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Been meaning to blog these few days but whenever I want to
I'm either going out in fifteen minutes or too sleepy.

Aiks, weekends are like that.
Weekdays? BE LIFELESS.

I'm going to start from Thursday.
Because I took a lot of pictures that night.


Thursday night was heading off to Tweny.One at Changkat
to see our DJ Heng perform. ^^

Improved a lot since he's gotten his deck, not bad not bad!
Most people take like years to perform.
According to Dan. xD

He plays House music.
I like Dirty Dutch/ Dirty House.

Rysher, Ding, Vinoth, King Lok, Nicholas, Anson, Sim Kuan and Xuan went.
Was a last minute thing, Daniel thought he wasn't going to spin.
But we're always ON even last minute, proud to see him spin.

Also got free cocktail.
Check-in on Foursquare on Thursdays.
Not sure if it's for ladies only?
Ask the right bartenders, 
some of the waiters seem clueless bout it...

I don't know what cocktail it was,
but it was blue... and laden with alcohol.
But thank goodness for the cocktail I hate beer 
and they were drinking beer :3

After midnight, his mentor Victor Trixter took over.
He's very friendly ^^ First thing that caught my eyes, lip-piercing. 
Her sis studies at SSB? E-Lyn if I'm not wrong? ^^

Thursday night, Changkat looks so different.
Everytime I come, the whole street would be full of double-parked cars.
Much less peepo. 

Nightlife during Saturdays and Fridays is always (Y)
In Australia, Europe- places look dead after 5pm.
People are eager to get home from work.
SERIOUSLY where do people go for entertainment at night?!
Glad that in Msia... 24hours everything.

Wearing our colours.
I like red most for clothes but the dresses I like 
always comes in either blue or black. =.= POO POO

This one is from F Block.
Dirt cheap, around RM35? I think ^^
I used to love Mirrorcle, 
but they never refresh their stock often enough.
I love Aurora, but it's not cheap enough.
So now F Block it is. ALOLOLO

Everyone used to shop like we needed to shop, but now...
actually we have more than enough clothes.
Jennie has thousands of unworn dresses.
Xuan has thousands of unworn everything.
Ahyah Li Chen said Xuan was like having her own fashion show
at college. HAHAHAH

There's a balcony overlooking the streets.
Nice to camwhore, espo if you're immune to people's stares.
A random caucasian dude came to help us take pictures and also photobomb!

We came home quite early since Daniel finished midnight.

Oh yeah before that.

Headed to 1U to catch a movie.
Mei Yen was eager to watch it.
Damn long didn't see her- 
always busy with work and coll.
I miss those days of laughing my ass off with her ^^v

We Not Naughty ^^
I always mispronounce it as we not stupid =.=
Jack Neo film, confirm good.

A lot of tear-jerking scenes.
But wished the two dudes had more emotional scenes.
Good movie. Still like "I Not Stupid" best thou. ^^

Saw Jun Wen and her siblings ^^
They all dress damn cute.
This is Ki Ni, I remember she very yehdiu.
Playing with flashlight all over the place 
while I was trying to watch movie at her house.ALOLO

Okay and then Friday..!

 Met up with Siet Yen and Sim Kuan at Rakuzen DPC.
Xuan and Rysher came later too.

And then later everyone met up at the Dog Park.
Well, private parking.

Xian Jiong, Vinoth, Daniel and Qi Yao came.
Deciding where to go, in the end they all balik rumah.
OH yeh Vinoth helped fix the FM modulator.
Finally don't have to depend on discs for music.

Not sure why, but music sounds better when you're on the go. ^^

And then we went to Gardens rooftop for more music.
Okay clubs look pretty much the same in pictures
but being the dutiful blogger I am....


This is Club G6, on level 6 of The Gardens.

Very big, gettingmore and more on since the last time I came.
The place is pretty big, two to three times bigger than Movida?
But no upper decks.

G6 crew is friendly, I like them.
The last time, Vertigo had a freaking long queue but now it's the reverse.
G6 was the one with the long queue.

The thing is, Vertigo bouncers are rude,
don't know how to make connections with customers.
They make you wait all the time.
How to survive in this business?

But okay wtf I went in the end anyway.

 Vertigo is just beside Club G6.
The centerpiece is the dancefloor with snazzy lightings.
Umm. Good luck if you're dancing there.
I got stepped on three times. T.T

Damn packed, like chest to back packed.
Nobody really dances anyway, they just
put their hands up and jump.

