Monday, 19 March 2012

Food fairies and drunken angels

Harror peepo.

Iz me again. AAHHAjwebdkwbjfwef

My weekend went a little bit like mountain-climbing.

Friday- stayed at home like a good and decent kid.
Saturday- went out the whole day and changed three outfits.
Sunday- too tired and stayed at home.

Saturday was going to Ikea. Because I had mad cravings the night before. 
I wanted to rape their cafeteria.
Honestly, more than a stylist who provides couture
what I really want is... food fairy.
Satisfying my cravings, anytime of the night.


Also, it would be nice to have a 24/7 sushi chain around my area.

Thanks. xD

Stuff like this. She can drop it on my doorstep and I'll bark like a dog for it.
Because I'll desperately do anything to avoid getting denied of

*photo not mine. got it from the net and instagrammed it while fantasizing. trololo

 In car, on the way to fetch Xuan the next day.


Fetching people is tiring. But she has no choice.
I don't want to fetch her, but I want her to be there more. :)


I hate long traffic lights. So. Camwhore. ^^

 Outfit of the day.
Jacket and skirt? Kitschen.
Belt from... a boutique in KL.
That yellow bag is the Forever 21 bag
I was talking about :)
Randomly chained a keychain to it.
Macau's Wynn hotel =.=
But iz shiny ^^

Macau is nice to go to.
If you have a lotta money to burn.
But then. If you have a lotta of money.
Fuck Macau, go Las Vegas.

Went Macau around 12, Las Vegas around... 9.
Nowhere near legal age to go casino.

Only remember going past a casino to go a restaurant.
Like grown-up's arcade.

And my belly piercing. I live in fear that the skin will break.
Xuan experienced that. She didn't find it unnerving. !@#$%^
Goose bumps thinking about it.

Think the skin as the bridge holding your belly ring.
But the bridge isn't strong enough- it breaks.
There goes your skin. !@#$%^

Xuan says it's like normal scabs. NOT!
Siet Yen took it out, poor girl mindraped after seeing Xuan's.
Xuan finds it amusing.... o.o
Breaks because they pierced too narrow.
HOW CAN! Ruin people's skin.

I got mine when I was thirteen.
Iz still okay.
Oh dear heavens. T.T

When pregnant? Stretch until break maybe? :/

OH! Save me! Enough gross talk.

Going to Ikea was spontaneous, but the girls knew about it because
I was rambling about it on twitter in the middle of the night.

HA! Finally got to taste you guys.
Sometimes a food becomes my favourite... because of the experience I had eating it.
A good experience that adds to its flavour-
what happened while I was eating it.
The atmosphere.
The conversations.
That's why food tastes different sometimes
when you eat it at different places and with different people.

Hehe ^^
Xuan and I woke up around the same time.
But Sim Kuan was still sleeping... and she slept at midnight.
I slept around 6 or 7. Rolling in bed with hunger. o0o

Sometimes I do that too.
Wake up early and then fall asleep because there's nothing to do.
AH. That's why I'm such a night owl.
There's nothing for me to wake up to in the morning.
Woke Sim Kuan up because I knew she had enough sleep.
Xuan is the one who is pissy without sleep.
She needs 10 hours. SERIOUSLY. PIG!
I'm fine with 6. 
Sim Kuan can live with 2. (wtf, anti-pig)

Someone said once I start college...
I'll look back at these times when I can sleep too much,
in nostalgia and in envy.

OH NO I love sleeping. 

But then. I can't go on living like this forever.
Totally unproductive.
Nothing is gonna get done.

Heels- Charles & Keith! ALWAYS!

When I grow up. I'll try to include in my closet.
Louboutins and Manolos.

AH HAH. Randomly found Raimi at Borders.
Working part time!

 HO! Had her colleague snap a pic for us.

We reached Ikea around four something. Didn't do much.
Sim Kuan and I have family dinners.

Is time for home ! ^^

Changed clothes, and went to
For family dinner.

But is fine by me.
Better than not going malls.

Only shot of us at night I think? :3
Bought a faux leather jacket at Curve earlier.
Felt like wearing it.

Cropped jackets and skirts.

Oh yeah sorry.
We went to Giza.
Saturday night, blablabla :)

Skip! Skip the night!
u know we know i know u know

sorrysorry! ^^

Sunday- was supposed to go have dim sum with family.
But ended up too tired.

Actually I woke up in time. But Dad was rushing.
And bro not following, playing badminton.
So I... told dad... no guys go

But he brought home dim sum for me! ^^v
Salad prawn, chee cheong fun with prawn.

I like prawns when it comes to dim sum :)
Dim sum is nice. VERY NICE ^^

Food fairy? Where are youuuuu D:<

7 in the morning now. Hadn't sleep. =.=

Sho many emoticons. Sorry ^^v

Just went to McD with Sim Kuan and Xuan. Around 9. Approaching 10.
Damn free, we all.
Vinoth and Daniel came a while later.
They wanted to go somewhere.
But they sure come home late, so... rain check!

Had gossip session.
Played temple run and see who scored the highest.
Is gwenllian. When win, we say she lifeless. HAHAHAH

2 in the morning just now, was falling asleep.
But twitter and all those. Stupid playing on the phone.
And then temple run. Got my blood running.
On laptop. Skyped. LOOK. I'm still farking awake! =.=

Vinoth is good. Commander always warn us
not to play handphones on the table.
Is good not to have IT gadgets distract us
from having real conversations.


That's about it.

I have to wake up in approx 7 hours.

Visit to the hair salon.

Hint, hint?
Colour of my car

:) bye peepo <3

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