Thursday, 8 March 2012

Toasts and curves


I wanted to do an update about bags. But I procrastinated, Gwenllian-style. 
I managed to sleep yesterday, but really.
These things are too good to be true.
Today, 4 in the morning.
Still up and blogging, I can't sleep.

So I gave up.

And had garlic spread and belcube on toast! ^^

Everything seems to look... more interesting
when it's in the middle of the night and you can't sleep. :3

Went to Curve with Natalie today.
Or should I say yesterday. OH, WEDNESDAY.

Finally found the right cover for my iPhone.
But. It's actually not a cover.
But. A bumper.
iPhone bumper. Because I special.

Lol. I hope it doesn't break.
I hope I don't drop my iPhone. 


And TOP FIVE iPhone Apps (Games):
  1. Temple Run
  2. Jaws Revenge
  3. Draw Something
  4. Dream PetHouse
  5. Line Bird
Friends, download dream pethouse and be my neighbour. 
Friends, draw with me.
If not I draw on your face WHEN I SEE YOU.

LOL. Ranting on twitter today. Good tool. 
It's like bashing, but with words.
And you don't harm anyone.
At least, I hope I didn't. :)

examples ^^:

rain what rain? you pee whole day not sien meh? fucking clouds.

LOL OH BOY I swear a lot.

And then Natalie is all like.
Don't you see the consequences of swearing?
The words you say become your character 
and your character becomes your destiny.


But she says a lot of meaningful things ^^

I SHAPPOSE. I'm just not the type of person who cares about consequences.
I mean. I do know what's going to happen, but I can't stop myself.

What else. Something Vincent posted on Facebook.
The effects of drinking cold water. Cold water is the norm for me.
Warm/hot, so fucking annoying, you are not sliding past my throat! !@#$%^&

It says that. The cold water solidifies the oil and turns it into some sort of sludge
which gets absorbed faster by the intestine than the solid food.
Henceforth, it will line your intestine and cancer will strike you.

Okay, at least I get scared a little after reading this.
I hate it when people tell me not to do something but never tell me the reason
"Why not".

You don't tell me, I'll just have this urge to find out for myself.
But still. I need some sort of live feed connecting to my intestines to be really scared
and not drink cold water.

Because, fuck it, I can't see what's happening, it's not happening.

AHAHAH I KIDDDD. Young people are like that.
We think we are invisible.
But only for so long. :)

This is around Monday I think?

Spontaneous, was skyping with Xuan and she asked if I wanted to go DPC.
She dap pang with her sis. 
We just bought all the fat girl goodies there.

Super ring, tam tam, sushi.
My favourite combo is super ring and big bang.
I think sometimes they become my favourite food because...
of the first time I ate them.

For super ring and big bang, it was during Penang.
Feasting like a mermaid in the bathtub when everyone's asleep. ^^
Can never forget that, special supper! Bwahah!

Bumped into Sizo near Chatime.
She was with her boyfie. Boyfie looked kinda busy.
Gwenlian cockstared. HAHAH! ^^

Heels are important.
I want face.
Don't like people looking down on me.
I'd rather torture my feet than look shorter.

Last Thursday. She upload photo so slow. ^^
The original poser. 
Her outfit was for undang lecture. 
Must be hard for her to find. Everything long. Sleeve, pants.
Her clothes trademark- everything short.

Vain people/photographers/bloggers always have half an eye out for good backdrops.

OH YEH. Also thankgoodnessohbaby for Shazam.

I found this song. I FOUND IT.
Was listening to an audio podcast. Tagged it in Shazam ^^
Everytime I heard it in Beer Factory.
When I ask them if they know what this song is.
They're either too drunk or answer or the music is too loud for them to hear. :( 
Clubbing songs are hard to find. No real lyrics.
But yo fucken hands up, but there are fucken 10 other songs with similar lyrics.

Okay. Cut the crap.
Four words.
I'm into Dirty Dutch. :)

And basically Electro House. And Dubstep. Someone dubstep is like ambulance sirens. But some of them... they actually contain sirens. I guess people who like these types of music are people who've gotten high while listening to them.

Cheesy and repetitive, but satisfying. Loloahemmm

Other exquisite tracks to get high with (I mean with the melody)
Just search on Youtube^^ :
  1. Pressure, Alesso Remix
  2. Rattle, Bingo Players
  3. Epic, Quintino & Sandro Silvia
  4. Internet Friends, Knife Party
  5. Maximal Crazy, Tiesto
  6. Loca People, Sak Noel
  7. Hold Me Close, Flux Pavilion & David Essex
  8. Destination Calabria, Alex Gaudino
  9. Pentagramma, Tony Igy
  10. Big Bad Wolf, Duck Sauce
  11. Levels, Avicii
  12. Turbulence, Lil Jon & Laidback Luke & Steve Aoki
  13. Bangduck, Afrojack
  14. Seek Bromance, Tim Berg
  15. I am Skrillex, Skrillex

Watched This Means War today.

I mean the fucking digital calendar can go to the next day after 12pm each day,
but for me my day still hasn't ended. I'm still awake.
You can't change. DO NOT DISRESPECT ME.

Okayy ahem long time I didn't go to the cinemas.
The screen very small. And the audio glitchy. =.= BABI!
The movie was alright. 6/10 
I wished it was more to the spy/assasin side and not the chick flick side.
I didn't realise it was a chick flick at first. 
Saw like 20 secs of the trailer and decided to watch it.

The movie was interesting, two main dudes carried it well. Chris Pine hot.
But I hated the conflict part where Reese Witherspoon 
becomes an annoying nagging bitch when life is at stake.
I don't like roles where women play the damsel in distress 
and hamper a guy's mission to save the world.

I mean get the fuck over yourself and make yourself fucking useful okay?
Don't just sit there and whine about how he's not treating you right.
They look so weak I want to slap them and make them feel the pain.

Lolol. Sorry pms mode. 
You'll understand it if you watch the movie.

Reese witherspoon is okay as an actress. 
I just expected a stronger heroine. Like Mr and Mrs Smith.
Angelina Jolie- she win, she win.

I should apologize for talking so much crap on my blog.
Put this is my blog and I put my shit here.
Shut up and read! 

Thanks guys. I'm bleeding love.
Pun intended ^^

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