Monday, 12 March 2012

I may not be the tallest girl, but I can always wear the highest heels

Another #vainpot post ^^

I've been toting my bro's cam around.
Who knows I might not be able to use it soon.

I don't see anything wrong with posing in public
Some people can't take it.
But it's as normal as putting lotion on your arm
or making sushi.
For me, at least.

The glossy pages of Vogue are my inspiration.
Every detail, close to perfection.

Articles of renowned people and of how they made it to the top.
Works and productions of people who are already at the top.
Everything, a feast for the eyes.

That's the world I dream.

^^ But of course. It's tiring to be perfect all the time.
Sometimes having fun is much more important than just
looking like you're having fun.

Lily Cole by Tim Walker, for Vogue.

I like British Vogue the most.
Haven't got the chance to grab a copy of French Vogue.
I don't like US Vogue because it seems to have more ads.
Maybe just me?

Used to read Popteen and ViVi a lot,
especially in between and during classes.

But Japs magazines don't touch much on what's happening
in the international fashion industry.

Vogue, still my first love. :3

And oh.

This Prada bag is love >.<
Sunny yellow is one of my three fav colours.

Along with fire engine red 
and powder pink.

This one looks exquisite too @.@
Magnet for the eyes.
I like bags that are small and structured 
and embellished with gold/metal hardware.

Accessories are totes important.
Used to yearn for heels all the time.
But after the Charles & Keith hiatus.
I have decided that I will not need to buy
any more heels


I hope I keep that promise ^^
Now handbags would be nice.
But no need branded one.
I want the Forever 21 one. 
Sunny yellow, too! ^^

Something bigger to carry along my camera as well.
Sacrifice space, for pics with better quality.

But I am always a little scared, 
because it seems that the more items I carry
the higher the risk I run of losing them.

Went out with Xuan today.

Sunday is supposed to be family shopping day.
But for three days straight, I had to wake up at 2 in the morning.
Because of Charles & Keith and seeing Siet Yen.
I sleep around 7 in the morning.

Fourth day, can't take it anymore.
Called dad when I woke up for a while from the alarm.
He said go KLCC.
I said okay.
But few minutes later...
"I sleep in, you guys go la!"

When I woke up, it was almost 6. :(
But I never sleep past 7 in the evening.
Totally fucked up when you wake up and see no sun.
It's not sane! 
Ahmad is the legend, can wake up at 10 at night. 

?!!?!? =.=

And I was very very very hungry. 
He didn't takeaway. Didn't hear I wanted sweetly and assumed
I didn't need breakfast.

Went out and had sushi with Xuan instead. :)

Tamago Mentai is Sushi Zanmai's trademark.
Sweet egg with plenty mayo. 


Sushi Zanmai is 1U's trademark for eating Japanese.
The queue today wasn't that long. 

My kitsune udon came quick. Surprisingly~! 
Claps for you! Usually, have to wait until dulan. HAHAHA

I finished all of it before managing to take pic.
The waiter asked if he could clean it after he saw I ate all the noodles.

I drank finished the soup.
Salty heaven in my stomach.
I HUNGRY thinking about it now. :(

Xuan had dinner with her fam.
But she ordered like it's her dinner.


Thought about stubborness.
I'm stubborn in ways that
I will do what you don't want me to do
and not do what you want me to do.

Umm. Because I hate it when people think
they have authority over me.

Xuan is stubborn in a mostly reasonable way.
What she wants to do, there's no stopping her.
But sometimes she doesn't take no for an answer.
Even if it's for her own good.

Sim Kuan is. Stubborn as in she likes to do things her own way.
And don't like following other people's ways. ^^

Also, on my way out.
The fucking gate disintegrated again.
 Okay not really just that it has glitched after the rain.
Normal gates shouldn't have that problem
just that mine has a part of it
out of its hinges before.

So no. My car is in prison.
But luckily my dad fetched me to Xuan's house.
Her house. A lotta peepo. Xuan, maychee, meithing.
Going to yamcha. 
 So on ?!?!? When I was 14
I only know how to stay at home ^^

Got into her house, her sis with her bf &youngest sis,
on the couch watching TV.
Arms over shoulders and shaking.
Like happy family cartoon. LOLOL

Took taxi, walked in pebbly pavements

In five inches from CK. 
I held onto Xuan for dear life.
She accompanied me and wore hers.
Her heels, just about half an inch shorter than mine.

I get a mini heart attack everytime I
step down to an escalator.

I have this fear
that I will miss the yellow box 
and tumble down the escalator
faster than a furry hamster on wheels.

But I like the fright, 
toting on danger.

I like the swag, can't take many steps
but when I do it's ones with swag.

Tried some clothes at Forever 21
I need a new look
but I'm not feeling flowers or lace.

All I think of. 
Is something tight and edgy.
To pair my heels with.

They closed not long after
and we went back home.

Saturday was going karaoke, at 1u again.

Karaoke? Siet Yen's favourite! She can hit the high notes.
Saw her, after so long! Came back from Dubai :)
She said shopping there- expensive. A lotta branded.
She fetched Xuan and I
Well actually her cousin did. Lol.
He's same age, from the same primary school as 
Siet Yen and Xuan last time.

With Fye fye.
He sang. Celine Dion.. 
1u is his second home.

Always there for gym and dancing classes.
He said someone broke his locker at Celebrity Fitness
and stole his bag! WTF!
But lucky, his phone didn't get stolen.
It wasn't in the locker :)
I know the feeling
of having your things stolen.
For so long, it's yours
then suddenly,
someone comes and takes it away
by force.
In the most underhanded and pussiest way ever, 
fucktardy shittos.

Okay nevermind :) 
as what Jin Fye said.
Surprisingly, karaoke wasn't expensive.
About RM20 each. Student price. 
9 more days until I'm officially 18. 

Now. Ahem. I see the benefits of being young. Ahem.
Best to sing k before night comes. Mucho cheaper.
Also included with food.
Four plates of oily goodies.
Fries, toasts, fried dumplings. (Y)
Halfway through also, blackout.
No electricity. But only for like... 5 to 10 minutes? 
Each of us held our handphones, four screens glowing.

My playlist for singing k always pretty much the same.
Jolin Tsai. Katy Perry. F.I.R. 
Gao dim!

Also watched this very gross (taiwanese?) MV, 
courtesy of Siet Yen.
It's of a girl 
who got very upset after a breakup
and didn't care about how shitty she looked anymore.
And her whole house just reflected how she felt- shitty.
She stepped on her own shit, too.
I wonder if she ate her own shit, too.
Okay. Scratch that ^^
Went home after singing k.
Went to The Curve with family after that.
If I'm dressed up for malls and I'm going to malls.
I don't change outfit for the whole day. 
Even if it's diff venue, diff peepo.
But if diff venue means diff temperature... 
then yes I will change. 
I hate sweating when not doing anything sporty.

Went to Selvan, pitstop for cheap magazines.
Vogue back issues for RM5 a pop,
at newstand it's around RM20.
I love it there.
I love reading magazines while eating.
I find it stimulating. Food for mind and mouth.
Fed at the same time.

Bought iPhone cover, that's about it.
Saturday night, didn't do what I usually do.
It's good to take a break sometimes.
Habits are always hard to break, though.

And that's about my weekend :)
Not bad.

Time for bed. 

Six in the morning, I sign off.
wonder if I'll still do this when I start college.


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