Thursday, 22 March 2012

Finally legal

Hello :)

I'm finally 18. Sometimes I forget that the time never stops ticking.
As you can see, my friends did a good job of surprising me.
First surprise birthday party, oh thank you! :)

Initially I thought it was just dinner with three other girls- Xuan, Siet Yen and Sim Kuan.

But actually? Lol. Like fifteen people I think xD
Sim Kuan was macam yes all the way!
She came to pick me up
and said she's just taking me for a "little" dinner.

We ate at Watami in 1u.
I didn't realise the restaurant was so big.
We kept walking inside and inside and I was wondering why were they
seated so... deep.

Turns out there was a private room way, way at the back.
And open the door, ta-dah!

HAHAHAH! That was the surprising moment.
When you were expecting three people but there they are,
a bunch of friends standing up and singing "Happy Birthday!"

I feel so loved. ^^v

The two cheeky masterminds:

Sim Kuan, who fetched me and probably had an odd time trying to hide the surprise.
HAHAHAHA! I didn't make it any easier for her 
because I had to celebrate with my family before going out. 
My dad was showering and I waited him like he was the birthday boy! Lolol

Xuan who acted as hostess at Watami ^^
inviting people and stuff. I know that shit is hard to do. 
Being an organizer.

That bugger purposely didn't wish me. 
I was wondering why da fuck she didn't!
Yesterday on Facebook, her line was "Oi, Jibet" =.=

And then Sim Kuan said that Xuan had family dinner and stuff earlier.
I thought she wasn't coming!

Xuan's style- hurt you then love you. ^^

Thank you my angels ^^
and to everyone who came ^^
and everyone who wished me ^^

Mei Yen bought me some pampering goodies from Crabtree & Evelyn. 
Xuan and Sim Kuan bought a dress from Forever 21. 
I was wondering whether to go back and buy it or not!
Hehe they know what I want :)
Siet Yen got me a princessy mirror.

Qi Yao bought the cake.
Nicholas bought some cookies.


Before that I had to cut cake at home
and made everyone waited. So sorry! 

 Cake from Secret Recipe :)

Daddy's pattern is
when its anyone's birthday
he'll buy a cake.

Somehow he always remembers.
I used to mess up his birthday often.
28? 29? Iz 29! I KEEP FORGETTING :x

With my belather
who has awesome parking skills. ^^
 I'm getting growned up, he's getting old! 

The ladies :)
Honestly I didn't suspect much when Sim Kuan arrived 
looking very dressed-up.

I'm used to them dressing up. It's... habit.
Like Jenna Marbles said.
Our getting ready time is our zen time.
It's half the fun.

Everyone has their clubbing shoes.
That purple one, that's Sim Kuan's.
Because it's stable and not too high.

Oh yeh. The night before. I slept until 8pm.
Xuan and Sim Kuan actually sneaked off to 1U to buy presents and stuff!
Sim Kuan didn't update her twitter much.
She said she went college for her assignment! ?!?!
Xuan said she went out with Rysher.
Ma de. I didn't suspect anything.

HAHAH! I wonder how they planned everything ^^

 The ladies! :)

Mm who came... Chi Cheng, Sim Kuan, Xuan, Siet Yen, Daniel, Kok Leong, Qi Yao, Xian Jiong, Nicholas, Hanson, Vincent, Dylan, Vinoth, Rysher, Lester, Ding.

Another group, they were at 1u earlier but couldn't make it.
Hmm. I think our batch. The whole gang used to be very close.
Until misunderstandings happened. Now it's... divided.

And I hate that, fucking hate that.
Can't we all be friends? =.=

Save your ego, it's hard to say sorry
but it's even sadder to let go of a friendship just like that.
You can sell of your possessions and shit,
but do not let go of your friends.

Friends aren't things you can dispose of.

Acceptable one is when you're not as close before
because people change and drift apart. That's normal.
The bad one? The ones where you gossip about each other
and avoid each other when you guys meet.
Used to be chummies, now enemies.

