photos of my surroundings.
But I always forget.
The food I eat, the places I'm in.
Because when I hold the camera, I want to be in the picture.

ME! I am the most interesting thing!
I mean to myself ^^
Every blogger is vain.

And oh. If you find yourself bored at night.
Sometimes I stalk blogs.

My list: 

Clockwise order:
She is the blogger I like the most. I don't know why but I just do. 
Two words- very fashionable. Malaysian, but looks like she came out of Popteen/ViVi magazines.
And I felt like buying Pen MINI after reading her blog.

How I found her blog? NEWSPAPER. Freakin newspaper. Lol.
Queen of bloggers (in Asia). Supah good at photoshop. Has had a lot of controversial posts and rants.

I like reading her blog. Because you can tell she puts a lot of effort in the content. Singaporean too.
Owns same camera as Xuan. Canon S95. But photoshop until........ like DSLR. =.=

He might seem familiar, because he's pretty well-known on Facebook.
He's photogenic, done a lotta photoshoots.
Err. This guy is a lot a lot a lot vainer than me and Xuan and Sim Kuan combined.

Better known as Fashion Toast. 
Her photos are breathtaking, Vogue-worthy. 
Benefits of having a boyfriend who's a photographer.
Designer fashion mostly. But not much words in her posts.

Malaysian, studies at Taylor's Lakeside. Hmm. Blog not bad.

7. Daphne
Friend of Chuckei.

8. Audrey
Remember the meme proposal? That girl was her.
She and the first three bloggers mentioned pretty much know each other.

At age 13, special guest at New York Fashion Week. Enough said.

Marc Jacobs... named a bag after him.

Other world famous fashion bloggers- Bebe Zeva, Kristin Prim, Karla Deras, Elin Kling, Carolina Engman, Therese Fischer, Sofi Fahrman, Hanneli Mustarparta.

Google their names and their websites will come up! 
I don't find looking at people's blog a waste of time.
Because... I have a blog and it's like a peek to someone's life.
Everything, from their point of view.

With blogging- pictures are really, really, really important. 

But then, there are always exceptions. 
Like waitterant :)

Well let me rephrase. Photos are necessary... when it's a fashion blog! :)

I don't like it though, when blogging becomes so much of work that it's not really about themselves anymore. Or when it's so public and famous that the casual, simple stuffs aren't there. That's why I like Cheeserland more than Xiaxue.

Superbloggers always have three things in common- 
can earn a living through blogging.
affliated with companies like Nuffnang/Nowmanifest.
...most importantly, runs a great blog.

And two other blogs I visit most?
Xuan and Sim Kuan's ^^

Ultimately, friends are the important ones because they're the people you actually know.

:) Signing off,



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