Saturday, 17 March 2012

Golden Triangle

Hello :) 

Went to Pavilion on Wednesday. 

Saw the dogs. It feels like a long time, 
but when we see them it's easy to fall back into the familiarity instantly. 
Yes, not seeing King Jiat feels odd.
Like eating peanut butter without bread.

We ate at Sushi Zanmai.
I think we were the loudest patrons there. :/
Sushi whores, eat at the same restaurant even when going different places. ^^

Had to take two tables to fit all of us.
One part, Vinoth and Xian jiong went out.
 Sim Kuan and I went to the guys table to ask about the plans.
And then something just tickled my funny bone.
And you know you just can't stop laughing.

Ding said something like "Di sini ialah Pavilion tahu"
Then I mimicked him "Di sini ialah Jinjang!"
Because, he knows this is Pavilion but he talks like he's in Jinjang :/

And then he did the facepalm.
And I laughed very hard at that.

Because a kaleidoscope of facepalms appeared in my mind, a la 9gag.
Daniel beside him, also did the same.

Part exasperation part camera shy

Vinoth is also bad. Someone asked why Ding was so quite.
"Because everyone is speaking English. That is all you need to shut him up" 

Basically there are a few trips lined up.
A one-day trip to Melaka that was supposed to happen this week but delayed,
because not everyone could make it.

And another one around June when LJ comes back.
4 days trip to Langkawi? Go by plane. 
But I think it's better to have our own car thou :/

Meh, I love the beach. 
One thing good about Malaysia-
so many islands for you to sink into.

I don't like jungles. 
The only time I want to get wet is when I'm by the sea.
Jungles are full of mud and ants. ^^

Wore corset from Guess out for the first time. Leopard print.
I wore three different leopard print tops in outings recently.
But they looked the same in pictures.

Another shot ^^

I took KTM with Xuan to KL. 

I like taking public transports. 
It makes me feel like I'm not such a lazy fatso.
I miss taking subways in Hong Kong.
People there are mostly slim.
All the walking they have to do, 
it's no wonder.

If there was a train station near my house,
I'd use it all the time.
I hate taking care of my car sometimes. 

But... I do love my car!

Xuan is the only one who doesn't mind taking KTM.
Sim Kuan used to take KTM,
 until she got used to driving and never looked back.
Siet Yen?
"Eee dunwan. Mangalai"

Say 2 o clock go KL, in the end arrived at almost 5?
LOLOL timekeeping fail.

But stimes! You have to synchronize with the train arrival times.
When I was parking my car, we saw the train left, freshly.

Four of us.

Honestly. Going to fitting room with friends is the fun part of shopping.
Asking friend's opinon and playing dress up.
And camwhoring.

This picture was taken by Siet Yen.

Pose was inspiration from passing by three siblings who posed like that.

Seriously LMAO seeing it. Squatting on the floor laughing.
Because we looked like ants in the picture.

Siet Yen has a nice perspective ^^ she thought of having the Pavilion words
in the frame.

Well. It is actually quite artistic now that I look at it. 

Those I can't stand- odd bits of random objects in the background.
Pictures taken like they're not given any thought to their composition.
Insult to photography, insult!

Oh I like taking pictures :)
But I love it even more when I'm in it.

Downloaded photoshop. Hadn't fully experimented it yet.
But I know the secret weapon is... liquify.
Push in fats, poof up your hair.

No wonder people always say
don't believe anything you see in pictures.
Because those still pixels are so easily manipulated.

Mostly I don't edit the face. Just the filters/frames/backgrounds.
Magazine covers are my favourites, heh ^^v

Li Chen couldn't come because she's busy working. 

Also finally bought that yellow Forever 21 bag I was eyeing on.
For three weeks? Wait actually four.
Boy I'm patient! :3

Kind of my big and casual bag.
So funny I've never gotten a bag that big.
But for Sim Kuan and Xuan it's like their usual size. 

I hate big bags because of proven theory that
when I bring more things
the risk of losing them is higher.

But. Need space. For camera. Can fit water tumbler too wtf.

Yellow mellow!

The guys went shopping after that. Window shopping.
Daniel eyeing Gucci bag, that brandwhore.
Siet Yen eyeing Michael Kors slippers. Only two hundred plus??!?

I'd say. Can't go shopping with guys. 
Because they can't wait for us. 

Go shopping mall with guys- yes.
Go shopping with a guy- no.

Karaoke, movies. yes. Boutiques and fitting rooms. nononoononono.

LMAO. Need I say more :3

And I am obsessed with cheesecakes recently. 
The way they exquisitely slide off your tongue is just too much (*.*)

Okay I don't have sushi chains near my house but
at least I have Secret Recipe ^^

I can never buy breakfast for myself.
When Dad buys for me, it'll only be around RM5 to feed me.
But when I do it myself? Make it RM50.

My thinking is. I'm out now. I should buy whatever I want
since I'm already out.

Magazines, snacks, desserts. 

I mean nobody likes being fat but
I don't like denying myself food, more.

Thursday was Shisha with Sim Kuan, Xuan, Daniel and Vinoth.

At this place call Clique at Bukit Bintang. 

Actually we were clueless of what to do. 
Bukit Tinggi? Sepang? Primary school graveyards? the Curve?
Daniel has a lot of suggestions.

The guys can drive fast, no wonder it's no problem for them.
Went to Bangsar but headed to KL in the end.

Shisha was okay. Strawberry-flavoured. 
Not much, like inhaling scented smoke.
I rather eat pocky sticks ^^

Also Daniel sort of raced at one part.
Lala dude in a Saga. You know how it goes. Traffic light.
Guy beside looks at you.
You look at him, car goes forward a bit.
Challenge iniated.

Light turns green, off you go.
I didn't like it when he tailed closely behind.
I mean you're dead if Daniel brakes suddenly.

Vinoth, Daniel. They good at driving, as in fast and take risks all the time.
But... ahem... both had accidents before. It is better to stay safe.

It's Friday night today. But I'm staying in. 
The girls all are, OFF mode for tonight.
I'm wondering what to eat later.
Results are coming in soon.
As is birthday.

Hmm. Glad I'm still alive.

Peace :)

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