Sunday, 25 March 2012

the one

 Harror :)

My bro took back his cam for his gf's bday so only phone pics for this post.
You know. I thought of getting a camera as bday pressie from dad.
But he gave me cash instead.

first world problems

Saturday, stayed in the whole day. Woke up for a while but in the end napped.
Until 8pm. Then at night Ding asked the girls to go Giza.
His brother was having his birthday there and 
got a table at Beer Factory.

And you know. I was right to stick to my one glass rule.
Some people, their bodies are made for getting drunk.
Me? I puke. Nuff said. ;(

 Friday was my most productive day. 
Woke up 7 plus, slept for 4 hours.
Finally registered my college.

Dad drove me there, no need waste time and straightaway paid deposit.
The details are a bit shakey though.
Intake will be around May, latest June.
School fees, not sure how much.
?!?! How come people still dare to register lol.

Me. I registered because...
well I don't know.
I just felt like going to this one.
HAHAHHA. Good enough of a reason? :3

Okay this is pretty personal.
At the end of filling the application form,
the lady asked me to take it back home and write about
why I want a career in fashion design
and why I chose The One.

It's been a while since I've done essays. 
I miss it. 

Saw Chun Moon and the gang. WTF, man.
Chun Moon, Min Limn, Yew Hoong and Kuang Wei.
All applying for Interior Design.

Xian Jiong is another one. He said carpool. Oh please T.T
I hate the fucking fuck traffic jam.
It's like one way from my house. 
Peak hour, con lan firm jam.

There is nothing in this world I hate 
more than waiting
and letting things waste my time.

Googled it, it's about 17km and takes about 26 mins.
But I guess with the jam... 26 becomes somewhere like 40? 

But okay :(

That's what I chose.
Shut up and stop complaining.
Keep calm and carry on.

A lot of schoolmates going college in the PJ area.
It's the hotspot. 

Taylors Lakeside- the same gang.
Siet Yen, Xuan, Li Chen, Jun Wen, Guat Tyng.
All studying business too. DANG!

Sunway- James, Kar Man, Kok Leong.
Not sure who else, meh.

Summary of my course.

Music to my ears. 
I have waited long for this. 
A decade.

Somewhere in between though,
I nonchalantly mouthed to my parents that I wanted to be a lawyer.

Because my brother was a stupiak bully
and I wanted justice to be served. D:<

Okay and then I grew up.
Still fashion all the way.

People are scared it's not a reliable degree
because you have to be well-known to earn nicely.
But hey. Imagine if I wanted to be a pianist or something.
Even harder. =.=

That's the thing about Art.
It's not about how much you make.
It's just. You like it so much you're consumed by it.

Oh yeh. The programme I'm taking is just diploma.
If I want degree, I'll have to go ESMOD in Paris or Tokyo.
HEHE. Learning French is included in the programme. ^^
Also field trips to Paris? And attending fashion shows?
I hope it's not just sugar words!

But you know. I am kind of afraid because in school
I didn't really mind if I wasn't the best academically
because pictures attract me more than words.
But fashion is something I like.
If I don't excel.
Oh mama I should kill myself.

I wouldn't mind
doing stuff like this all day.  

But the way I do things.
It's always all or nothing.
And sometimes. Being "all" all the time.
Is pretty fucking hard to sustain.
Like piano. Don't slip away so quick! T.T

Afterwards, went to watch Hunger Games at Curve 
with Sim Kuan and Xuan. 

Didn't watch The Vow thank god because I'm not partial
to watching chick flicks in cinemas.
I need something concerning life or death.
Chick flicks is when you're bored at home.

Umm. Hunger Games(the movie I mean) is overrated.
The book was pretty fucking good though, 
better than the movie.

At night, went to Vertigo and Zouk.
Vertigo is more high class, big.
I think I prefer Mist?
Long queue to get into Vertigo.
Our friend brought us in, I'll just call him..W.
Because. well. I'm not sure if he can let ppl know he brought us. HAHA!

In the guestlist, but still had to queue for a while.
Vertigo is also... overrated.
But what the hell.
All the good clubs are.

I didn't like Vertigo though.
But sometimes. Same place, different experience. It depends.
Sometimes it's fun as hell, other times... not.

There was a dance platform, a pretty big one filled with lights.
Everyone was sweaty and squeezing, no one actually danced.
All they do is freaking jump up and down.
WTF! Reminds me of those kid nickelodeon show.
 Music was not loud enough too.

But! It's just my first time. I wouldn't write it off just yet.

Zouk was nice though.
And it is to clubs,
what Birkin is to handbags.

Yeh, yeh. They have different rooms.
And nice platforms. Sound system that'll blast your ear off.
More caucasians. And they look. .. AH WUUU.

Okay. Enough bout nightlife. ^^

That's about my Friday.

Thursday, woke up early again, around 8am.
Ming Chun called and said he was at McD.
He was supposed to cheer me up
but in the end he won the emo prize.
Moaning bout results. :3
Ate sushi in the end.
He said McD. And then kluang station 
because Rakuzen wasn't open.
WTF cannot.

1#- no plastic chairs
2#- must have air cond


Just ate at Sushi King in Kepong Jusco in the end.
Came home, napped. 
Totes defeat the point of waking up early.
But at least I got to see more sun.

That's about my weekend :)

Bye! :*

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