Someone has to step up and clear the misunderstandings.
Sometimes misunderstandings start because the friendship was already
shakey to begin with.
I know it's not my business

But okay maybe it's not so easy :(
Once you think someone's bad, all their flaws is all you'll notice.
I hope, I hope I don't have that kind of conflict with friends.

And then there's the issue of picking sides when
there's a gap between friends.
The obvious part is when he calls you out, you go.
Another equally close friend calls you out, you say no.

Also. I miss King Jiat. It feels like something's missing without him.
But I'm glad the Penang gang was there! :)

Err. Rant finish. Sorry. Really felt like saying it. ;(

Back to nicer things ^^

After dinner, we went to somewhere nearby.
Paradox Bistro.

Vincent recommended it.
Iz Wednesday, not much nightlife.
Ma de. I don't like lounge.

I was kind of sleeping at that point.
And said "continue on Friday".
I don't know what I was talking about actually ^^

Hot waiters there though.
It's like... Latino men?? Ronaldo? HAHAH

And err. I don't know the art of chilling in pubs.
Mostly it's drinking beer. And I don't like beer. I like spirits.
Beer feels like melted bitter butter? Lol ^^

I like whiskey and vodkas and cocktails blababla.
When I am tipsy I shake.
When I know I can't shake I don't drink.

I think they went to Vincent's house after that?
His house is a freaking pub.
It feels odd that I'm drunk on my birthday.
... I know what a messed up thing to say.

First time I got drunk.
Birthday last year at Laundry.
It was instinct. Grabbed everyone to dance.
At school. People kept teasing me !!
And hmm. I've never drunk until I can't remember anything before.
Because it hurts to drink too much. I'll vomit it out.
One cocktail is enough for me.
Heck, half a cocktail is enough!
I'm glad that I actually did something for my 18th birthday.
Well my friends did ^^ I feel lucky to have em.
 I didn't spend money. I feel bad!
They drove me, organized everything, paid for the food
gave me presents, took pictures! HAHAHHAH
Thank you thank you! ^^
Usually when taking pictures I have to fight to be in the middle.
Sim Kuan was like. Let Karen be in the middle!
Usually? Eh, fuck off a bit la. 
 And now there's this trend.
Rent a hotel suite and overnight there.
That sounds fun, and different from the usual dinner then second round.
But one thing I'm scared is
party too loud and the hotel guards come and shush us up.
Wanna party also cannot!
Conlanfirm. During Penang, not that noisy, but.
All the rooms are so near. Can hear everything.
Hotel guards came up and shit. !!

16,18,21. Those are the special years.
But. Every year. I feel grateful to be alive! ^^

Oh yah. In the morning.

Iz finally SPM result day.
No more excuses to not find college. Fuck.
The One Academy? PJCAD? Raffles? ?!?!

What I dread most is wasting plenty of previous time
on transport. GIVE ME TELEPORT !@#$%^

I mean it's fucked up. The way to go Sunway.
LDP, PJ, SS2. One way. 
Conlanfirm traffic jam during peak hours. AH GAHHH

Results were better than expected :) 
I have low expectations. HAHAHA.
You know this thing. Stupid people have big egos.
And smart people keep thinking they're not smart enough.

Also got back RM1000 deposit from SSB.
Ah. Sri Bestari. Seeing all those students. Feels like a long gone era.
Life goes on, embrace every change ^^

Went to have lunch at Pappa Rich after that. 
Only got an hour of sleep the night before.
Went home and napped. Two hours?
But still cannot fight Indian commander.
He can stand not sleeping. I can stay awake until afternoon
but after that I'll be crawling on the floor for a nap.

I get my 8 hours, just later than most people.
But now it's so messed up. I DON'T LIKE.
Sleep two hours here and there.
Today slept at midnight but six in the morning here I am blogging.

AH GAH. I like to discuss about sleeping patterns. Like an old woman.
Actually I like to discuss about a lotta things. Walking pattern. Talking pattern.
Posing pattern. BLABLABLA.

Officially eighteen, one step towards more & MOAR responsibilities.
I despise responsibilities

Had a great one thank you everyone
friends I love you to death! 



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