Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Dye hair

"Why is everyone dyeing their hair? Let's stick to our original colour. Wait until everyone dyes their hair, black hair will become rare and special".

This was approximately what I said to Sim Kuan during last year's Christmas Eve
After seeing many of our friends dyeing their hair
and Sim Kuan and I were just about the only ones who hadn't dyed our hair.

Guess what?

HAHA. I dyed my hair yesterday.

A hair salon in Kepong.
I dyed my hair partly because I was curious, and partly because of Xuan.
She's into changing hair styles and kept talking about dyeing our hair.
Iz peer pressure.

I chose red, because brown is too generic while colours like purple/blue are too wild.
I want to choose colours that people can actually naturally have.
Blonde too drastic, brunette not drastic enough, so red it is.

Many of my friends take black hair for granted. They think it's too boring and stuff.
I still think black hair is nice. Clean, healthy, shiny.

anyways, for that dyeing trip:





RM250 and took around 3hours?

But I've to say though it looks less obvious in photos.
The lady did warned me that it won't be too bright
because my hair is too black
and I've never dyed it before.

She advised me to go for brown.
BUT NO. I don't want brown. I don't know.
It feels like someone else's colour.

In the end she dyed something brownish mixed with red?
The colour swatches look nice, but what you see is not always what you get.
Because. Well. Different hair will garner different results.

I hope after a few washes and some serums it will become brighter.

The colour is copper by da way.

Xuan had some highlights done and hers took a little longer.
Can tell she was hesitating about the colour... 
She thinks it's too bright.
I think she can carry it off though.
Looks a bit Korean-ish.

Sim Kuan dropped in a while after we came,
which was surprising because I thought she wouldn't come.
She didn't change her hairstyle-yet.
Purple dip-dye maybe?

This was originally the colour I wanted.
Edited it and showed it to my hairstylist.
She thought I dyed my hair that colour before. LOLOL

But I think my skin looks different in picture, red hair makes my skin
looks a bit more... yellow?

How my hair actually looks:

Just a little red

Painting my hair really red.

Okay lazy to analyze anymore.

Just waiting for hair to grow longer. Trimmed it to snip away split ends.
It's a bit more even, because my hair wasn't long enough to do layered.
I want sharp and long! !@#$%^&*
Fucking important. I love it when the camera flash goes pop and the hair shines mmm.

If next salon visit? Brighten hair. Add more red and brown I think.
Xuan wants to darken hers. Sim Kuan waiting for her mood to come.

Tomorrow is SPM results day, finally.
Don't think I can wake up properly though; woke up at 8pm today. =.=
After getting results.. I won't have any excuse to hesitate on applying for college.
I'm a little lazy, but I rather tire myself out then stay like this.
There's a limit to how long a holiday can go on.
Mine is already way past its due date. WAY! =.=

And happy birthday to myself, 
I'm glad I'm still alive :) 
I have a lot to be grateful for.

Good luck to the 94s, woofs! ^^v

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