Monday, 5 March 2012

Yellow diamonds in the light


You may not see it, with the sparkly eyes and shiny lighting-
But I'm really tired. I won't sleep though, I can't.
Whenever I try to sleep early, my scumbag mind takes it as a joke.
Asks my body to wake up after 3 hours and doesn't let me sleep again. 

So I will blog instead! 

No pictures wasted!

 edited it myself #lifeless^^

The picture above was taken on Friday.

Xuan found her tripod. So... impromptu photoshoot.

Supposed to be at The Curve, but it was already reaching 11, so we headed to Giza straightaway. 
Well... Giza never really closes.


I brought my camera too. As you can see. 
We still need a lot of practise when it comes to camwhoring with DSLR.
Good quality pictures. But bulky. And complicated controls.
So funny carrying the tripod around.
It's a little too conspicuous. 
Guards and passerbys wondering what three girls doing, 
carrying around a tripod and posing here and there.

Better angle when not using self-timer! Look at Li Chen's glare.
She says... she wanna be Seventeen model. 
Casting call everywhere first Tuesday of the month.
No pay, but good experience. Office in PJ!

And sometimes, I feel very conflicted with friends who has 
Christian names and Chinese names.
Sim Kuan could be Jennie and Jennie could be Sim Kuan.
Xuan could be Amanda and Amanda could be Xuan.
Li Chen could be Nicole and Nicole could be Li Chen.

I like calling by their chinese names, but writing their Christian names.

ME? I am only Karen. Don't call me anything else. Not Kar Yern. NO.
It feel so foreign. But if you say my whole name, yeah that feels about right.
But if you say my whole name it will remind me of parents shouting at me when something is obviously wrong. Reverberate across the stairwell, KAREN TAN KAR YERN!

And ohmygoodgrief people always get my chinese name wrong.
 In school- certificates, name tags. Kar Yan. Kar Yen. Ka Yan. 

Sorry. Not enough sleep. Didn't crop properly. I think I'll look back at this and laugh. ^^

All of my friends very perasan. Haolian. Vain. 
"iCantik, iHot, iPretty."
When they praise themselves, they're only half-kidding.
Actually... they are serious when they are praising themselves. !! I beh tahan! LOLOL

Me? I haolian when editing pictures. And looking at mirrors. :)))

 After an hour of mucking around, we wrap. 
Went to Beer Fact I think.
Oh yeh! They changed policy. 
If you wanna head up to the attic, they'll check your I.C. 
Be over 21. Some deals with the police. 
And they chop your hand. 
I mean not literally. They stamp your arm.
Sorry. ^^

Li Chen, Mine, SK's (arms)

Good too, later like Black Magic. Little little bit, LOCK UP!
But. I liked Beer Fact better when it didn't have this policy. 

Because that's what Sunway Giza about. Clubbing- for the young crowd who hasn't progressed to KL and all those yet. But then... there are people who used to go around KL Clubs, but still prefer Giza. Well I like it because it's near. And small. And. easy.

THE CROWD. Honestly.. it was the worst, that night.

I really beh tahan the crowd. Really, seriously. Like going to kampung. ?!?!?!!?!?!?!? Okay I don't wanna say so much. (T.T) But I can give you an example. Fat lady in shorts and hoodie and slippers dancing. 



Before this policy. Friday's crowd used to be okay. Or maybe it's because of the Beer Festival. St. Patricks. I don't know eh. Saw Xuan's friend downstairs. Lol man. 
Giza has a lot of regulars, I can tell you that. 

After that, we went to Movida. Phin Chin and Choon Lam were there. 
And the night was history!

Saturday night. I was supposed to stay home.

I wanted to out with family but famiily didn't want to go out with me eh. LOLOL ^^ 
Dad went to wedding dinner. Umm. I called Mei Yen. Just at the right time. She was going out to grab dinner with Li Chen. Their house. So near to each other, walk also can!

That Mei Yen can drive already! ^^ So proud of her, 2nd day already conquering the big roads. But very funny, the way she drives. As in her reactions. AHAHAGAGAGAG! She still has the same laugh. 

This. My favourite pose when taking pictures espo with mirror. HAHAHA! ^^

Ate at Shihlin. Mei Yen likes all the same food... as my dad.

I didn't spend much. Except for food. Do you know how hard it is to ignore all the temptations..!! Wanted to get a cherry necklace from Vincci but it looked a bit overpriced so I resisted. RESISTED. It's so hard to tell myself I can't get something. Depriving myself of what I want.

Okay that one small deal! I dramatizing! ^^

Umm. Was supposed to go home after 1u... but then.... Sim Kuan could come out...
.... ..... .. so
we went Giza again..... Beer Factory again.....

To it's credit the crowd was much, much better on Saturday. 

Tipsy but nothing much. Nothing wild. Fast-forward.
 Ended up staying over at Sim Kuan's condo.
Li Chen and Sim Kuan had to avoid curfew. So I thought of sleeping over.
Slept at almost 8 in the morning.
Tucked into our beds around 7, gossiped.
Arrived at condo, was 5.

All the sleepy heads, up in da morn! ^^

Sunday morning, I went back from Sim Kuan's at almost 3. 
LUCKY I made it in time for shopping.

:') I finally have my own phone. Before that? Brother's iPhone. Before that? Dad's BB. 

I hope I don't lose/spoil/break/destroy this one.
So tired of changing phones! =.=
Yeh I feel lucky for getting it.  :)

First photo taken with iPhone!

That's all for today thanks for reading! :3

Bye! \(^o^)/

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