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Long post up for today, because I wanna try the huge photos. 
Resize them on my editor and pick original size when uploading.
Heck. Extra large is not enough for me.

On Thursday (and Friday)
went to Charles & Keith's 90% warehouse sale 
due to Sim Kuan's insistence.

The problem was, it's at Subang Jaya.
Me, I'd rather go somewhere near but pay more.
Because I'm afraid of getting lost. NO GPS.
But now... I think I would. Search far and wide for discounts.
Because- boy, they're pretty worth it.

Sim Kuan was designated driver of the day. Again. Lol
Three girls PMS-ing. But still smilin wide.
SK was a lil' tired because of her college.

Outfit of the day :)
Leopard print tank from Taiwan. 
Grey high-waisted skirt from Kitschen.
Pink bag from Jaspal.

This is da place. Very nondescript.
Wisma GBA. Charles & Keith warehouse. 

Props to Sim Kuan for finding it.
Me. I'm afraid of driving to unknown places. 
I hate the feeling of having no directions.
I hate it when people walk like they don't know 
where they're going.

But that's just me.

Just before going in. Many, many people turned up.
It was late afternoon.
Spotted people coming out with Charles & Keith shoe boxes. (Loves~!)
Had to queue up and let them tie our bags in this hideous plastic bag before going in.

But I was let off, since my bag was big enough to maybe...
hide half a pair of ballerina flats.

They also gave us a huge black shopping bag, 
which we will learn would come to utmost importance later.

Heading to shoe heaven.

Err. Sim Kuan and Xuan dressed alike that day.
Blue skirt, tops with exposed backs.

We were walking down...


The place
was not glamourous at all.

It's like the storeroom of a boutique. 
But mutiply the size by 50x.

It's a fucking car park! 
You could see the yellow lines and stuff.

It was pretty hot, but I was fuelled with adrenaline
that I didn't care if I was sweating
as long as my grubby hands could get hold of a decent shoe.

The cheapest shoes were RM19-RM39.
All flats, sandals, pumps. 


My section was RM59-RM79.
Four and a half inch an above, I LAIK! ^^

I've found my type of shoe.

First of all, they have to be platforms.
Short heels won't cut it.
Throw away la.

It needs to be. Four inches, at least.
Because when you are short, the only way to go is

Strappy and peep toes tend to suit me more.
I don't have slim ankles.
Need some sort of material
covering just below the ankle. ^^

For all the efforts, I only bought one shoe in the end.
I can swear I grabbed and tried more than 20 different shoes.
But in the end, what matters is having the one that fits.
Like choosing yo boyfriend!

This one's four and a half I think? RM59. 
Original price was RM269.90.

It is hard to buy things from a warehouse sale.
You have to really, really fight for it.
Beg for the staff's attention to check sizes.
Skim over the shoes like a stylist.
Try them on like a model.

It really helps to have your friend's opinion though.
Because sometimes you might be so blinded by the price
you don't want to admit that it doesn't suit you.

That's how clothes and accessories are.
They may look good.
But do they make you look good?
That's another matter entirely.

Hmm. Xuan bought two pairs. I bought one.
Sim Kuan... none. Pissed, because she drove all the way
but goes back home empty-handed. 

Xuan's shoe style has a lot of gold and bronze thrown in.
A bit tribal/egyptian/indian/ mix.
 Strappy. Shiny. Three to four inches.
But she also wears other stuff, like sneakers and boots.
More variety! 
For me. I only want platforms. They give me the swag I want ^^

Sim Kuan?
One word.

Black boots. Black wedges.
Black everything.

HAHAHA! Rocker chic.

Li Chen was supposed to come but she had work while Siet Yen had British Council.
Li Chen likes Aldo. If Aldo had warehouse sale, surely... MANY MANY PEEPO.
But I'm not sure if I might buy as much? Because I really like Charles & Keith ^^

I never knew I could walk so long in four and a half inches heels until I met CK.
I guess your feet stretches over time. And learns to
enjoy the pain instead.

Siet Yen's style- pumps, pumps, pumps. 
Nothing covering the ankle on the front.
It suits her, she looks tall in those.
Shiny, patent leather. 
Aldo makes a lot of those pumps.

By the time we made our purchases, it was already at night.
So we went to have dinner.
At some place we know.

The place we know very well?


^^ So rare that Sim Kuan isn't wearing heels but I am.

Lol. Random pic of handphone and Tamagotchi.
Kiddy weyh ^^


Played Draw Something. It's funny because you see it live (kind of) 
how people draw their drawings.
And seeing their attempts on guessing.

Ding? Fucking. 
And then he erased.
What he meant?


We had yummy yummy sushi.
I wasn't that hungry.
But still.
Always make space for sushi.


Halfway off I had the camwhoring mood.
I don't smile when taking pictures sometimes.

Not because I'm arrogant, but because I'm scared of
making my eyes look small... :(

When it's a genuine smile it's nice, but the posey posey one.
Really... looks liddis ^^


Someone asked me not to do the cockstare.
I asked why. Very ugly issit?
He said no. 

Just that it gives off a feeling that I'm the queen
and I'm looking down on everyone else :/


NO EH. I'm not thinking of anything when staring!

Maybe I should shave my eyebrows a la Lara Stone.
NO?! ^^

I like taking pictures of outfits. Hehe.
My brother's one can take photos of clothes nicely.
The lens absorbs light well :D 
Okay bringing a big camera has it's benefits :)

I very happy to find backgrounds to pose with.
Shopping malls are the best place, seriously. 
They have fittings rooms. Display windows. Ad campaign posters.

The only thing is you have to throw away any self-consciousness
and just get up there and pose.

At night is the best time. 
Night is the best time
for all things indecent.

But taking pictures, very decent!

Sim Kuan took.
Some of my fav shots of da day.

The angle I was looking for
is the one where the photographer has to squat down 
and take it down from below.

Tilt the cam upwards.
Xuan ahem hasn't quite mastered the art yet.
Because.. I forgot.. she has a problem with aiming 
using uneven screen angles.

Like when taking pictures in front of the mirror.
The minute she takes her eyes off and looks into the mirror
the camera will point somewhere else. ^^

Sim Kuan is good at finding angles.
Camwhoring also.

But Xuan has mastered the art of editing photos. ^^
Damn funny when I see her photos.
7 haolian.
But my one also.

And also good at finding nice backgrounds.
Sim Kuan also good at taking random pics for blog
that describes the stuff we did.
Sometimes I'm just to lazy to take those.

More full body ^^
This taken by Xuan. Not bad eh ^^

Err. When going home. Whenever there's escalators.
Xuan shouted for us to pose.
Run up there like sohem. 

Drop off at Sim Kuan's house.
I think we were laughing because Sim Kuan found it odd.
To photoshoot around her home.





The next day, we went to Subang again.
Quite the same thing, but without Xuan because she had
to do her P thing.

Sim Kuan was the one who wanted to go
because she came home empty-handed yesterday.

Cut story short.
I happy to give them my money. LOLOL

Sim Kuan also got three.

I went home and measured them.
Only did I realize two of them were 5 inches. WTF.
I hope it's comfortable! 

If looks nice but can't wear comfortably for long
I'll be lazy to wear it.

I should try six inches.
But I scared. Look too fake.
Like Lady Gaga. And fall down
quicker than you can say bungee jump.

Heh. Must take more leg shots to get new heels in the frame.
Take it from down below! 


BYE~! ^^v

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