Vertigo is high-class, people dress up much more
compared to Giza.
It's not bad. I just don't like the bouncers
and the way they treat customers.
They don't know how to handle crowds.
 And this business?

Crowd, alcohol, music, lights.

G6 dancefloor is sort of like a stage?
More suited for guys shuffling, lol.
Dancefloor a lil' too far from DJ,
music too soft. :3

Met up with Jennie's college friends.
Mostly guys, ahah. It's easy to get into places
and get free drinks...
when you're a girl.

 I went home around... 3?
I don't know. I try not to remember.
I feel guilty when I do.

But only once or twice a week?
And settle down when college starts.

3am is when I want to go home.
5am is if it's fun, I will stay that long.
7am...there must be something that made me stay that long.

I don't mind doing this because I'm young.
I'll probably be too freaking blasé 
to sacrifice sleep for it by the time I'm old.
I mean when I have kids, that old. ^^

So that was Friday.

Saturday was a failed cycling trip.
Look at four of us, wearing tank tops and ready to roll.
The shitty rain hampered our well means to exercise.
It wasn't even a rain... it was a pussy drizzle that stopped us. =.=
If King Jiat was here and we were swimming. He sure on. 

Sunlight is always good for pictures ^^
The guys who were there- Qi Yao, Rysher, Daniel.
Daniel headed off after a while, going to spin for a bit at Cheras.
The guys in the gang, they're all OK with driving to far places.
The girls? "Ah? You drive la..."

Usually the one who calls for the outing drives.
The type I think is the most convenient?
Meet up at driver's house ^^

I like carpool more because I like company.
Traffic jam and getting lost without a friend beside you...
recipe for horror.

No one to chat with or poke your GPS.

Ah what we did at DPC?
Daniel bought one ice cream and we sat outside New Zealand Natural.
Talk cock. For about one hour. Dilly-dally!

At night was family dinner.
And then after, was a bit unsure whether there are plans or not.
Sim Kuan was on then off then on and Li Chen was suddenly on!

 Li Chen drove us all to The Gardens with her brother and gf.
New drivers, eager to drive one ^^ Her bro guided her.
Li Chen kept calling her car Rebecca.
Like its her girlfriend.

Go bump too hard, "sorry Rebecca".
But worst one is still Theng Loo.
Some of our friends have this sickness of treating cars
like a living thing. HAHAHAH

Theng Loo's is Victoria Polo.
Come let my Victoria sing for you. *turns on radio
Let's go, Victoria! *starts engine

??!?!?! DAFUQ

Actually we were thinking of going back early but ah didn't happen.
That Jennie. Say take taxi home if have to go home early.
In the end... took taxi to Zouk. =.=

Meet up with friends there.
Most relaxing way to go. :)

Zouk is damn damn big but always crowded.
Ah yeh, Birkin to clubs what Birkin is to handbags.

PHOTOS always look so diff from reality?!
For clubs at least.

Music in Zouk the loudest, blast your eardrums away.
Poor thang! But deejays are really good, bass sounds beautiful.

And oh. The title for this post came from this song.
(surprised to see boobies but realized I could see flagged videos
because I'm finally eighteen. silly me)

I hate holding stuff when I'm dancing, but often halfway through
a familiarly awesome song comes and I can't put a finger to it.
Phone is too far to shazam.

And there's no use google, no googles to speak of.
The thing with house music. T.T
I wish there was a guy who is like
an encyclopedia of music. :)

Most of the people I ask are about as clueless as I am. LOL.
I found out this song because a guy had his phone and shazamed!
Tips for guys! Shazam can be pick up tool! Alololo

Oh yeah! Saw Lianne too :)

Four rooms and two bars.
Funny part was hopping rooms as they closed.
Tiring night, need to rest.

Okay rest what la went KLCC next afternoon.

Usual routine, best place to shop?
Isetan supermarket.
HHAHAHAH! Because I want food. :3

And oh if you're still in school there's no need to be hyped up about clubbing,
plenty of chances when you're in college. Until you get sick of it...!

Also please press the reader button if you're reading on your mobile
and trying to deal with the huge ass pictures. Almost impossible. ^^
Sorry but with pixels bigger is simply better!

And I really wanna shower but there's no water oh why oh why

Okay hope you guys had a nice weekend :)
Play safe, BYE! 

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